$20 Gaming Headphones – Anivia Model A9

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$20 Gaming Headphones – Anivia Model A9

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plenty of headphones exist out there and a lot of them you think would be fine for gaming but they have gaming specific headphones that offer like stereo sound or 3d audio or you know special microphones that's kind of one that makes more sense but they offer like lots of audio stuff anyways this is a cheap gaming headset it's only $20 on Amazon link below and the company actually sent this out to me so technically this is a sponsored video but I'm giving you my complete honest review on it so yeah the unboxing experience is pretty professional here it's actually pretty nice for a twenty dollar thing they have one of these little flappy opening box things and they have the actual product itself in here wrapped in bubble wrap to keep it nice and safe anyways let's actually look at the packaging first we've got 40 millimeter driver with high precision sound source position and super shocking sound effects um like I said before a lot of these gaming headsets just have weird advertising on them what does that mean I think it just means that it produces audio for games just like a normal pair of headphones and they have a unique padded headband with comfortable ear cushions guarantees hours of gaming comfort well see how that holds up and they actually give you all the specs and stuff which is nice for the box in lightest headphone of its class that's a big claim feels pretty light alright so here is the headphones oh wow they actually feel super premium alright for twenty dollars I wasn't expecting a whole whole lot but wow these feel pretty nice especially this top piece here feels really fantastic there is a little bit of a quality control here there's just some scuffing over here when you get the product not a huge deal barely noticeable but I would be angry if I had that on like a hundred and fifty dollar headset but it is only uh twenty bucks they feel pretty nice this plastic over here feels a little on the cheaper side but it's still nice it's all glossy which is good they include this little swivel mic swivels pretty nicely it's adjustable here up to that so you can have a pretty big melon and still enjoy this but not too big of a melon I've seen bigger melons than that I don't really have a melon I have more of a cantaloupe so it's not really much of an issue for me we've got these little blue accents on the headphones which I really am quite fond of you know it's gamer ask but not super gamer esque and for the headphones here we actually have a nice kind of plush padding and of course they've just got like this blue fabric in here which is nice as well and padding on the head which is something you definitely need if you want to play games for a long time super light microphone like I said that extends down here it's not really adjustable inward though so you're just gonna kind of hope for the best now you can't really position it to your mouth we'll see how that sounds all right cabling all right nice we got a super long cable which is something you definitely need for headphones and we've even got one of these little uh we got a little carrot protector over there that's nice take that off how do you you take that off I suspect that these braided cables are not too too hard to make but they do feel very premium they feel durable they've also got this little plastic adjuster piece now it does look like a strange alien ship but it is a gaming headset they've got a little off non switch these little side buttons I don't think they do anything and then we dev this little volume rocker you can't actually hold it in your hand like this it feels a nice all in your hand like this personally it's a little too big for my taste but you can't be too nitpicky here this thing is twenty bucks and yeah let's go try these on oh nice they actually give you a little adapter here so you plug this in here and it actually extends it a little bit and then you can switch it to microphone and headphone so you'll need to do that for computer and if you only have Xbox or something that's what you would use for this anywho let's go try them on so I have the headphones right here let's see how they actually fit on my head I'm gonna compare one of my daily drivers which are like a hundred and fifty dollar headphones give or take but I'll be fair about it okay so let's put them on over here and the first thing I notice is they are super light on the head all the weight for it is actually up here at the top which is really nice which means I can shake them around like this you know so I lost again because I always lose and they won't fall off my head which is nice the mouthpiece doesn't really quite come anywhere close to my mouth so that's kind of a problem maybe if you really got kid or something it would come a lot closer but it really doesn't come super close to my mouth or come in front of it at all we'll see how it sounds though I'll give it a chance again super light the padding feels pretty nice it's a little on the hard side but that might just be because I'm used to these headphones so yeah for 20 bucks super comfy and and yeah they're nice they fit in my ears well let's compare them though I do want to compare them like I said before to my daily drivers now these are some Sony they're called sony MDR xb9 something there are noise cancelling headphones they have fantastic bass i got him on black friday about two years ago i think or maybe one year ago anyways they're nice compared to these of course but when I shake it off these will fall off my head way easier because the weights all in here they've got a big battery in here and that's one really nice thing about having headphones that you just plug right in is they won't come off your head easier because they don't have big batteries and stuff and it's nice and light it's really nice to have a light headphones but I'm really impressed by like the fake leather aspects going on here I'm this is probably fake leather too and they feel pretty similar similar enough let's go ahead and test the old sound quality out again that long cable comes in handy so the microphone is definitely working you can actually get a reading through the headphones alright that's kind of cool you can actually hear yourself talk now so we'll test the microphone it now alright hello everyone we are now testing the microphone that comes with the headset I don't know how this sounds but hopefully it sounds pretty good something I just noticed randomly if I hit the switch the microphone does go off however it comes back on in a few seconds later so the microphone off switch doesn't really work you'll have to unplug it yourself anyways let's see you the actual quality of the headphones themselves we're gonna listen to some music to test them there's not a whole lot of bass there is a little bit though and it sounds pretty good and were you plays it okay definitely not like a bass you can feel on your head like on a lot of the more expensive headphones but what were you expecting for twenty dollars a sound maybe a tiny bit tinny but they're pretty good quality and they're definitely stereo the stereo effect is nice so for twenty dollars I really don't think you can go wrong with these especially for how comfortable they feel and the microphone honestly isn't that bad at all if I had to give this a score I'd probably give it a seven and a half out of ten just for that really strange microphone issue that you can't you really use a switch for you.if them plug it I mean a couple of years ago I actually bought some razer headphones that didn't even have like leather padding on them for like $60 and these are about on par with the the that razor headset that I have however it's pretty crazy that these are about as good or even better than that razor headset in cost way less now so technology is definitely improving if you'd like to buy these they are linked below in thank you for watching i'm happy' productions please check out my other videos I have a lot of cool new ones out I'll see you guys next time and good bye

$20 Gaming Headphones – Anivia Model A9

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