Acer Predator Helios 300 a decent gaming laptop not only for gaming

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Acer Predator a gaming laptop which can do more than just gaming. Perfect for heavy daily use.

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hey what's up everyone welcome back to our video and I wasn't the need to get a lot of a powerful laptop and I decided to go with a gaming laptop but not for playing games yeah it might sound dumb buying a gaming laptop but not for playing games well I decided to go with the Acer predator firstly because of its price I got it for around like 700 800 euros yeah it's a bit pricey but the gaming laptops they are pricey and then if you don't go with the gaming laptop but you still need some pretty good specs then you will still have to pay a little bit so this extra predator has some nice specs comes with NVIDIA GTX 1050 TI which is a pretty good graphic but not outstanding comes with eight gigabytes ddr4 Ram which is more than enough for a laptop and for what I'm gonna be using of course more RAM like sixteen it but will be much better but not everyone can have it come to the 1080p gorgeous display which I will like the colours on this display has one USB type-c only one but has other traditional USB ports which I'm more than happy the keyboard on it is back light in red color which I really like but there is one small problem which the light goes off whenever I'm not using the keyboard which that that's fine when using in battery mode to save the battery but what I'm using the cable then it shouldn't go up or at least should give me an option to like turn it on or off even some settings on the on the menu which doesn't have has only a shortcut on the keyboard to turn it on or off and that's it well I would have liked an option to have it always on or have this option to turn off after some time if I'm not using it but unfortunately there is no such option not not a big deal but just nitpicky the keyboard I would like it it has different colors for WASD for gaming of course but like I said I'm not going to use this this laptop for gaming maybe sometimes for that games because I've tested epics legends on this laptop which I'm gonna show you footage right now and it doesn't play like outstanding it plays the game but not at the ultra settings and like I said I'm not gonna attempt to use this laptop for gaming but many people will buy this laptop for gaming as its sold as a gaming laptop and also has specs for games it not gonna play the games at like the ultra settings and like more than 60 fps it does the job but it's not perfect as a computer it has an i5 8 generation which is really good and the power consumptions not that good I'm not sure if it is because of the CPU or the GPU or this laptop has a small battery but the battery on this laptop is very very garbage I get like two hours maybe from the battery of course with moderate use if I'm going to edit a video on premiere than 40 minutes and I'm gone but I'm fine with that because editing videos takes a lot of power and premiere it's a pretty heavy up so and find that but when you're watching YouTube for example YouTube videos or you're browsing on the internet then you should be able to get pretty decent battery but even still there like I said I'm not getting more than 2 hours of battery maybe even less I didn't really tested it but whenever I browse on the Internet or doing some life stuff I always kind of try to check the battery levels and sometimes it drops from like 90 to 85 so like instantly but with the battery are not impressed from this laptop what I'm impressed though is the performance of this laptop by making videos I need to edit them and until now I videos always on my PC which has also an i5 4690k fortune generation this is a generation but has a GTX 1060 and this one has a dt x 1050 TI laptop GPUs they are we normal GPUs so here is the trick when I edit a video on my PC right now I'm recording in 4k and 4k footage yeah requires good PC to edit and to play it in real time and whenever a head video in this laptop 4k footage even 1080p but now speaking at 4k footage when I cut videos when I add some effects or color correction I press the play button and it plays without any problem on my PC has 16 gigabytes of RAM 8 more gigabytes of RAM better GPU disappear let's say maybe it's worse but here on this laptop I also use GPU rendering whenever I press the play button it plays without any problems while on my PC it struggles again might be because this is a newer generation of CPU and my PC has an older generation but I'm using specially GPU rendering because how it's an nvidia gtx 1050 guy it has that engine c codec which allows for GPU rendering i'm not even gonna talk about integrated intel GPU still talking about video editing another big point online like this laptop and ye that this laptop is when when I'm done with the editing and when I need to render the video if I add a lot of like color correction a lot of effects or stabilization on the videos when I render the video on my PC it takes like forever 45 minutes 1 hour for like five minute video or 10 minute video while here when I press the render video it goes smoothly like 10 minutes 15 mins maybe the rendering illness on this laptop is so damn good another point that I noticed in other premiere is that this GPU doesn't support VBR to encoding which the encoding goes twice through the video to ensure that the quality will be good with this GPU it's available only with er 1 or CBR which is betray I use constant bitrate and I'm more than satisfied with it but on my PC I I always used to use VBR to which I thought did you have to gives better quality but for YouTube anyway it's not really that important because YouTube compresses the videos and that's not really a big deal talking about GPU but using VBR to with the CPU encoding with the software coding then it works without any problem and still using VBR – with cpu encoding it's still faster than on my PC I can't really understand how a laptop can render videos faster than my PC again this laptop has an 8 gen CPU and that slot and my PC has a fortune cpu but still that CPU is more than capable of and we're talking still about GPU rendering and my PC has a better chicken and more RAM so in theory it should render faster than this one but yeah and then I think your bytes of RAM for this laptop for the present-day it's enough for the future yeah we were going into a direction where we need more more RAM especially for a top premiere for editing videos you need kind of a lot of RAM so why did I get this laptop well firstly like I said I'm not gonna get more it even if I'm gonna get it sometimes in it I'm not gonna add some heavy gaming on it but well there's a possibility to gamble it but I needed it for editing videos firstly and I don't need to stay on my PC to edit the videos because editing videos it takes like one to three hours depending on how you've edit the videos and staying hours on my PC kind sometimes it feels boring and also it's not Sun has to stay on the chair so with laptop now I can go into my bed and edit the videos or stay in the couch and edit the videos so it's a much nicer way to edit the videos or even browsing into the internet or sometimes I like to just chill and watch twitch trips or even YouTube I don't need to stay at PC watching those streams or YouTube videos or whatever I'm doing on internet and I can stay in my bed which is much nicer than staying on a chair I didn't talk about the quality cuz it's not really out of the world it's all plastic and this plastic I don't know what kind of plastic it is it is at least it has some texture on the plastic but it gets really dirty I noticed that it gets really dirty and it like leaves a lot of fingerprints but really fingerprints but like you see like some oil from the hands it sticks out of the plastic and I have olives to clean it up that's one thing that I noticed about this plastic but other than that it's not really like wow this the design of this laptop yeah it's the gaming design but from the quality standpoint it's cheap plastic yeah in the back has this nice red this because itself they are not that great and the sound and comes from the back the best will be the sound to come from the top there is more than enough space here top of the keyboard more than enough space to have some speaker grills here so the sound will come directly to your face in my opinion would be much better so to sum it up it's a great laptop for mixed up use it's not that great for gaming unless you do some light gaming but it's great for doing heavy work on it editing videos editing photos or whatever you might need to do it's great to do on this laptop so that's why I opted to buy a gaming laptop but not for gaming problems not the best laptop out there but definitely a good good choice anyway thanks guys for watching till the next one

Acer Predator Helios 300 a decent gaming laptop not only for gaming

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  1. Dude, when you want to play games on an helios 300, then you have to get a better version, more something like i7 8th Gen. 1060, 144hz und 16gb. It cost about 1300 euros

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