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== Ainol Mini PC Highlights ==
– Solid aluminum body
– Thin desin
– Intel Z3735F x86 SoC (4-Core)
– Internal 7,000mAh battery
– Two USB 2.0 ports plus one OTG port
– Perfectly usable in the living room thanks to the nice and slim design

== Ainol Mini PC Description ==
The Ainol Mini PC allegedly combined a power bank with a mini PC inside a very thin body and one device. Well, that’s what Ainol claims at least. Reality does look a little different since this device really isn’t much of a power bank. Yet it is still a very recommendable device. Watch the video to know about the “why”.

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hello guys welcome everyone to another gas china germany review today it's all about the I know many PC now you probably know I know they won't have been a pretty popular Chinese manufacturer of tablet PCs but the wind chill mist the inventions of time and well disappeared from the market for certain time actually for over a year and this year they came back onto the market but with a whole new device category and well it's a mini PC and it's in this one it's simply called the I know mini PC and it's actually a very attractive device because it's not only cheap it also looks pretty good so let's get right into the review what you see here is the packaging of the mini PC it's pretty well designed kind of a stealth look we have a nice picture of the mini PC from all angles on the front the I know double the Intel Inside logo and of course the mini PC imprint also around the box and on the rear we find some information regarding the manufacturer as well as certification science and the QR code which well brings it to the website of the manufacturer so together with the I know many PC you get one HDMI cable one power supply and one Quick Start Guide and that's about it let's have a look at the mini PC itself and this is how it looks it's pretty thin and pretty small it fits onto my hand as you can see and it's very nice bill that has a full aluminum body around the device and the only plastic things the front and rear covers which house all the ports of the mini PC and well on the side to see something that looks like cooling Wentz but actually that's just a pattern printed on there but actually cooling is something they a pretty good chop with so don't worry about it so let's have a look around device and we have two USB 2.0 ports on the front one actually is used by my remote receiver right now we have one status LED which you see powered on right now now you probably wonder and how this thing can run without a power supply attached well there is a 7000 milliamps battery inside and which is supposed to offer you power bank features but I tell you that right away there is no power bank feature more about that later we also have the on/off switch and on the rear we find one micro SD slot one OTG port for another USB device to attach also a one mini HDMI port one headphone check and the DC in that so I will now get this beauty hooked up to my television again and then we will have a look at it so I've hooked up with the mini PC to my television now and as you can see we have Windows 8.1 running on here so this is a Windows 8.1 TV box let me quickly open up with these system overview so we can have a look at the specs so as you can see this system is based on the internet um set 375f SOC which is a quad-core x86 SOC clocked at 1.30 3 gigahertz and it actually can go up to up to one point 86 gigahertz in turbo boost mode you also have 2gb of RAM inside of there and the internal memory is 32 gigabytes and well 25 gigabytes are actually usable for you as a user because I know didn't install any bloatware and stuff and while we have actually Windows 8.1 with Bing running on there which is the almost free version of Windows for manufacturers of such device and it also comes with a free office 365 personal subscription for one year so you can use all the office applications and also get 1tb of free onedrive cloud storage so that's a pretty good offer in my opinion to control the I know many PC I am using the melee f10 deluxe remote which is working very well and it's pretty cheap at 25 bucks I really recommend you to get it because it has an air mouse feature and it also supports control of other devices through IR and it also has an integrated keyboard but I will do a full review of this one later on so please stay tuned for that and so I'm actually using the inal mini PC on the television as a media center PC mostly and to do so you need to adjust a few settings and windows to have a perfect user experience on the TV so the main thing you need to do first is to make your UI large or change the DPI settings because everything is simply too small if you run Windows with this dock settings on a television so let me quickly show you how to adjust those settings and my UI is in German right now but it's the very same with the English version of Windows as well so don't worry about that what do you have to do first is to go to the display settings and here you will see what enlargement of text and other elements click on that and here you can change the DPI value I've said that to the largest settings then save the settings and reboot your mini PC and everything will be very large and very easy to control on a television now another thing you should do is to make the curser bigger as you can see I've said that to a very big setting so well it's just making everything easier to control and you can do that in your mouse settings and well where you choose the pointer options and there you can choose an enlarged scheme for the cursor so that's working very well actually and for media playback I went for kody but I will show you that later on how that looks on this mini PC so what about performance well I think it's very decent it's enough for for web browsing and everything and let me just open up one web site and as you can see it's loading very fast scrolling is working very movies well at least once it fully loaded so here you go there's a bit of legging but it's provoking pretty well in my opinion so also multiple websites at a time isn't much of an issue typing with the mail a remote isn't much of an issue um works very well at me had YouTube for you to demonstrate that maybe even play some YouTube video as you can see players loading and the videos playing some at playing right now and I also can switch to full screen everything so that's working like on a normal PC and it's working pretty well there are others the ability to do multitasking to a certain degree and of course the 2gb of RAM are a bit limited but for stuff you do on a television it's still perfectly enough so also if you use that as an office PC and you will be able to do office tasks writing stuff using Excel and that stuff it works like a charm the performance is pretty much okay what I disliked a little a little bit about the I know many PC is the Wi-Fi there is no external antenna like for example with the people x7s that means that with all the metal around the Wi-Fi reception quality is a bit limited I won't say it's bad because it certainly isn't but you definitely have some issues to connect to Reuters that are far away from the mini PC for example this fritz box 6 phone I know cable which is in the upper floor above this room I can connect to it but Internet is very slow for it so I have to connect to my link Sushruta which is right next to this mini PC and well the signal strength display isn't very accurate either because it almost this place almost full signal strength but it well in reality it's like 1 to 2 bar so that could be done better in case you don't have a second root available I recommend you to get a USB to Ethernet adapter for this thing and that you can hope on it and then connect to a ruta through Ethernet in case you have issues with Wi-Fi now another concern for some might be the temperature if you remember back to the people X 7s this one had some overheating issues even though it was a lot larger than the I know many PC actually and well that was due to no proper heatsink being applied on to the SLC actually I wouldn't have believed that because of the I know many PC is so thin and also a battery inside and everything but the cooling is working very well there the SLC temperature never goes above 65 degrees which is perfectly okay and actually enables the mini PC to reach turbo boost mode at any given time even under full load so it does never overheat and you never have slowdowns or anything that's pretty neat as you can see the SOC temperature is around 47 to 48 degrees right now and the maximum core temperature is about 55 degrees and this mini PC actually is running all the time I haven't shut it down since about 12 days now which is a lot since I want to have it always on I always wanted to be ready if I need it and now for some there might be a reason to shut it down in terms of power consumption but actually power consumption of this device is very little we have about 1 to 2 watts of power consumption in idle mode we have about 5 watts if we watch an HD video and we have about 8 to 9 watts of power consumption and the full processor load so that's actually not much and there is no problem with this device running all the time so what about the battery as you can see we have some statistics about it so we have a proper cell management inside of there and the cyclist count went nuts that's not true actually I have like 10 cycles in charging cycles of the battery right now anyway the better is pretty good inside of there and apparently really has 7000 milliamps and it allows the I know many PC to run independently from a power circuit for about six to ten hours depending on which applications you run now that comes pretty handy if you use that as a media center PC for example and some of your family wants to use the television and you're watching a movie on the I know mini PC right now you simply hit the pause button attached to the mini PC from the television took it to another monitor in your house attached it to this one and continue watching your movie without rebooting the device that's pretty handy also if you do office work or something you can take that to your workspace and if you're done working and you can take it home with all this stuff opened or you can take it to your television to enjoy some media so it's a very portable device that doesn't to be rebooted just because you want to carry it around so that's very neat but something like this liked about it is that I know actually advertises it to be a power bank and that's not true because if this thing is shut down which you want it to be if you use it as a power bank because it would consume battery on its own if it is powered up and there is no voltage on the USB port which means and you actually can't use it as a power bank if it is shut down and even if it's booted up it is only a very limited power bank because it only puts out about one point five amperes on the USB ports which really isn't enough to charge a phone you can charge like a SmartWatch on it but well it really isn't much of a power bank it really is just a mini PC and can run independently from a power socket so I know actually should should stop advertising this to be a power bank because it isn't but all in all it's still a great device because I'm slim silent it doesn't overheat so it still makes up for a great office mini PC or a media center box so I told you that I am using XBMC or Kodi how it is called now for media center purposes on here and this is working very well smooth like a charm let me quickly fire it up so this is how it looks the perfect free media center UI supporting all important media stuff you can even play 4k videos and everything and with the Miele f10 deluxe remote you can scroll through the menu without using any mouths so I just use the arrow buttons here I can confirm using your pair can go back with a back button it's working all very well I can also control media playback with a play/pause button and all that stuff here I can control volume and everything so that's working very conveniently in my opinion so actually I won't show you any more details now I want to talk much about much more about it now you will see some playback demos and later on in the performance demo so let me quickly give you my final verdict about the I know many PC well it actually isn't quite what it's advertised to be it's a mini PC but your media center TV box but no power bank like it's advertised to be yet still it's a device that I recommend to people who are looking for a portable mini PC or a TV box and for a living room simply because it's cheap it's priced at around 98 bucks right now which isn't that much considering what you get here and well it's working very well besides of the missing power band feature especially the affect the cell slim yet doesn't overheat is a big pro for this little mini PC / TV box so in case you are looking for such a device I will recommend you to have a closer look at it because it's working very well of course you need a remote for it to work properly on a television because you don't want to hook up a mouse and keyboard on to a mini PC in detail in the living room but actually the meal af10 deluxe is priced at just 25 bucks so well that doesn't add up much to the final toast so my final value is definitely something worth a purchase and definitely worth its money but you shouldn't get misled and buy the power bank advertising so that's about the review I hope you enjoyed it as I said will receive a little performance demo and play now in case there are any questions left drop them below the comments and I will answer them and if you like in general what we are doing at this China Germany make sure to follow us on other social media sites like Facebook Google+ and Twitter so thanks for watching again about over and out from far away he came to they changed is it's wrong mission we crave for knowledge for

Ainol Mini PC Review English – Thin Mini PC With Battery (

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