2750's Future Warship First Look??? (Or Not) – Trekyards Discussion

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hey guys welcome back to truck yards I am captain Foley I am on a caucus but it's a time rip rift wave thing happening Stewart and discovery has gone all time traveling which is fine with me Travel episodes and apparently we got some new ships coming up what happened in this week's episode what was the new tech time thing they launched a probe into the temporal anomaly they didn't don't worry yes yes not the temporal anomaly fan film but in Discovery and it attacked end up attacking the shuttle because they were in a blender of time and vortices it actually had gone in the future 500 years been but that's adapted or assimilated some way I don't eat assimilated because people think the Borg but and changed technology added and attacked the shuttle had a very squid-like matrix see appearance and was downloading their data files which well I mean that probably probably didn't have them I don't know if I was searching it says it was like downloading the data core there's one of the lines so yeah so what's going on with that who did it and things we have pictures and then because that was already something interesting I hastily said that the the inner core of the probe had aged 500 years which implies to me that it got sent slightly future than lived out 500 years because not like you know I mean it had to have lived those years so then he scooped up with somebody was really heavily change I radically altered although I thought Vedra instantly like picked up and then radically redone which should be an interesting call back if they really like integrating all things and then in the trailer for the next episode episode 8 where you see this interesting sequence where these very clearly similar art design things launched smaller clearly similar art design things now what we assume is positive discovery now there's very little context here but I instantly grabbed towards this which is why the title of episode is 2750 s future warship first look because it could be these our warships from the 27 50s but that being said you know what they look a lot like the probe they're shaped similar to the probe even though they launch smaller little probes out of them by looks videos which got me thinking cuz they do look Voyager asked and not voy yeah like figa feature well actually and they also look like a redesign of the species 8472 but whatever oh no they look very reader esque so could it be that discovery launching the probe was found by the the planet that found Viger and that inspired them to create these ships so discovery is in fact responsible for feature when they found feature they put it in a ship like this which was inspired by the probe obviously that discovery sent in and it could be a whole thing where because of discovery we now have feature well in that whole story the feature plant needs more analysis anyway and you're certainly right these do look you know also we start filming as is the debate you know but the way this is shot is very much like these things are big you know the probe is very small these are film would be or it is just a probe went back and looked into the same shape or is just the probe stopped shooting down matthew but it's firing like probe torpedoes yes there's very different loops it's very differently shot like i say me to feel difference are these are these is this a flash well that does make sense if how could it be the probe having the same design if that was based on a discovery probe that was read jiggered why would a future civilization make duplicate copies of a updated discovery probe to be future probe weapons in the past what be the point in that these are the same device and this is every sentence it's the same people that adapted the fix the probe they just may use the probe the well they got this advanced piece of technology they don't know where it's from it's from discovery they don't know that though and they read rigor it they had their own stuff to it and then they're like that was a cool design man let's let's use that and so they build other stuff like that because they think that it's from a god maybe and so they're trying to I'm you emulate future tech because it looks magical I don't know I'm just trying to figure something out man I think they're just talking I think well if that's the case it's bit of a coincidence luck that the same exact probe happened to attack them back then a fleet of probes because it felt like was a one-off or it feels like they have this is the most obvious this is always 600 years of advancement they they want to probe back into the thing and it found the shuttle but this is like the same species just basing their tech like it's a hundred years after the fact who knows it's more advanced version of the probe that was sent back I don't know I'm not against that or it could be this could be a flash forward to this race doing something to someone else as a bit of flash forward context because it's a because they if only they'd like taken any part of the probe and beamed away with it they could have analyzed it have been really really helpful yeah oh no yeah because in a trailer sorry they're attacking earth the implication is they're attacking Earth so and then the context are now about to unfold we have the context that his one Spock's memories future memories of them destroying earth yeah because there's lying in the episode that says a prick says maybe he saw a future he couldn't comprehend what slows in sort of backup so these probes go and bomb earth future earth present earth past earth earth with probes based on tech that they modified from a 22nd century 500 years old ship and put many torpedoes in it even the probe itself is teeny so top you guys are like like this big it's to feed a payload maybe they saw the probe us from Earth and they're like we we should send our probes to go check out earth but their way of checking things out is by like destroying things and then analyzing the pieces yeah I just liked I was like the again.we so I had fun a little bit of fun with this one but like they do if it could have been you know future warships and we'd seen a few but you know flash-forward and we're seeing Spock's things I think it's similar what we're gonna get just noticed the same probe technology and hopefully we'll get some tool answers and and why and who and how an if and when and but Stewart the 27 50s which is the 28th century right yes so that's before relativity and 300 years before Daniels time war all the time war is all time so it's a pre time time it's way before clip so it's no but for you know alternate future time people time-travel phenomenon people you know these look a lot similar to the time vehicle the time ship in Voyager well the problem is we know it's a small probe so it's not like that's a problem with a shot it feels big and like a big warship but we notice these teeny poses and probes I like that I like that a lot but going back and comparing that they're not a future Krenim would be interesting just think I probe that launched into the thing ended up in normal space like you said drifted for 500 years into the gut into the Delta Quadrant yeah so through a wormhole that's a drifting it's not gonna get the Delta Quadrant in 500 years well may-maybe was forced out of the anomaly very almost warp or in the Delta Quadrant somewhere yeah yeah and the Krenim find it and they based all the Timeship technology on it because of that desire you know to brian vortex that came out of what time vortex and his temporals and tachyon signatures all over it so like time travel mm-hmm what a cool design this is obviously meant for this let's retrofit it and it's not let's just a stupid idea I'm sorry basically wearing fun guys just a little cheeky one because I was all bad so there you go guys probably attacking earth but wouldn't it be cool warships with their claws and missiles in the middle and they do look very very VG s so it could be an interesting tie-in I'm not against it there's there's so much you know potential and not potential because video itself is doing the slow road but we can assume have a gay Vida the uniqueness of Vita they have very vast analogy so if they went the fast way all the time way or that planet from the future or that you know there there's there's no reason to link it beyond the the origin cuz like say that underdeveloped storyline you know what happened where happened who happened yeah cool so guys what do you think are these future attack warships or are they probes of some kind are they attacking earth what are they doing I mean we're gonna find out in a week's time but we thought this was a fun first look kind of thing at these because they were quickly seen so what do you guys think put your comments down below if you want to help our channel you can do so there's a few ways there's coming links in the description head on over to the teespring store order some cool Trek yards and merchandise lots of cool stuff there and more stuff will be on the way soon and of course as always like the video subscribe to the channel and don't forget to share it around and join us on social media as well and of course patreon and buying things and just just just look at the links down below pick and choose what you want to help us out they're all things you can and can't do and shouldn't shouldn't do and thank you in advance and tune in for next next episode of many things we do that's right so until next time guys we're team Trek yards I'm Captain Foley cornichons you

2750's Future Warship First Look??? (Or Not) – Trekyards Discussion

20 thoughts on “2750's Future Warship First Look??? (Or Not) – Trekyards Discussion”

  1. Re: the Veger theory. 1. Voyeger was modified by the machine planet long before the Discovery probe (which I agree messed around for 500 more years before being modified by who knows).. Veger did not have a time travel capability. Veger had much more power and AI than the squidward probe more than 500 years earlier so I doubt the machine planet of Veger was the same source of modification. The squidward probes had no awesome capability. 2. I can't remember the book's name but it was the continuation of the Generations movie story and written by Shatner and it discusses the machine planet that modified Veger and according to the book, the machine planet of Veger also created the Borg. So 3. it looks like it will remain a mystery and will probably be a new race that can deal with the time rift that created squidward. PS… Didn't Mass Effect have a giant squidward enemy ship?

  2. It might not be Earth it may be Kaminar or even the planet Burnham's Parents were killed on. The one exploding might be Kaminar or even Vulcan too.

    If one assume the freed Kelpians are a dangerous then perhaps these as the Ba'ul from the future come to destroy their own homeworld. or it might even be a rival to either race wanting to kill them in the cradle. Such as the Successors of the Federation (which I suspect is the Kelpians anyway_) or it could even be a Human rebel fleet.

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