A Look at HP’s Z240 Entry-Level Workstation

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The New HP Z240 Workstation delivers powerful performance at a price that everyone can afford, whether you’re just starting out in the industry, an old pro or a prosumer looking to step up to the world of workstations. In this video, Andrew Willard of HP gives us a thorough rundown of the innovative new features and enhancements found in HP’s popular entry-level workstation.
hi this is Joe Herman HP has introduced their new Z 240 workstation with tower and small form factor models aimed at entry-level users it's a natural choice for those starting out in the industry who are looking to do professional production and post work but may not have the budget for a top-of-the-line workstation I caught up with HP at a new product event in New York where I was given a personal tour of the new machine everyone my name is HP is the workstations business human and today we're talking about the Z 240 which is a new entry workstation product line that that we just launched today so workstation customers are generally folks that are creating and designing content and what the Z 240 brings to the table is all the performance that you expect in a workstation but at the price of a PC so folks you know that our prosumers are doing high-end work that's in tariqat or photo and video editing can upgrade to a workstation without having to sacrifice or compromise on their budget when we go ahead and take a look so integrated a lot of new innovations in the the z2 40 products for this generation one of them is you know we see a lot of our customers that are using their products under the desk or a dusty manufacturing environments so on both these small form-factor and the tar we've integrated dust filters into the products on the tower for example if we just press on the front bezel the dust filter will pop out this is completely washable and reusable so customers can blow it there are listen with water and put it back into the system and the BIOS will actually warn the customer when it's time to look at changing their dust filter depending on their environment one of the areas where HP workstations has really led the industry and innovation is improving storage performance and we've done that with the HP Z turbo drive which we introduced over a year ago the HP is the turbo drive is a PCIe based solid-state drive and the benefit of that is you now get twice the performance of a SATA solid-state drive at the same cost what we did just recently a couple months ago as we released Gen 2 of the Z turbo drive which gives you four times the performance of a state of solid-state drive at the same cost and so what we've done to with the Z 2 is traditionally folks that need that much performance they have to buy a Z 2 class products have to make trade-offs with graphics or with Thunderbolt or with having another storage device so instead of implementing the drive in a PCIe card which is traditional right into a PCIe by 4 slot we've actually integrated what's called an m2 slot down on the motherboard of both the tower and the small form-factor this delivers view or lanes of PCI you buy for and also frees up a PCIe slot the benefit of inserting the Z turbo drive in the m2 slot is that customers no longer have to make a trade-off with their configuration so now they can do up to 2 Z turbo drives they don't have to decide about sacrificing a graphics card or sacrificing a venerable card in order to do that so we've done is again without raising the cost the customer and abled them to have more flexibility with their figure issues some of the other things we've looked at is no on our high-end workstations we our users are very high touch and with our original Z workstations we actually ended route introduced integrated handles into the system so that our users could carry them around and move them back and forth so we're starting to see is that those innovations move down into our other products so the z 240 tower you can order a handle that goes into the front optical Bay as standard but also as every system that goes up the door will have a ledge on top of the front bezel and in the rear that users can pick up the system without any issues move them back coup sticks and thermals are very important to our customers it's what we've done with the Z 240 a small form factor in tower is integrated temperature sensors down onto the motherboard and also embedded a sensor into the fan of the Z to 48 hours power supply and what this does is this gives us complete control over the fans inside the system so the customer can go into the BIOS and adjust the fan speed depending on what their their needs are at their environment the innovation on the Z to 48-hour that we've been adduced is to change one of the PCI you buy one slots that was on its predecessor this a 230 into a PC PCIe by 4 slot so now we have two PCI you by fours and one PCI you by 16 in addition to the MDX you slept with Izzie turbo so now customers on this e 240 tower can configure up to two graphics cards with two HP z turbo drives and an additional Thunderbolt port without having to worry about making a trade off from a technology perspective we're moving from ddr3 memory to ddr4 which delivers 21 mega Hertz the speed and total memory capacity of 64 gigabytes as opposed to 32 gigabytes over the previous generation all of our slots are now PCIe gen3 whereas in the z to 30 generation we had one Gen 3 slot and the rest were checked – thanks for watching this report about the new HP z 240 an entry-level machine that delivers powerful workstation performance well the price point about the same as a desktop PC the Z 240 will fit in any budget whether you're a video editor animator designer or if you're a prosumer looking to step into the world of workstations this is Joe Herman

A Look at HP’s Z240 Entry-Level Workstation

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