Acer XF270HUA Review – 1440p 144Hz Gaming Monitor with Freesync and an IPS Panel

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Acer XF270HUA Review: 1440p 144Hz Gaming Monitor with Freesync and an IPS Panel. The Acer XF270HUA is one of currently 3 other competing Monitors with the same specs (Asus MG279Q, FORIS FS2735, Nixeus EDG 27). Find out everything about the Acer XF270HUA in this review and whether it’s the better choice compared to other IPS or VA monitors like the Samsung CHG70 or the Aoc Agon AG322QCX).

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Acer XF270HUA Review – 1440p 144Hz Gaming Monitor with Freesync and an IPS Panel

47 thoughts on “Acer XF270HUA Review – 1440p 144Hz Gaming Monitor with Freesync and an IPS Panel”

  1. Very great review! I now have this monitor on my desk 🙂
    However if I turn on sRGB mode the image looks very warm and greenish
    If I switch to the "Graphics-Mode" the colors look more accurate but the brightness is over 65 and sRGB is off.
    What is the best setting for the best colors?

  2. The review is top, but as a fellow german, I find your accent really terrible to listen to. You gotta improve on your pronunciation a little. But ya, not considering that probably the best review of a monitor I have ever seen. Good enough for me to make a comment at least 😉

  3. Wirklich eines der besten Reviews, welches ich je gesehen hab. Top Leistung. Habe mir den Monitor vor 2 Wochen gekauft und bin sehr zufrieden. Einzig und alleine das Problem in den Ecken (IPS Glow) stört mich ein wenig. Weiter so! 10/10
    Lg Simon

  4. I just got this model after deciding my only other choice was an Asus PG279Q. I decided to go with this one because it was half the price of the PG. I have an i7 6700k and a GTX1070 8gb with 16gb of RAM so I can’t use Freesync but I’m also coming from a 4K TN panel at 60hz so I still think my experience will be good regardless. Plus DUDE come on, GSync is friiiiiiggin expensive lol. Also good video! Liked and subbed!

  5. normally I get so annoyed watching sponsored part of a video and skip it, but the sponsors in this guys videos just make it better lmao. I came for a review, left wanting to watch more sponsored content haha

  6. @lims Cave, great review thank you! Can you please explain me if I should use the DP or HDMI, I have an AMD GPU. Can you also please tell me if its fine to go with the standard settings of the monitor as it is when I get it delivered or if there are any settings I should definetly change on the first time of use? Thank you! And again, great video!

  7. Hey Lim,
    als ersten möchte ich mich für dieses informative Video bedanken.
    Ich habe aber ein Problem und zwar weiß ich nicht ob ich mir den Monitor oder einen mit gsync und tn Panel holen soll, ich habe eine Nvidia graka und spiele sehr viel und gucke auch gerne Serien usw.
    Ich habe halt eig keine lust da 150 mehr zu investieren um einen mit gsync und ips zu kaufen, weil ich das Geld dann gleich in eine bessere graka investieren könnte.
    Was würdest du mir empfehlen, ich würde mich sehr auf eine Antwort freuen.

  8. I just got this monitor and I can confirm the overdrive doesn't work on Displayport, thankfully overdrive works with Freesync when using HDMI 2.0 but you need a card that supports it and the range is 40-144hz and it is pretty close to my Benq XL2730Z but when using the displayport 1.2 option the ghosting is terrible. Hope the HDMI 20.0 freesync 's overdrive keeps working. I'll be contacting AMD they should easily be able to verify this as ACER is saying the overdrive works but obviously it doesn't. I use a RX Vega 64 liquid 18.6.1 and 18.7.1 drivers.
    Below is a image of Radeon settings HDMI freesync range, you also need to use the correct HDMI 2.0 port and HDMI (high speed) cable that came with the XF270HUA my older cable only was able to reach 60hz. If HDMI didn't work correctly I'd definitely return this monitor. I always used displayport but now I'm forced to use HDMI 2.0.

  9. Hello Lim, I have to buy a monitor because my acer gd245hq broke and I can't decide between the xf270hua and the samsung c27hg/c32hg, I don't play competitive games, I usually play games like the witcher 3, skyrim and other single player RPGs and sometimes some fps games. I hope I see noticeable improvement going from a 1080p tn to 1440p VA or IPS.

  10. Würdest du den Monitor auch für jemanden empfehlen, der neben Zocken auch ein wenig Bild- und Videobearbeitung macht.

    Habe seit Jahren ein Samsung T24B350, also theoretisch kann es ja in jedem Punkt nur besser werden.

  11. Don't know, if you'll be able to answer this in time.
    This monitor is on sale currently and I'm almost certain I'm gonna buy it.
    The only question I have, which will decide if I go for this monitor or the MG279Q with thicker bezels, is can the power indicator light be turned off? I'm disgusted by that blue diode…

  12. Hey, wenn man den XF270HUA nicht kalibriert sondern die Farben, den Kontrast und das Gamma so lässt wie sie sind (50/50/50 RGB, 50 Kontrast und 2.2 Gamma Einstellung), sollte man dann wenigstens den Black Boost etwas erhöhen um dem zu hohen Gamma von ~2.4 etwas entgegenzuwirken oder senkt das nur den Kontrast und verschlechtert den subjektiven Eindruck der Bildqualität?

  13. Thank you for this great review, I have this one myself and absolutely love it…No problems with it whatsoever and I can recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new monitor. Man that 144Hz really is amazing and I'll never go back.

    (Running on a Nvidia graphics card)

    Have a great day!

  14. Awesome review. You are by far my favourite reviewer on YT. I ordered this monitor for 400 EUR. Guess it's a fair deal considering the performance. The lack of Gsync is my only concern (got a 1080) but I don't want to spend another 300 EUR, as for me the XF270HUA is only a mid term solution until I can get 4k 144 hz with Gsync for a reasonable price (1000 EUR).

  15. Hey, erstmal vielen Dank für das tolle Review. Hatte mich tatsächlich dazu bewegt dazu den Monitor zu kaufen. Ich wollte deinem Tipp nachgehen das Gamma auf 2.0 runter zu regeln und möchte fragen unter welchen settings ich das am besten mache. Ich habe eine gtx 970.

  16. Gamma 2.2 gabs bei deinem Model wohl nicht bei den Einstellungen?
    Weil du schreibst nur was von 1.8,2.6 und 2.4.

    Also Gamma 2.2 ist jetzt mit verfügbar beim Acer.

  17. Niz 84 has a fantastic feelings and keycaps…
    But sadly, i got some rattling on few keys. It's like a metal bounce and can be distinctivly heard. Do you have same problems on your keyboard?

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