10 Years of Being a PC Gamer (Part 6): RTX and Final Thoughts

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This is the sixth and final video in a series about what it was like to watch the landscape in PC Hardware change over the course of a decade.

I have to say that overall I was utterly surprised that Nvidia’s RTX series was received so poorly. As I outlined in my previous videos – the pricing we see today has been done before numerous times, and frankly at least this time Nvidia has some new gimmicks. But whatever the reason, Nvidia’s Shenanigans have caught up with them finally.

I also discuss other recent minor launches, and talk in-depth about what my retrospective thoughts are regarding 2009-2019 in PC gaming.


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well would you look at that it's already 2019 and I have been into PC hardware for 10 years now it's been a wild ride I don't have that much to add I'm not gonna do the in-depth scrolling through archived articles like I did for the previous videos because really all I have to cover is quarter three and four of 2018 and what's happened through February of 2019 so I'll just be talking here the only things to cover the only things I really left out from the last video where the r-tx launched although I've really covered that and a lot of my recent video so my opinions are very well known what all center around is just the retrospect that I'm surprised that r-tx was perceived badly if you've watched the rest of my series you'll see that I watched the Titan launch for $1000 and only beat the 7 970 by 40% right I mean really think about that people it was $400 you know the 780 was 650 double the price of the 280x and only about 10 to 20 percent stronger you know seeing r-tx come out just doesn't surprise me max well again the 980 at least around launch is really only 10 to 20 percent stronger than the 780 Ti and it cost $100 more than the 290x I mean it just has never seemed that weird to me but what's been interesting to watch is how Nvidia shenanigans have finally caught up with them for some reason and again I'll just again I need to point out that Pascal the 1080 launch with the crappy cooler on the founders addition for 780 cards were 750 that's really the same price as about the 2080 the Titan was $1,200 that's really no different than the 20 atti remember the original Titan Pascal was cut down just like the 2080 Ti is it wasn't the full 102 died so I don't think things have changed I just think people have finally know the only difference is I would and this is Captain hindsight here right I think NVIDIA I would have thought they got away with it like I just said but in hindsight I think all Nvidia should have done in reality is priced the 2080 at 750 instead of 800 and made it so it wasn't a cut-down die that was when especially egregious really I mean they're already using one of four dies which just five years ago where the you know like the 560 560 Ti area level of performance at the very least they should have given you the full 3072 q 2 cores the full amount of tensor and RT cores and that would have boost performance up by much but maybe by 5% a little 5% stronger here maybe lower the price by $50 I think it would have sold a little better that way I think it was just the fact that it wasn't really clearly better than a 1080 TI and then people just were pissed about that straight-up pissed additionally I think they should have just given the 20 atti the full 12 gigabytes of RAM dand called it a Titan they could have gotten away with it no one would have complained about the price if it had one more gigabyte of RAM and it was called a Titan in fact they probably could have sold it for $1,500 and no one would have cared and you know that's what I want to point out as new videos marketing it's just so masterful really think ask yourselves 20 ATT is selling out if it was a couple hundred dollars more but had one more gigabyte of RAM what's called a tie him even if they had a Titan RTX for 2500 with double the RAM and they people would have just said there's two Titans were used to two Titans there was the Titan XP and the Titan Volta they would have gotten away with it and I think that's probably what in a video will try if Nobby doesn't pan out but yeah it was very weird to see me defending Turing because at least it was you know 30 to 40 percent stronger than the 1080 TI it had zero competition whereas before I thought AMD always at least put up some competition not much else to say about during all more to say and later videos and you can my previous ones the only other things to mention that have happened recently is the 590 launch and this is just again AMD in full-on who cares bare minimum mode they know they will hold 25 to 35% of the market with minimal R&D spending that they can all put towards Rison which will make them way more money I expect AMD to push really hard with their graphics in twenty twenty one or twenty twenty two maybe twenty twenty depending on how much money they get soon but until then expect them to just kind of keep up with the xat of Nvidia you know the 590 was kind of rushed out and they saw how crappy our TX was they wanted to get a mid-range card out that was technically new and could be marketed as 12 nanometer for the holiday season the only reason the 590 exists in fact they were never gonna release the Radeon seven day produce some extra stock and put it aside you know the worst yields of the mi 50s but our tix underperformed but then Navi got delayed a quarter or two so they decided to release it anyways so that they could have launches and this is something name be said is they're gonna have graphics launchers I think it's every quarter now so whoa there should be something next quarter they'll probably have some kind of a Navi launch even if it's like the most cut-down version and it will probably be a paper launch but that's their motto now so that was interesting to watch only other launches that have happened in 2019 is the 12 nanometers him at this point it's abundantly clear that rising as a more efficient architecture than the videos I'm sorry then Intel's I mean if I look here the r7 3750 H is a 4 gigahertz 2.3 gigahertz base 35 watt APU and this is fighting Intel's 45 watt 4.1 gigahertz 2.2 gigahertz base so they're roughly even but ones using less energy and the graphics are probably twice as powerful and this is on an inferior a 12 nanometer FinFET node which is a bit behind probably 20% behind Intel's 40 nanometer plus and probably even like 30% behind their newest 14 nanometer when new and you know they launched their apos last because they don't need the highest performance for the laptops cause efficiencies were rise in shines the end of this year except you know expect three gigahertz based 4.5 gigahertz boost 25 watt rise in quad core and even hexa and eight core to come out with even better Navi graphics probably at the tail end of this year that'll be interesting it's gonna get pretty ridiculous when you can get probably pretty close well at least I would say ps4 performance in an 8 15 watt 25 watt APU that'll be crazy so the only other thing I want to add to this video is in retrospect over the last 10 years I saw a battle royale where AMD was slightly ahead of Nvidia go to Nvidia fully in control the market and AMD making do with what they can with as little spending as possible this isn't a bulldozer situation people say that but keep in mind AMD is 5 gigahertz 8 core couldn't completely be it say 4 gigahertz dual core i3 while using quadruple the energy we're not their people it's not half man it's not as bad as bulldozer but it is I would say at least as bad as the 8800 GT era it's pretty bad AMD's behind there's no way around it I do expect them to come back though in the next year and basically be tying Nvidia again within 2 or 3 years so it's just gonna continue to be a grind Intel then at least they're keeping the $200 segment not completely absurd in pricing additionally in retrospect when I entered PC gaming in 2009 dual cores were recommended and you could still get single cores on desktop they were cheap but they were still there and at this point you can't even boot a lot of games without 4 threads which is crazy I mean when I was building my first PC I remember the Phenom 2 times 6 I remember golf town times 6 that you could over the golf town i7 90999 TX that you could overclock to 4 gigahertz or so and that was six cores and I was $1000 now you can get 6 cores for 150 dollars and it's about double their performance now for 50% more money instead of getting a sick score you can get a 32 core at four gigahertz it's absolutely crazy how far CPU stuff come and I think that CPUs aren't gonna slow down I think AMD is going to continue on this pace for another two years but that's for another video and ap use were an experiment when I got into PC gaming I remember the Llano launch of ap use and I remember distinctly on Newegg someone's review or they said oh my god an integrated GPU actually beat my discrete GPU I remember videos of can ferry me GT 520 run battlefield 3 and it could barely in like low settings in 720p and people may do with really shitty graphics I got a say in like 2010 sometimes remember these videos of like Bobcat ap used running games at like 24 frames a second people going to its playable which is just unacceptable now and and now not only was Llano as good back then as like a GT I don't know if it existed 5:30 or 5:40 or I know it was pretty much exactly equal to an HD 6 4:50 and that was an APU 100 watts total that matched like a ps3 and performance sure it was a few years after the ps3 came out but that was pretty crazy and and and now we have AP use that can run 1080p medium settings in a lot of game 60 frames a second and they're probably gonna double in performance again next year it's very cool to see laptops now you know it's very nice to have 4k gaming slowly become the standard on desktop PCs because that means on my laptop I can run it in 1080p 1/4 the resolution and my APU can run the game at medium frames a second while I'm on the go I can game I can play battlefield I can play Doom at 1080p which looks good enough for when I'm on an airplane now that just was not a thing back then and I expect that to continue to get more crazy I expect within 2 years 16 hour battery lives and ps4 level performance and you know ultrabooks it's gonna be great and the last thing I'll touch on is something you might not expect me to comment on but that's consoles and also PC I remember in 2006 there was this war of attrition between Microsoft and PlayStation when it came to how low they would sell their basically high-end gaming pcs as consoles like it costs Xbox in 2005 $800 to make their 360 to cost Sony $800 in 2006 to make their ps3 and they were special data loss for half of their lives I don't think Microsoft ever recuperated their cost but and that made people go look how good these consoles are PC gaming is dead and then in 2010 there was this Renaissance and PC gaming and all the sudden console gaming is dead and then the ps4 came out with streaming and guys consoles nor PC are gonna die over the past 10 years I've seen no indication either are going anywhere and furthermore I've seen no indication that streaming games is ever going to replace enthusiasts builds maybe we'll just have 300 watt AP use in the future like that one video I made described might happen but that will still be an enthusiast PC and anytime we get better streaming better internet connections we're gonna go to 200 Hertz gaming or 8k resolutions and those just aren't doable over streaming and not for competitive gaming I mean I overclocked my RAM the communication protocol my motherboard to lower latency as much as possible because I can really feel that and there will always be people that feel that maybe in five or two I could see five or ten years streaming games being a real thing I know Google's launching something now and Amazon is too but you know we see it every few years PC gaming is here to stay console gaming is here to stay and streaming will eventually be here to stay but it's never gonna replace us it's been a fun 10 years and I will be starting a new series now on what I see Intel AMD and NVIDIA doing over the course of this year and how I see their really the slugfest going over the next year I hope you'll watch that series as well thanks to all new subscribers listeners and people who like my videos please share this series this took a lot of work I put effort into it I have a real mic now if anyone remembers how crappy my old Mike was like subscribe share let me know what you thought overall the past 10 years have been like for PC or console gaming or just gaming in general alright thanks everyone

10 Years of Being a PC Gamer (Part 6): RTX and Final Thoughts

3 thoughts on “10 Years of Being a PC Gamer (Part 6): RTX and Final Thoughts”

  1. The last 10 years were quite sad for the end user, since AMD kept falling behind Intel and nVidia, thus prices going over the roof. Remember the 4850 and the 4870? That was 2008 and those were golden times for AMD on the GPU side. Sure, the 4870 was no match for the GTX280, but it smoked the 260 (hence GTX 260 core 216). Also, by 2008, AMD were trying to recover from the Agena failure, so it all went downhill from there. I've been following the industry since like 2002 and I've never again seen good times like the FX-51/9800XT days. Companies don't make big mistakes anymore. I mean the FX were outstanding because of NetBurst and the Radeons smashed the FX5 series (even though people still bought them). One mistake like that nowadays and you can kill a company (like how Bulldozer almost killed AMD, cause after 2011, they were trying to keep up with nVidia, not beat them, probably due to all R&D going to CPUs). Hope I am making sense.

  2. Last 35 years of PC-gaming has been interesting. From -85 to -95 it was all software rendering, "legos". 3DFX Voodoo changed it all. It was beautiful!
    Now after 20+ years, all I wonder is, where is the efficiency on GPU's. More power draw is not the answer IMHO.
    Thank You and looking forward to C more!
    Side note: AMD A10-7850K was a beast 5 years ago. First eyeopener to me, to what can be done in the future.

  3. Many years ago, I said APU's are the ultimate future. My friends laughed, people on the internet laughed. The fact of the matter is that both AMD and Intel are slowly working towards assimilating every component they can into the cpu package. They both have a future. What the fuck is Nvidia going to do?

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