3d printer stringing problems might not be Temp or Retraction, dry your filament.

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I have been fighting stringing on my Prusa MK3 and Tevo Flash for a few months now. I tried lower my printing temps and increasing my retraction setting. None of the helped. Then to day I just happened to open two new rolls of filament and no more stringing. So all my other rolls of filament must have absorbed humidity over this winter. I store my filament in dry boxes and bags but when they are on the printers they are out in the open.

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so for quite a few months nod and having stringing problems even with my Versa mk3 which never used to have I tried everything I tried printing at 15 to 20 degrees cooler I tried I even replaced the nozzle tip thinking maybe I've worn an out and it says drip and more Denisha but that didn't really make sense because the print quality was still excellent other than the stringing then my modified TiVo flash was having the same thing we weren't talking about just one spool of filament I've probably got 20 22 different spools of filament different colors different brands they didn't matter which one I put on there I had stringing I went what the heck is going on until today I mean I like what like I just said I tried printing at lower temperatures I tried increasing the retraction I use the versa slicer because I figure they know best they make a machine that make us life so growth machine they probably know the best settings but they only use a retraction of 0.8 direct drive feed but I have a director I would mount on my Tivo flash as well but that's still seeing low so I experimented a few times turning that up to 2 which is kind of a nice default for a direct device drive system that had no effect either didn't didn't fix the stringing so today I was running some parts for two different robot projects and I just had to crack open a brand new school of the gold and a brand new spool of the silver and suddenly no stringing so what's been going on for all this time all this long long winter is my all Mya filament even though I keep everything bagged or in the container except for when it's on the machine has gotten moisture in it so it really does come down to my filaments need to be dried so I'm gonna have to set up some humidifiers two dehumidifiers and suck the moisture out of my plastic if I want to get rid of the string because virgin stuff just prints just the way it should the way it always had for in the past just totally clean no stringing at all so just a heads up friend you guys that might be having stringing problems and you can't fix it with retraction and you can't fix it with temperature you know what this time of year it's probably moisture been absorbed into your my taste as PLA products and that's probably what the problems all about so try drying out your filament first or as you're using it

3d printer stringing problems might not be Temp or Retraction, dry your filament.

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  1. Thanks for the post! I have a few PrintDrys that I got a good deal on. The only thing I like about them is that you can keep them in while printing… which is probably not needed where I am. I'm thinking of getting something like the what's depicted in the link below and just stuffing it full of filament : )


    Let us know what you come up with!

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