A Leprechaun TRASHED our house!

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There’s a leprechaun in our house and he completely trashed the place! St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner too! We had to follow his mystery clues to solve his riddle and he said the next step it to try and figure our how to capture him and get rid of him! If you have any advice on how to trap a leprechaun, leave it in the comments for us!
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oh hey so we just pulled up to her studio and we're about to go inside just for a normal casual day of work and we suddenly realized that there was stuff all over Georgia that we did not put up so obviously this is like your guys is like st. Patrick's Day prank on us right I know it was like guys we didn't do it like we promised like we don't like prank you but like there's like lunatic warning property by like leprechauns and like caution leprechauns like cross light and you can like tell like I swear it is that trash this place I always so I I didn't do it I feel like guys do this but I think your this party you're right and you guys are like were you know reverse psychology okay we're girls we wanted to get everything on film Oh you obviously did you know now we're going last night no literally you guys did this this is probably like a revenge prank from the Valentine's Day prank that I pulled on you guys okay are you do it like swear guys of us all someone literally broke into our studio ended this no it wasn't me okay guys we have no idea what is going on it's all like singing magic thinking whoever did this offices trying to be funny uses a mule no no those are fatal I don't know Kay oh that one too Oh what the heck okay now I'm like really confused cuz okay we came up here this morning and everything was fine and then we've left like a couple of hours I'm like we just came back and then like now everything's like this and we have no idea and the doors locked right like it was real oft when we entered one of our friends oh I'm super confused so what is happening right now is literally look at all this it's everywhere we're really destroyed and in there yeah okay there has to be something that tells us what is going on because oh I can't even get through here oh my gosh oh my gosh who did this oh my god wait look at the boy yeah no one has access to our likes to get what's nice is like a pictures no this is nice no is so we right there has to be some sort of know or like explanation somewhere so maybe everyone should just start looking around and see if they see I don't know I feel like there should be some sort of clue that they might have blocked it is usually for any sort of thing like wait this was just on the door yeah that's like though it's like a little leprechaun hat like look at these pictures you know I feel like so much like broke into but there's another one of those hats oh all right wait wait wait against the one I don't think hasn't know in science knows doesn't is to wait oh it says oh it's like part of a nose oh it says poet says and I've lost my way something from home from home I did strange is other part also where the same yeah maybe all that like seem like banner but it clovers on it but none of the clovers match of writing this one so I don't know I what if we need to find the rest like the right these little hats okay let's let's look cuz I feel like we find more hats we'll find my nose and then we'll figure out like what is happened yeah you did this maybe right is not signed from anyone but I haven't even looked all the pieces that we find okay there's something wrong with the fluff what woman like the water what's wrong with it that really is what way it was green ice to arrow is green easy I think I don't know crazy maybe like but I'm serious though I'm screen just came out clear okay so we need to find in all of this match the more of these little hatch press this looks like if this is the bottom maybe of it I think there's another big note yeah I know I get splits about a big hey this is still cut off so I think there's more to this so we have a lot to find getting through all of this is like I know but like this is like the last time just happened is when we had the bad house pulling all these pranks on us like a chance just about or is there a problem I don't know let us know in the comments if you see any of these little hats around make sure you comment down below cuz we're gonna need your help because I have a feeling there's quite a few of these and okay wait just connect to any of em yeah let's hold them up and see if a few nights okay okay okay that's like the corner no that's the bottom right uh is it like this no no a big no oh my god is that going between freak maybe I need to take one maybe like a wall oh yeah so good-looking cuz I pay more than just the way okay okay so we'll tape it up on the wall that way and that's here but let's find the rest of the pieces where other ones think there's literally so many decorations I didn't even know they had this many types of st. Patrick's Day decorations did anyone check the profit maybe this is the last one I don't know I'll see you all right this looks like the bottom line maybe wow we got a table to a wall okay alright so put them right there well I'm guessing because if you've got like the middle right there's another piece of cement right there so that makes me think that there's gonna be one more piece down by either maybe this one does it's the clovers obviously okay so let's put a piece of tape there and then okay so I think this is the top but I don't think oh oh it is the top is it okay or does it yeah yeah all right so don't missing one more right because we have one more piece but there's still one little piece oh no this is the bottom Oh perfect perfect okay I know this is like perfectly it so we just need to find the last one and then we can like figure out what is going on okay so if you're gonna be part of the poem but which is probably most important right yeah like okay thank you don't wait so you guys check the background yeah okay I don't know whether you like serpents of bats so that's gonna do yeah sure yeah okay sorry obviously but certainly couch cushions oh okay where is there anything underneath this out I just remember the towels No so all these claims that our actual goal is cooling you because if they really got like real gold coins like a book worth it oh my goodness okay yeah I don't think so either cuz they don't wait ethically find two and year there's one on the wall and then one on the floor we'll move on to and here we only found one in there so maybe there's another one in here because we found the first one in here so I was like okay that should be the last one right yeah all right we finally found all the pieces which means that the note should be completely oh there's a leprechaun oh no weight whatsoever home oh can I read it like did this really happen like did it like white yeah we do okay okay it says a lot for cars so I'd you I don't know maybe this is something like an actual bumper Connie came in I'm Louie a leprechaun and I've lost my way while chasing four-leaf clovers from home did I stray wait so like he's straight into our office here like an actual leprechaun do this to our office wait we're doing okay I think would you please help me by letting you stay wait stay here all right we better this this is not gonna be the thing like yeah we're not house alone okay I promise no trouble at least not today this is like his version of no trouble like what are you what is not today like it's gonna only get worse from here you see I'm a leprechaun and I like to play tricks don't worry not mean ones but you'll need to be quick great I have like hurt that like with like leprechauns like they have like a really mischievous sense of like humors I'm like you're like kind of evil and yeah devious Oh grades you won't always see me but you'll know where I've been as I love to play pranks and games I can win how is this a game for him it's probably a game for braids but he also said like today like the trouble wasn't right are you this was like just like the test day letting us know that he's here this was an actually a gamer now no okay I'll beat things behind so you know it was me the color green rainbows and gold you will stink yeah definitely so although I'm good at hiding a sneaking sweets and having fun my surprises are really never quite done Oh like so ominous like basically this is the bad off on a shelf but the same Patrick to us you guys just wait and see and you'll agree we'll have so much fun great friends we will be if it's a blast I'll be sure to come again same time next year but new alright so we're literally stuck like he chose us wait wait I have no idea you're worried yeah just a little bit more so back to the fine that lets it go hehehe the first look at you is to try and catch me laughs in a letter like Kiki he Oh whatever crime is lol there's something is not right wait what did it say the worst game for you is to try and catch guys do you have any advice on how to catch a leprechaun your house I know some of you guys give us like so many tips when we had our bad elf on the shelf so let us know down below in the comments if you've ever dealt with a leprechaun because this is new to us and it says love Blarney your new friend from the end of the rainbow even lover Gorn angry are you guys it's like baloney guys this is so bad oh wait no so as we tried to catch Blarney or otherwise he's just gonna keep pulling these pranks on us right because I believe no idea oh you catch a leprechaun okay so you guys leave some comments letting us know in the next episode I guess we're gonna be trying to catch a leprechaun and hopefully we can catch him before he pulls any more pranks or games on us so I just hope this doesn't get out of control and we can keep it handled and that Blarney doesn't cost too much havoc on us yeah because this is his idea of not too much trouble I am at Uruguay this you what his version of trouble is no feeling it's gonna be really bad Oh okay guys so make sure you subscribe and turn those notifications on so you know as soon as the next video comes up and see you later bye hi

A Leprechaun TRASHED our house!

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  1. It will end on saint patrticks day u need to be on the hunt but u need to not be on ur rump really guys do as i say be quick and swift it will not be easy but with pride u will get it luv u guys

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