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Subscribe to my YouTube channel: Ladies, it’s unfortunate that sometimes we might end up in bad situations where we need to protect ourselves. Don’t be a victim! Watch this video to learn these 5 self-defense moves which you can apply when it’s needed.

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Syaheenaz Halim is a jiu-jitsu blue belt under Bruno Barbosa. She is also the founder of Malaysian Jiujiteras. Syaheenaz is truly passionate about jiu-jitsu and wants to use this sport as a platform to empower women & help them regain their voice. A strong advocate for self love & positive body image, Syaheenaz wants to inspire women to take control of their own destiny & live a life fulfilled.

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5 Self-Defense Moves to know when you get into bad situations:
1) When am is grabbed
2) When someone invades your personal space
3) When hair is pulled
4) When grabbed from behind
5) When being mounted

hey guys it's Jonah here today I have Anna who is a jujitsu blue belt under Bruno Barbosa so the reason why I got it in today it's because I want you to teach the audience really simple self-defense moves just in case they get into situations where they need to protect themselves so what can we expect from you today so we're gonna look at very simple moves that do not require strength because sometimes the victim cannot overpower the aggressor correct because they might be larger and a lot stronger physically so we're gonna look at very efficient moves that you can employ and you can learn very easily okay so pretty much they are really simple moves things that everybody can learn yes correct and so what's gonna happen is I'm going to be the aggressor and Anna you're going to be the victim yes okay so I know I'm gonna be in a lot of pain right let's get straight into the five moves every woman should know so the first move we're gonna look at is if we're walking on the street and somebody just grabs our heart right so say I grab you're here yes so what you're gonna do is you're going to put your hands over the person's fingers over the knuckles and you're going to swing your arm to grab their wrist and once you're in this position you will push down so they aggressive fall down yeah or the aggressor will fall down because of the pressure so if you try and stand up you can't run and then you can disengage and you can bang on okay yeah so the goal is not to show up but to protect yourself and them so the goal is essentially to disengage from the person and to remove yourself in the situation it's not to stand fire right and why would someone usually like say grab someone so essentially when they grab you they want to control you so you're not gonna give the control to them you have to remember that if your victim in this situation you have to control what happens next so if he wants your arm yeah instead of pushing away yeah so instead of pulling it away you hold him down towards your wrist so you take control back from the situation and then you swing it and you hold the wrist and then you push it downwards all right so the second move is if you're out and somebody just comes up to you puts the arm around you okay so let's say hey what's up girl yeah exactly so again this has happened he's come into your space and he's trying to take control of your body you can see his hips are against your hips and stuff trying to control you so instead of pushing away take control as well exactly so instead of pushing him away and trying to run so you grab the wrist you hold it down and you just hold the person shoulder here then you turn back and you swing the arm behind and from this position you would push down on the knee and then you disengage okay right shall we just do that once more for the audience to really see so all right so you would grab the wrist to control and then you would grab to both arms you can 20 hold on you're controlling both arm so essentially if you want it to run now let's say I really want to like push you away yeah I've taken control of the situation all right then I'd swing back and I'd hold your arm against your back okay against my back here yep and then I would kick behind your knee to make you fall and then I disengage and I'd run off all right right let's do it fast okay ready hey girl okay and though you would run away and then I would run away yes if somebody comes and grabs your hair yeah like really aggressive really hard right and it's hard in this situation because your first response is to try and sleep yeah or to grab someone's hair back but you can't really run when somebody pulls you back this way mm-hm so you'd swing your arm over essentially make them fall okay so if someone grabs your hair instead of grabbing their hair bag yeah so then all right so you swing your arm and you see how I thought of like definitely no position right now I let the wrist go yeah just below yeah I'm in the elbow and when I push up okay and the president should fall and in this situation I can punch your face and then I can run off right so if ever you get into a catfight you know what to do yeah this is to protect yourself not to be aggressive this happens a lot when you're walking on your own and somebody just comes up to you and you just grab you from behind right and a lot of women will panic here because they've controlled they would do that you know someone's control your shoulders yeah and he has you know the person has control of you essentially right so right this is what you should do okay someone comes up to you all right the first thing you're gonna do is you're gonna make sure that you don't want to get choked so you're going to grab the wrist okay and you're gonna drop down so you're heavy now yeah yep and you always have to make sure your face is turn to the side why because if I was still facing forward as a children there okay so protect yourself first even if I have my wrist my hands here if he's really strong that will go so I have to secure that Scott and be heavy turn my neck and then go behind you all right then I would grab behind your knees okay all right and you see how my center of gravity is low and I'm already kind of listing you yep and you pick them up and if you do it this fast it's gonna really injured someone yeah person's gonna penny if you're on the street it's gonna hurt yeah because they're gonna drop onto concrete yeah and you don't need strength because you're using you don't because I'm low and I'm using my center of gravity to lift you up okay and so what happens from here so from here if we were talking from jiu-jitsu point of view I am to go to side control and then I'd go to knee on belly okay and I disengage and run away sometimes you're unlucky and the fight comes to the ground because he's a lot stronger and he's managed to take control of you and now he was trying to choke you okay so I would control both the elbows and push down yep then I would put my legs up over your shoulders right and I would bring my hips okay essentially what has just happened to the aggressor so what happens to the aggressor is that your elbows are being controlled and pushed inwards yeah and then I'm using this like a pivot okay so you're breaking so essentially I'm breaking the elbows yeah okay so let's do that for the audience to see once more let's break it down here so let's say if you end up in this situation the aggressor is trying to talk to you yes so the first thing I want to do is before you even put your arms around your hands around my neck I want to secure you again I don't want you to run away so I would close my legs into a closed guard that's what we call it in jujitsu all right then with your hands on my neck I would control both your elbows so bring the elbows close together yes okay so bring the elbows inwards and I'd push down all right and I throw my legs over your shoulders okay and I would lift my hips up yes so essentially what you're doing is closing everything and breaking yes so I'm keeping control of your elbows and I'm pinning your wrist down and I'm lifting it with my hips okay and then once he is in pain or the aggressor is in pain yeah and then I would so after that happens and I'd say I broke in your arms I would let go I'd kick away and that I'd get up and run and run yes if you were to put a little bit more pressure I would have broken a lot of bones so these are really simple effective and efficient moves which FEMA can basically learn they don't need a lot of strength correct exactly so we're not using strength at all in this situation we're just using leverage with dropping our center of gravity down and we're finding efficient moves to disengage from the situation and to run away yeah so instead of getting panic and trying to just push your aggressor away take control yes so take control of the situation you've been put into and come out on top thank you so much Anna thank you so much for coming over and teaching us these really effective moves so don't forget to follow Anna on Instagram page a lot more cool jujitsu moves yes so you can follow me on Shaheen as hollom and we've also recently started a specific Instagram page for female athletes female jujitsu athletes in Malaysia it's called Malaysian Gigi Tara's and she follow us there too be sure to check it out right above here all the links will be in my description box below I had fun and I'm in pain

5 Self-Defense Moves Every Woman Should Know | HER Network

34 thoughts on “5 Self-Defense Moves Every Woman Should Know | HER Network”

  1. Martial arts aren't learned by watching a video. Watching stuff like this is dangerous and increases the chance of a gullible person sticking around instead of running from a dangerous situation. These are BS moves for a woman vs male attacker anyway. Learn to throw a crisp, powerful 1-2 and practice sprinting! jk 😀

  2. I'm going to ask the real question, what does a guy do if a girl, or girls, attack him with skills like this. If any of you actually had lives outside of the internet you'd know that there are girls who are bigger and stronger, and guys who aren't. You'd also know that girls do attack guys, and yes it does actually happen. In certain cases they may just not like you, or have a bad feeling about you and decide to use their skill to make a call that's incorrect, and only based on emotion. There are girl bullies and as much as you would like to believe every guy in the world is 6 feet and muscular, it's just not true. So what does a guy do, he may be outnumbered, he may not want to hit her, knowing that even though the girl is bigger and stronger, everyone will still be on her side because she's a girl. A lot of people ignore, or just don't care that guys aren't completely Invincible, and are human and have problems, just like everyone else, so this is to anybody who is willing to care, what should he do?

  3. Literally only 1 of these techniques are useful for a woman to use for defense and disengage. NEVER EVER do you want to close your guard if your goal is to evade. just put your feet on their hips then bring your arms under theirs and in between then push out. Their hands will plant on the ground. Then kick out their knees so they lose their base and scramble and get outta there. And DONT go into side control. So many of these techniques are a joke. But hey, something is better than nothing.

  4. girls imagine you are attacking a 10 year old girl. Do you think that little girl will kick your ass just because she watched a video like this?

  5. BULL! You know what else doesn't require strength? BITE!! Bite and slash his skin with your teeth. It will not only freak him out & likely end the attack, but it will be evidence and he KNOWS that! You running away is a LOT less effective than making HIM run away.

  6. I was watching this and thinking wow…this shit will get someone killed and it won't be the criminal. The second you try to do anything, Im going to shoot you, stab you and punch you not just stand still and let you practice your technique you have never mastered. A little knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge. Its best to just give them what they want and walk away with your life you can replace material things. 95% of those situations involve theft and a weapon so just give em your money. You can always make more.

  7. ok i own a martial arts company and teach reality based techniques this being the only two techniques i can agree as effective is the first one and the hair pull one. these are actually ones that will work more times then not. the rest is shit…. will create a more unsafe situation for the user.


  9. Jesus Christ, who's attacking you? Verne Troyer? This shit ain't gonna work on a 6'0" 180lbs-200lbs+ guy full of rage and adrenaline, and possibly armed with a knife or a gun. You need to concentrate your energy on picking out a name for your rape baby if you follow this shit advice.

  10. Pack heat ladies. It's the only way. Train, carry and conceal. Don't fight a man, the only thing your gonna do is piss him off if he gets injured. When you shoot. Shoot to kill.

  11. The first attempt would work if you not only covered the aggressor's knuckles, but do not hold onto the persons forearm with your hand, instead use a "Sudo" or Knife-Hand to create a small area of contact, creating more pain. Additionally, do not "force" your opponent to the floor, as he can fight it and all he would have to do is bend his elbow and raise himself from the floor. The most important aspect of what is next is- do not hold their hand out in front of you and push their hand down. Instead, use your knife hand to cut into the wrist and bring it with their thumb in contact to your chest, creating tension and pressure seemingly unbearable. Ultimately in that position, being able to break their wrist.

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