5 Myths about Photo Printers

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There is a lot of misinformation about photo printers out there.
Real information will always had real data to support it.
Hope you enjoy these little “Nuggets”!

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5 Myths about Photo Printers

6 thoughts on “5 Myths about Photo Printers”

  1. Hi Jose,
    this has nothing to do with this video but, I need help…I have a Canon Pro 100 and I have the tank installed ok, I've noticed that the black ink is leaking in to the inside of the printer. You know how there's this like sponge (black) in the inside, going from left to right, ok it's there. thought it might be a mixture of all the colors but, all I get is pure black and that's the one that's almost empty compared to the rest of the inks. I also know that if the tank is anyplace elevated from where the print head is that it causes evaporation, not sure if that's the correct term but it evaporates. well it's not elevated it's right next to the printer both sitting on a table. please help. thanx

  2. Just wish we could get your carts etc here in Australia,it really hurts to listen to your good advice and not be able to use it, as I have posted before I am only too happy to pay shipping.

  3. If you have your own printer, You can always print them yourself again. However if you are selling prints, you can always blame it on how the client has stored it. It will be more business for you anyways if the prints do fade after a period of 10 years. Anything longer I would send to a lab. Moreover, fading occurs gradually, it's not like it will fade to a complete white as soon as it reaches it's "expiry". I bought the PRO 10S not for the archival qualities, I got it because it is a lot easier to refill than a PRO 100, which has a sponge system. Do yo agree José that this is true? Do you think the PGI 72 are easier to refill?

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