$100 (AUD) CS:GO Dominator – Gaming PC on a Budget

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Today marks the FIRST used Gaming PC that I built in AUS BABY! *Fist pump*, This cost me $100 AUD ($77~ USD) in total and it didn’t take long at all to find these parts and also build the computer.

The computer features an i3-2100 and a h61 motherboard, also came with 4gb of ddr3 ram, two power supplies, a case, a 500GB HDD and the stock cooler, this was bargained at $50 (incredible, though it was listed as not working), the next bargain was two 650ti boosts for $100 AUD for the pair (since these were bargains I got both of them and used one for this build).

So in total I have a computer that can play some of the most popular multiplayer titles, like CS:GO, Overwatch & LoL and also even came with a free copy of windows 7 pro… So goes to show you can find the bargains anywhere if you just know what to look for (anything and everything).


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they said he couldn't do it they said he was finished then Gangotri welcome back to check yes it is Brian coming to you guys today with the first used build with all the parts being sourced from down under in Australia here instead of what I usually do it in Japan and I got to admit today is a pretty damn good build with the value for money actually probably coming in better than what I've done in Japan so with all my builds we're going to go through the parts list the prices and then we're going to go the cleanse then the build then the benchmarks my obsession I just want you in my possession never get up no fly not letting you out of my side never giving up this time for wait never been good I show discretion it's not my thing on my profession never giving up no not letting you out of never giving up so with this build I wanted to compare it to the csgo potato because that was a bill that passed but I sourced the parts for around about 70 USD now this coming in at a hundred AUD is kind of in a very similar price point maybe being around 70 something USD though the good thing is about this build is it performs better than that bill did back then and it's got an a3 Sandy Bridge in there that goes up to around 3.1 gigahertz and the temps were absolutely fine I think the max temp I recorded here was around about 50 something degrees on that stock Intel cooler another thing is you guys are probably wondering the sponge and hairdryer it actually works pretty well and it's free you don't have to pay any money to clean your parts like this though do I recommend it probably not I would recommend having all the parts being absolutely completely discharged before you attempt to do anything like this as is the case with desktops is very easy to do so with the benchmarks we could see there that counter-strike csgo was playing absolutely fine at 1080p on really good settings there I'm pretty much hi across the board we're getting around 100 and something frames per second then we contrast with overwatch actually being playable as well with a good 40 to 50 average FPS there on high settings at 1080p so this build is very capable with those popular multiplayer titles there and I'm glad that I got something like this for the money and it goes to show that if you look around you can find really good deals where you are willing to take a gamble with some of these things that don't work then I guess you can pick up really good deals the deals that I got here today I mean I just literally think the power switch was busted on this case and that was about it really the power supply I wasn't too keen to try that since there was another power supply that looked a lot better had a bit more power on the rails there so I decided to use that instead of the one that came with it especially since the symptoms pointed to a faulty power supply so regardless it all works now and it is running spectacular when it comes to games I also even got a free copy of Windows 7 thrown in there though I did have to bust the password to get that CD key so they could then reinstall windows and have it all fresh what about this PC and what am I going to do with it well I've actually already sold it to a friend so booyah I make a little bit of money and they get a really awesome computer and I get to make the content for you this is the best part so we're going to be definitely hunting for more pieces in the future wherever I'm at in the world doesn't matter we'll hunt for those deals this time around it happened off a gam tree anyway that's all from me today if you guys like this video be sure to hit that like button if you have any questions or comments about the csgo Dominator then be sure to drop a comment the comment section below and I'll catch you in the next tech videos very soon Garen ready hit the sub button too why not there's going to be a lot more juicy content coming to you he's up a now way oh yeah break that password baby get my free copy of windows 7 pro Brian what are you going to do when you get back to Australia you just can't get the deals that you did in Japan

$100 (AUD) CS:GO Dominator – Gaming PC on a Budget

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  1. can i be honest, i would rather see you still been a under-rated gem of a channel rather than an over-rated gem of a channel,
    cause we all know what happen to linus, austin and that unboxing guy…

  2. The GTX 650Ti is really close to the 750Ti in performance, but really far by comparison power wise. It's like 120W vs 75W. I have that exact card too hanging out in my media center PC

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