7 Days To Die – Alpha 17 Multi – We Have THE Talk – S3E6

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HOW LONG WILL YOU SURVIVE?7 Days to Die has redefined the survival genre, with unrivaled crafting and world-building content. Set in a brutally unforgiving post-apocalyptic world overrun by the undead, 7 Days to Die is an open-world game that is a unique

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I mean honey does he excite you whoa I don't know cage do I do I decide to deal what about what about now come on cage come down to my little secret bunker what's up guys is Katie free welcome back to our 70s die zombie Slayers blah blah blah with autumn Mike and blood I need some food shit hold on everybody go get some food gotta eat I gotta eat zone of us I'm mad I died on Mike spikes I didn't die by a zombie though this video is to see whether we die again I'm laying down more spikes as we speak we have like we're like no food dude I know that's why I'm out looking for bird nests because we have meat no no thanks tell you man eggs nerve that was another thing help was 17 damn it oh wait for 17.2 they took all that they took all the food out of the vending machines except for canned food and they'd nerf the traitor by like 70% yeah nothing you're gonna have to sell himself or anything I was playing around it out and experimental as Ike I'm done I'm just done oh we're – you know you bet now your paint goes they need to happen all right nail go we're gonna hit the trailer first Luke – nail gun guy shut up now only if I'm up above the spikes are they my mortal enemy something about me jumping and trying to go over the spikes yeah I have sympathy but the sad fact is well the sad fact is like I've died by mic spikes not just once but twice now actually three times because I died that twice that one – the last time we were playing before we switched over to this world what are you doing there buddy let loose my spot you just come stay away you're like a mile away from the blood I know I was there we go I was waiting for say drink something baby thirsty to start calling you creepy McCree per ton shit you got a white panel van don't you a cage don't hold on Whitney's bird's nest over here oh hell then well then okay I get upset about the baby comin he just shuns me like right off the bed apparently not Oh Oh woke up the hill buddy come on never get off your bike on a hill I never learn that pretty yeah we don't give a they basically took out the freakin mighty helmets it seems like the sun's coming up now yeah it's it is I've got a mining helmet so I'm alright we're gonna push you on your spikes and take your money how my next time you die Mike I'm just telling you right getting Gore blocks with the axe versus the machete versus the mission I tried to take down the goal block with the machete okay so people are telling me like multiple people multiple different people were really vehement about me using the machete so they're okay that's quite yeah you know I mean no Shetty obviously is better right no it's not it gives me it does the same thing as he acts like one to two bones but no more so not sure if it's better against animals getting meat back and maybe it's not for bones I don't know but well logically you think could give you more meat I mean just cause it's because it's it's called you know it's called dumb progression you know if you take apart something with a you know with a knife you can make it level 20 and then you take something apart with a with a machete that's obviously a lot harder to make the mache should give you more it's kind of weird that it doesn't what did you find have we been here you know what gets really excited use your big boy words use your big boy words oh I think that's the one I found I marked it along I walked into it's like a mineshaft imagine one time and it's like SuperDuper deep yeah yeah it is I'm going there now because I've got it I've got it marked on my mat already okay that was that one when we first went to the trader meanie and I said hey check this out and I was like we'd like what and then you were at the traders so I wanted mark to first go back to I never did I mean who's right next to the trainer yep like you're in the mine right I am in the – okay oh damn it I forgot Trudy's not open yet you do everything is slow oh gosh all right I heard some boulders my weight riding through the farm fields I would hit a boulder someone would allow me to have a pickaxe but you know I can't she'd give me a pickaxe now we don't need the barbed wire oh okay yeah 36 per barbed wire at the moment you cook that up make it a four time I mean we're trying to do barbed wire to save you blood but it didn't work you still died encore tonight well you said Bob buying on spikes oh yeah babe we're bad we're so I'm surprised she picked on your speech patterns before I did that's kind of amazing cages a bad influence on me I'm sorry sure okay now I've done something women now in my direction keep my keyboard steers my bike and not my mouse the hill can't decipher what he just said okay so before I use my mouse to steer my bike you can just I don't think you need to need the shift left leg I don't think I think it's just left click make sounds like he knows he's talking about listen to Mike I left clicked other yeah right yeah I did yep did shift is – left click I never knew that gee thank you Mike you're welcome you know thank skates for nothing nothing if you shift like it still work slash your tires your I believe you leave you stranded out here no it's not Tyrol but neither is cage so it's all good I'm gonna clip in like the whole discussion I'm getting an ax or a pickaxe uh beginning another video yeah we'll see how nice you are but ultimate or oblique you know I know you do but but it is very cute no they're terrible and everybody makes fun of them I'm not making fun I sound like you enjoyed listening to them cage makes fun of them all the time you like to make fun of them did you go I left them at a while by wall you mean like two days I don't do that barely anymore the held this place go I am so what I don't know where to go in that mine and I don't want to fall to my death so no there's no open shafts the only vertical one is puzzle wooden frames in it it didn't look like they were wooden frames in it so well there's only one vertical shaft wooden frames in it that something like oh now there are okay trap it's clearly a trap it's clearly marked oh so you did this oh it's a trap so we gotta go down in their cage you know check out the lead I don't really see anything it sticks out I did get the weighted head which gives you a modification for medium and heavy melee weapons had a chance of stun and slow victims does not give me a percentage come on I need these I need this information I can't just you know okay thanks thanks madam ole gives me a chance could be 5% could be 500 Oh give me enough five hundred feet you know I'm saying need more information damn it hat gavest 69 winning you ever seen it I didn't mean this 69 it just happened your son I'll tell you what stalker I'm not like this and he's not around no LM peg blames me for that actually you're always like this as long as I've known you you've been like this everything you are exactly every time your haven't he gets like that's damage Catherine how was it cause I mean honey does he excite you whoa I don't know Kate do I do I decide to you d like what about what about now [Laughter] come on cage come down to my little secret bunker I'm not trying to take it all no I'm trying to keep it a little bit drop the balls really good comfortable my streams outside the whole street I'm glad you're entertained possibly the fall away oh my god the storms are starting here by the way just plug on Katie's video my extremeness streams this every Saturday my extremeness stream it now boy like streams this every Saturday and blood also records heads up his aim so I record my ears just for a minute and I'm done just that one little moment no blood if you keep talking like this I really might think it is your fault you're not need to record you read and wink age she's calling me baby yeah he's going down to my hole oh my god there's a construction one anybody else look there's two of them here back out the other world is they both hit different spots or they feel like they do they're very hard to go from one to the other and hit stuff yeah yeah that's this you don't like about that I'm like way down oh you're way the hell it is I'm it's I'm at plus 21 meters this rag doll in a little bit like that hold them off I gotta meet my phone hi no no Tara I value my life thank you is that Lord sir yes Lord sir where were you last name and we played Grand Theft Auto five oh my god I love Grand Theft Auto I didn't know I didn't know y'all were playing we were streaming home seven days last time me my brother and rook I mean I'm a jester see even I could have come and play GTA 5 the only all have it why have we been playing this we did GTA 5 in quite a long time I hadn't seen I didn't see yeah you know I've got my own yachts and man business oh yeah I've got my own well level y'all yep level is anybody need a compound bow we first got this wait a minute what level is it oh yeah I don't need it scrap that shit homie do it you describe okay Terry yeah that would be why then playing at 4 a.m. my time not like stout did you just call me Terry Terry Singlish accent sorry it's okay I'm just like commentary Laura Terry I'm now hearing over did you just jump down no no that's like some ball if my memory doesn't fool me in the often does you could call him Clarkie it could calm Claudia lark : BAE's real name Hey well shit we shouldn't have to break out anything but I think we gotta come up here they just drop okay oh yeah man this early game stage stuff is so easy wait this is where you came from I just got an empty bags joke yeah yeah we're back out yeah that's uh that's all there is to it it's not that big traditional English nickname for Dutch people what come on oh come back well you can come down the others that's it there's a hole down here well there's some there was another where we could go I think right there was two ways we could go we went in one way and there was two other ways yeah there's a way to the left so the way we've already been to I think so take a look yes No oh that case we can't Kali cloggy okay I mean oh wait yeah I think this is one of those those easy PL eyes there's a couple of different ones like this there's one that's got like a whale in it yeah hey by the way we're back my Chinese he got a zombie bear where zombie there all right you got a gun at home right yeah no I've got my I got my torch we're good I'm he's gonna use my torch man we talking about I've got a shot at date come over here hey tell me there's and we're gonna walk up here and then pick them up when as you go up yeah these guys are no joke people all right yeah what the hell the deal is there you want to go and find a different place to dig maybe okay let's I need I need assistance getting out that's I guess I'll just do this all right you ready don't got a shot on him you got a bead on not yet hold on let me get a spot where I'm not gonna fall off don't trust it there we go all right I got Morocco I'm gonna shoot the rifle this is anslee happen to remember if we have a hammer in the upstairs not to my knowledge at least but I don't remember we might thanks awesome sounds very helpful I know I last is bigger real quick hold on does he know oh that was easy right know what what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna you bed and cut him up all right I got up I found a little one pic I guess Maureen think this here I'm on the same Hill I'm just gonna dig down see what but the gravel like disappears after are you trying a different spot like I would just go hold it I'm sorry I'm trying slightly different spot yes okay well the gravel won't be unbroken all the way down sometimes it'll disappear after one spot doesn't mean there's not anything underneath it all right let's get going we're looking for another peel why to lose by the way guys looking for some XP levels yeah zombie bear I remember them being that easy I don't either cuz I mean well I guess – shotgun makes it easier I wasn't really hitting it much as hard as become missing I don't know what's wrong me I don't know what's wrong with you either no insanity shouldn't cause you to miss shotgun shots so I don't think they're related I just don't know what's wrong with me missing all the freakin shots okay just nervous because I'm with him baby they move around here we go here's I yeah you'll hit it three times it'll be gone but I tell you to go to any spot well we're in the same you are yeah I can I can just dig back to where the mine is where I want to say your babies oh that's where we're gonna go are you serious good stuff away that it's plenty more gravel here so this should be more iron dude them have caps of still when you're done with this Yeah right yeah yeah there we go pedal woman pedal it's the Tour de France mm I think they go to a new area but it looks like we've been to everywhere like the only places desert well go to the desert I guess we've got some drop Chester that's my lost red tea and of no food left either yeah I we have not seen any animals Oh God not me we just don't have tanks I've got nine eggs I've found yeah but a worst-case scenario he's boiled so apparently I'm hungry as well if we get to get the farm going you could start making meat stew okay so we've got we've got did we do these poopy pants figures I don't know I think you might have without me I know we've done some batter ones about us though I could do this one you could do the one over there yeah that's good splitting up sounds like a good idea see what could go wrong okay discussing cage knows something about this poopy pants he's went to get me killed all it is what's been a bit more than work fun to it got a motion sensor loot bag not a badly back some steel shock rifle we don't know with where the iron is I mean he did by the way guys I think I get that I don't think I'm getting his stamina losses it should be Oh take it so what are we go now uh well heavy metals the only the only sledgehammer perks I guess we just keep going for have you met all your strength will see that it's better barter III but I really want to do this melee both horrible you saw uh I don't know what she would be considered to skirt that was nasty yeah or I know it picked up some eggs I didn't give it to you already do that did you eat eggs Mike yeah Mike would you do the damn egg Mike Mike Mike seriously Mike Mike Mike the hell my up they have I think my I think Mike ate the raw eggs three or four pay attention your chat bonden even welcome come on in oh oh hummus temper plates crowd tempered blade I should probably check on the farm growing increases damage and increases durability for blades that's such a straight up how much I really gotta help you with this come on Dave everything's right over there no I'm almost somebody outside that I can't see any more bobbed wire on me either to the hole right here on the side right here that's how you doors I don't like making a lot of noise windows don't wake them up trying to be a ninja know the diamond it whenever I hit a door they always wake up but every a glass or must the window they use they don't wake up sometimes notice that no I don't know the patient's like I try go into a point of interest saying I'm gonna be stealthy I'm gonna be quiet and then after the first five minutes oh my god hell with this that's exactly how I am I lasted about that long I think I did it yeah I just oh it's a fat mama – come here girl Kumi love to pack mule shouldn't take longer to get the mail a builds but I needed in business should Grammy know girly oh girl yo we found some cat food we faced in a lot boys and girls nice another freaking cooking pot good no that's everything in here all right let's go on to the next area oh look maybe should have been school here that might be good that's a locker is locking on to zombies for experience actually yeah that's a good idea yeah let's do this we'll do this next video anyway guys we are gonna call it from here if you don't between the video throw ton keys out like vinyl souvenir please subscribe for more videos thanks very much for watching we'll see you next time in until then everybody catch you next time guys peace out yo

7 Days To Die – Alpha 17 Multi – We Have THE Talk – S3E6

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