5GHz Core i7-8086K – 40th Anniversary Intel CPU

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5GHz Core i7-8086K – 40th Anniversary Intel CPU

45 thoughts on “5GHz Core i7-8086K – 40th Anniversary Intel CPU”

  1. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I'm getting this VID late, just arrived in the store today. Don't have this in a build yet (planning on inserting into a RoG Hero when it arrives). Just wanted to let you know that when I purchased the original Intel 8086 when it was released (not saying how long ago that was… :o). But, I WILL say, it was a LONG awaiting purchase ($3700 if memory serves, on my first Credit Card). It was my first real PC Experience, and started a lifetimes search for "Faster & Better Builds"! Hope you get and enjoy yours soon!

    thanks for sharing,

  2. So I am super annoyed. I had the 8700K and today got the 8086K. EVERY benchmark I run is coming in with LOWER scores, in some cases MUCH lower. 3DMark, Cinebench, PCMARK…ALL are coming in with lower scores…I spent that money for a 6-8% bump and instead it is slower…..

  3. ok buying a new computer and this is an option… 100 bucks more than 8700k.. worth it? and how does boost work? when single core is taxed itll kick up to 5ghz? Im gaming but wont be overclocking. I may not buy a new computer for 4+ years so I want the best parts to future proof it…

  4. I see this chip as an attept to stay longer the company with faster CPU on paper.They know AMD clock speeds will only get higher from now on. Intel will have lower clock speeds with the 10nm process and Ryzen 3 is rumored to be around 5ghz CPU.

  5. 5.1GHz boost? If Intel released it as a stock 5.1-5.2GHz base clock with 5.5-5.6GHz boost I'd be all for it as that would be something great for the Anniversary of the 8086. This 8086 is just a slightly better binned 8700k with a fancy name to attempt to get a higher premium out of it.

  6. cant really tell how easy to overclock at constant 5 ghz? If it like 4.1-4.3 with basic cooling fans then why not just get a 1600X? Really needs to easily hit 5ghz and then have reasonable price. That 1 Ghz really matters in performance, provided it doesn't get bottled necked by low cache and 2 something ghz fsb and only duel channel.

  7. Fuck those shitty CPUs .. my i7 930 OC from 2.8 to fuckin 4ghz on air cool staying around 60 Celsius lmao. Still kicking ass today after nearly 10 years . This is what I call a great cpu . Now they got smarter and release shitty cpu that you have to change every 3 years. Release a Cpu that can OC 40% of his base clock on air and last 10 years and I'll buy it.

  8. No, its almost literally just going to be a better binned chip and its purpose IS for vanity, its a mindshare thing. Hence naming it something nostalgic, the 8086.

    Wake up, dont fall for the marketing nostalgia scheme.

  9. Didn't Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) make most of Intels chips back when the 8086 and 8088 came out? Since Intel was growing from currently being a memory company….

  10. Meh … Ill stick with my 4790k for a while still (i have no problems with it and the rest of my build), I will wait until the new ryzens and boards all settle with quirks and compatibility issues etc etc . I never buy right away , i prefer to wait a yr (give or take) to make sure everything is fixed , stable and pricing of course remains competitive and affordable to warrant a whole new build . I really want to drop Intel and go for AMD , Threadripper most likely, depending on the cost involved .

  11. My 1st PC had an 8086 processor. Loved my Amstrad 1512 with dual 5.25" drives. Looks like I'll be looking at a new board/Pro and Ram, depending on price. Please Intel, let me reown a new 8086.

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