Acer CB281HK 4k Monitor vs BenQ EW277HDR monitor

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This is a side by side comparison of monitors with different features, 4k resolution vs 1080p with HDR, VA panel vs TN panel, Acer CB281HK vs BenQ EW277HDR.

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Acer CB281HK 4k Monitor vs BenQ EW277HDR monitor

32 thoughts on “Acer CB281HK 4k Monitor vs BenQ EW277HDR monitor”

  1. For me, HDR wins. The 4K is beautiful, of course, but in my opinion the colors are what makes or breaks the atmosphere of a video game. I'd rather have rich colors that support the storytelling than sharpness – but everyone's different! Ideally you'd want both.

  2. sorry but the left monitor has better grayscale…the right one has a very red tint especially on the wall on origins background…you should calibrate it…the tn has more natural and correct colors.

  3. what is the color profile of 2 monitors when playing gear of war ? i worries sick about it blackness will consume every detail near black color space live normal VA do. other review had shown that not sure if color profile can do anything about it. if possible could you test comparison for color profile in game as well, also vs ips is a good too. not much choice here other monitor available is LG WK600/650 line they also HDR too with 6bit FRC color.

  4. Hi may I ask you a question,

    My old monitor was a benq zowie 24 1ms delay, I sold that and the ps4, and recently bought the ps4 pro, I want a monitor I can play fps games on like cod,bf1 but I also want HDR10, and i have spent 2 weeks researching all kinds of monitors and tv's and it's frying my brain! .. it seems a lot of 4k monitors with hdr develop severe imput lag and bad frame rates when hdr is enabled, i also want amazing quality and colors, but it can't be any bigger than 32 because my room is small, my budget is 500 dollars

  5. Wat up bro , Am looking for a monitor for my x box x . Can you tell me if monitors come with smooth motion flow like the ks8000 . I love the effect it has on gaming, it just makes every thing look smooth even 30fps games look smooth

  6. Just bought the Acer cb281hk last week. The color shown on screen is little bit off white tho? Like all colors are slightly faded to me compare to my macbook screen.. Not satisfied with the display color 🙁

  7. Hey man, me again. So I bought the Acer specifically for gaming on my PS4 PRO, but watching your video has got me thinking. Do you think I should return it and get the BenQ? Keep in mind that I purchased the Acer for $250 on sale. I would really appreciate your feedback, thanks

  8. So I bought a KS8500 for Black Friday which was hard to find but it came out defective:( the store doesn’t have anymore left what other tv do you recommend under 800? FYI I’m taking your word on it lol

  9. i my self game on a acer predatore 1440 p its a great monitore i think 4k came to fast microsoft sony should have made 2k 60 fps systems best of both worlds for gaming i feel 4k is sacrafice my pc can do it but not at 60 fps and above thats with gtx 1080

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