1 Large Man, 3 Super Cheap Gaming PCs

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So I dug around the internet and came up with THREE SUPER BUDGET GAMING PCs. Two of them are under 200 dollars. At that price, can they actually handle Triple A current generation games? We’ll found out in my upcoming review. Subscribe To ReviewTechUSA for more great content!

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three-two-one smack my tight-ass keep it up up and down up ladies and gentlemen this is one fat man and I got three gaming PC's budget ones you're only seeing one right now because they all three of them wouldn't fit in the shot what's going on ladies and gentlemen this is a new experimental kind of video where I take a look at some old hardware some old PCs and try to make him into gaming pcs and make them super affordable I'm not gonna be a tech yes City and he has a phenomenal channel and he literally goes all around the world looking for great PC port deals I don't know how Brian finds him but he does but I think I did a pretty good job with these and they're gonna be really interesting to look at and that's what we're gonna do right now so this is PC number one now obviously this is a pre-built machine this is an HP elite 8200 and what this bad boy has inside of it is a quad core i5 the Sandy Bridge line it's an i5 2400 it has four gigs of ram and it only has a small 160 gigabyte hard drive which yeah but you know you could put a couple games on there flip it back and forth this is the kind of machine you want to get to start out with PC gaming see if you like it and then you could expand from there you could always put a bigger hard drive in later on so on and so forth so let's crack it open now on a side note I actually got this computer for 110 bucks okay I actually got two of them you're gonna see the other one in a second they range from 110 to 130 and their specs vary you'll get an i-5 in them but sometimes we get more RAM or sometimes you get a bigger hard drive sometimes you'll get a smaller hard drive and less ram and the what the specs are don't correlate to the price so that's why I'm kind of giving you a price range I got this one for a hundred and ten bucks and all I really added to it was a GT 1030 graphics card now this graphics card is dirt cheap it was only 73 bucks from Amazon and it has 384 CUDA cores and it has a boost clock of 1468 and it has 2 gigabytes of gddr5 Ram and the nicest thing about the GT 1030 graphics card is that it doesn't require external power away from the power supply and this thing sips power it only requires 30 Watts from the actual PCI Express port so it's really really light on power it's super cheap and it could turn virtually any desktop PC into a gaming PC and this is the low profile GT 1030 that's how I got it to fit into the small computer now the grand total on this bad boy shipped was a hundred and eighty-three US dollars I haven't done that much benchmarking with this one yet I do know the GT 1030 kind of trades blows with the 750 Ti with the 750 Ti generally beating it by a few frames per second but again for how small this card is how little power it uses that's where it becomes a bargain it's price to performance isn't great the GT 1030 but what you pay for is its convenience you could put it in virtually any computer and you don't have to worry about upgrading any other components to make it work now as I put this warped top back on one of the things my concerns with this PC is even though it's super cheap is the four gigabytes of RAM I think that may cause some games to not run too stable on it but we'll have to wait and see I need to do more benchmarking on this bad boy before I come to a final conclusion and if four gigabytes of RAM is too little so that was budget gaming PC number one of this his budget gaming PC number two and if price looks exactly the same as the first PC well basically because it is this is another HP le 8200 but where the differences are are inside smack my tight ass now what's going on inside of this bad boy well first and foremost we actually have a slightly faster processor this one actually has a quad core i5 2500 no real big difference in between this processor in the i5 2400 inside of the other HP elite that I just showed you this Shimon is just clocked at 3.3 gigahertz in that ones 3.1 gigahertz this one though also has 8 gigabytes of RAM inside of it whereas that one just had 4 gigabytes so you have double the memory which will definitely be beneficial also by the way in both this machine and the other HP elite it is ddr3 memory clocked at 1600 megahertz this computer also has a substantially bigger hard drive over double the size this has a 500 gigabyte mechanical hard drive in it as opposed to 160 gigabytes in the other HP elite so you have a lot more storage for games and updates and other software so the interesting thing about both these computers is that they were pretty much the same price both going for about 110 to 130 dollars on eBay it's strange it doesn't really go by what's inside of them it's just what the seller wants to sell them for some will have more memory some are less some of a faster processor some love a slower one and it'll still be the same price it kind of doesn't make any sense that's just kind of how a bay goes but the belle of the ball inside of this computer is the graphics card this one actually has in an MSI low-profile NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 that rolls right off the tongue and this one is a substantial upgrade from the GT 1030 graphics card that was in the other HP LE 8200 the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 s 640 CUDA cores has two gigabytes of gddr5 memory and this graphics card albeit more powerful than the GT 1030 also sips power it only requires 75 watts from the PCI Express port that you plug it into so again you don't need external power from your power supply another quick note that I want to make is that even though they say that both the GT 10:30 and GTX 1050 require 300 watt power supplies from the research that I've done they don't require anywhere near that much power so a lesser power supply in most cases will do for both the GT 10:30 and gtx 1050 but again I'm going to be doing a lot of testing on both these machines and if there's any kind of failures I'll let you know also I almost forgot to the graphics card the GTX 1050 after rebate was a hundred and ten dollars it's $120 on that the rebate but if you make sure you mail on your rebate you'll get this graphics card for one hundred and ten bucks I think that's a pretty good deal for a brand new graphics card and again the only thing I did was get the computer and I just plopped the graphics card in and the computer was 110 bucks shipped so two hundred twenty dollars for a very capable budget gaming PC now there's one other thing because I want to be perfectly transparent with these computers and about things I upgraded and installed that I did add to this to give this HP elite more functionality as I added a PCI Express USB 3 card now what this does a flip the computer over so you could see hopefully I could get it in frame is that this adds two USB 3.0 ports because these HP machines do not have USB three native on them Dehlia of USB 2.0 and if you're looking to transfer files or have external storage to store more games or anything else that you want to do installing USB 3.0 on this computer is a very nice luxury and an extra addition to it that's worthwhile this card this USB 3.0 PCI Express card was only $16.50 so it brings the total up to two hundred and thirty six dollars but I think it's worth it but that's something you could skip out on if you just want to spend the money on the graphics card in the PC because you want to save on some cash okay touch my book and last but definitely not least is this Dell Mostro 270 now this has a core i3 and Ivy Bridge core i3 inside of it which is a little core processor but it does have hyper threading you guys know I'm fairly anti dual core processor but if you're wondering why I picked this machine up even with a dual core in it one it has hyper-threading so I'll tolerate it and to guess how much his computer was whole computer 49 bucks $15 shipping but it was $49 the only thing I had to add to it was a hard drive and the hard drive I added to this was a 500 gigabyte hard drive that was only $14.30 with free shipping now this Dell Vostro only came with four gigabytes of RAM but I found another four gigabytes of ddr3 RAM running at 1600 megahertz on eBay for 19 bucks also with free shipping so now it has 8 gigabytes of memory inside of it and now it will crack this bad boy open so I could show you the graphics card now it took a lot of digging to find a graphics card for this computer for a couple reasons one graphics card prices on eBay are not great because of the whole cryptocurrency mining thing going on right now even cards that aren't good for cryptocurrency mining for some reason the prices are inflated and secondly I didn't want to get something that will require an upgrade to the power supply because if you have to get a car that you have to upgrade the power supply that's gonna cost more money and I settled on this in hack she was an OEM from Adele an OEM graphics card this is a geforce gtx 750ti and this went for with free shipping $69.99 US dollars let's just round it up to 70 bucks nibble on my butt cheeks now the geforce gtx 750ti has 640 cuda cores as a base clock of 1020 mega it's in a boost clock of 1085 this little car comes with 2 gigabytes of gddr5 memory and again just like the other graphics cards the 750ti sips power as well it does not require external power from the power supply and only takes 60 watts from the PCI Express slot now here's why I said that this computer is not least I actually think that this Dell Vostro has the most potential out of all of these budget gaming rings for one thing everything in here 183 dollars a gigabytes of RAM 500 gigabyte hard drive 750 Ti which is more than capable you be able to play games at 1080p around medium settings and on top of that this has some pretty decent upgrades you could do to it you could actually upgrade the power supply inside of it you could actually upgrade the processor if you want to actually go to a quad-core processor you could take this I 3 out of here and you could put in an i-5 which is a quad-core you could put in an Ivy Bridge i7 later down the line and they're fairly affordable on eBay so that's not going to cost you too much money to upgrade in the future and there's some other cool things that I want to show you on the back of this real quick this computer on the back actually has four USB 3.0 ports built in once again in 2017 having the USB 3.0 is a godsend whether you want to use external hard drives thumb drives any kind of peripheral it's right there there's no extra cards that you had to purchase and again this computer everything shipped everything installed 183 US dollars and it has room for upgrades in the future I think this computer if you're looking to get into PC gaming is one hell of a deal and I haven't done any testing with it yet but I'm really interested to see how it performs because for almost twenty dollars under 200 bucks if this thing performs well I'm gonna be really happy because it was a really good deal alright ladies and gentlemen these are three budget gaming pcs I am one large hairy man and I'm gonna be running a whole bunch of benchmarks on these let's see if spending around 200 bucks can get you a very capable gaming machine this is rare to review tech USA signing out have a good one Oh how long has that been up there for and yes I had Facebook up in the background while I was recording because I'm a jackass alright ladies and gentlemen if you enjoyed this video make sure to hit that like button and to hear more content like this make sure to subscribe to review Tech USA yes yes

1 Large Man, 3 Super Cheap Gaming PCs

49 thoughts on “1 Large Man, 3 Super Cheap Gaming PCs”

  1. because of my tax returns (and a few busy work weeks) I'm finally upgrading my PC, I managed to get a Dell Optiplex with an i5 2400 for 70$ after shipping, a 128gb SSD, and another 8gb of RAM so my final build will have 16 gigs. Shout out to my fellow scrappy bargain hunters who also find amazing deals

  2. This is legit. I work for a salvage/recylcing facility. We get computers, HDDs, and other electronics from companies that wanna get rid of them. My job here is to refurbish them for sale.

    I got a chance to get my hands on an HP Compaq 8300 Convertible Microtower. After buying some adapters for the PSU and GPU, I got it up and running with some pretty decent specs. I just need a better videocard. I am getting a Geforce 970 in two weeks from a friend.

    HP Compaq 8300 Convertible Microtower
    Intel Core i5 3540 3.4 ghz (Ivy Bridged)
    24GB DDR3 1600
    500 watt PSU with adapter to switch from underpowered HP proprietary PSU
    NVidia Geforce 770 2gb (with pcie 6pin to 8pin adapter)

    We call them "sleeper rigs." They don't look like much, but they can do a lot. It runs Doom 4 at almost 60fps on medium to high settings, so I can't complain 🙂

  3. I followed your advice and got a Dell Optiplex 7010 (Small Factor Form) Intel Core i3-2120 3.30GHz with 4GB of DDR3 RAM and a 250GB hard drive on eBay for $90 with free expedient shipping, great buy. My plan was to gut it and move the parts to my bro's old case, upgrade to his leftover DDR3 16GB RAM, get a GTX 750ti and upgrade the power supply. I also replaced the heat sync with a CPU fan. When I moved the parts over to the new case, turns out the CPU fan and the new power supply were incompatible with the motherboard! So bizarre, I have no idea why. So, I decided to just stick with the original case and I'll just eventually upgrade to 8GB of DDR3 RAM and get a Low Profile GTX 1030. Hopefully, this will last me a couple years and I'll start over from scratch and get a i5 (i3 motherboards are getting more expensive, not worth it for me to replace). Regardless, thank you Rich for providing assistance in my journey towards finally starting true PC gaming.

  4. I got Dell XPS. It has AMD Phenom II X4 with AMD HD7790 Graphics Card along with 8GB DDR3 RAM for about $288. It does gaming well with low to medium settings on 1080p. Does similar performance like base PS4. I swap out the Graphics card to R9 290 I had laying around and bam! It became a gaming PC capable of medium to high settings on modern major titles.

  5. I recently bought a dell vostro 270 like the one in the video but can't find a graphics card to fit in it that doesn't require the cord to plug in at the end of the gpu. Someone please help me.

  6. I actually have a similar machine that I got for free, was planning to use it as a server but can't get the visual out to work though so it's just sitting under my monitor.

  7. Hey thought I would add a useful tip, these used prebuilt/oem pc, you really need to clean off and replace the TIM under cpu heatsink. The stock intel hsf with cpu combo is warrantied for 3 yrs, and the paste may not last even that long. You might think pc is bad because it throttles, and if intel push pins-I would recheck those. The hard drives might be the most iffy parts, should scan them and check for health status. Also you left out OS- there was a windows sticker on at least one of those cases- win7 code can still get a full "free" win10 upgrade.

  8. I have an HP 6200 Pro Small Form Factor, after watching this video I went ahead and put in a Geforce 1030 and it totally outperforms a Laptop that I've been using for gaming. Same game on Low settings I get 45 fps on my laptop. Same game with the HP and 1030 on High Settings I get 45 fps. The 1030 cost me $99 Canadian, I bought the MSI 2GB DDR5 version.

  9. Rich man you missed the mark big man. Take a look at the Lenovo Thinkstation S20. Just found one on eBay for $150, free shipping, 3.2 Ghz quad core, 8GB ram and a 500 GB hard drive. And the best part is, they have 2 6 pin and an 8 pin PCIe power connector inside. Seriously Rich take a look at those systems, don't let Xeon's scare you.

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