Alienware Area 51m as a DAW workstation

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Quick impromptu review of the Area 51m after disabling intel stepping in the bios and adjusted performance tweaks in windows 10. Around 100 tracks in Studio One pro 4 with 2 instances of Izotope ozone 8 advanced for in mix mastering. Also running Steve Slate Drums 4 , Guitar Rig 5 , Line 6 Helix Native , 8 instances of Izotope Nectar 2 . Absynth , massive, serum………….!! Among many other vst’s. You be the judge……. It does take tweaking to get good DAW performance though
there's the area 51 em on my desk in the studio I use it like a desktop it's pretty something that most the time running a a doll here's a pretty intense session which used to max out my CPU or get really close with the 17 r5 I had with the i7 processor option and as you can see this is about a hunter tracks in this session I got a lot of isotope and few waves and a lot of sidechaining like this bass guitar is really really processed I don't know if you can see it here I got some yeah parallel processing going on here and there sidechaining going into all these compressors for me no it's Nerdrum kicked around all that stuff it's running Hilux native neutron I was owned thank you mid side Shang stuff pretty intense session over Hunt tracks a lot of lot of things just rendered little sense things and effect things background things I kind of add to the ambience guess here running seer effects and there's a whole bunch of stuff it's not quite done yet but yeah there is tracks relays and there's buses for days and also have for ozone 8 running this is a cult the music bus I like I do type of mixing where if you listen to a lot of like hip-hop tracks done by a lot of people really don't know much what they're doing but they are able to compress an EQ there might good enough on top of a least hip-hop beat always seem that they're so crisp because on top of the already compressed B so I like to separate things a little bit off that theory I'll run ozone twice I got I was on a advance running twice in this session so I keep my guitars from being compressed by the drums and and you know the loud transients of the drums so I'll do the drums and bass and the rest of the sessions music and this what I call the music bus and then I'll separate vocals and guitars that mid heavy stuff I don't want being overly shaped by the maximization of ozone now I'll run it again and I have certain game staging things going on little bit of trickery kind it's kind of death to get into but anyhow I keep this video somewhat short I got over a hundred tricks I got a lot of things processing vsts and instruments and Steven slate drum trigger or I think it's yes yeah Steven slate drums floors triggering off my MIDI kit on this and so had like a humanistic groove I didn't quantize everything perfect on purpose but I'll go ahead and play through some of it and say the performance at the end of the first verse we're really good once your tweet windows disabled the stepping of process burger violence initially there was some hiccup but once I paint you betting no really stable all that process again not even happy number up to about 53 the hide [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you get the point now the render times are kind of funny because the processor is definitely way better than the i7 I had in the 17 hour 5 it was a unclocked overclockable process or 6 core only 1/4 boost i'll just render down to wave real quick for some reason even though it's way better process or more cores more threads higher clock speeds I got the clock speed stable with disabling the Intel step I don't remember exactly what it's called what's into BIOS only about 1.5 times faster than real time on average and with the other laptop which which had issues with under runs with ozone enabled how I use it as I double up on ozone with my method it would go 2.5 times faster on render which is kind of odd to me it don't bother me you know it the idea is my work flows on and uninterrupted and I can really just focus on the shaping of sound and not worry about underruns might have every plug-in on that I absolutely want to have on yeah the render time is quite a bit slower I haven't been able to figure out why that is it doesn't bother me but it's a thing anyhow see you haters out there you know your Mac fanboys if you've been on Windows a while you know some tricks on how to set it up to make it perform well dollar for dollar max cannot hang period so your little met put MacBook Pro fanboys and get out of here with that so far I love the laptop take setting up to do but with any Windows PC with music production it takes setting up to do is take some knowledge it's not just as easy as setting up a Mac Mac's are very convenient I'll give them that very user-friendly but bang for the buck I just can't hang

Alienware Area 51m as a DAW workstation

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  1. Hey thanks so much for posting this!! I was wondering does your touch pad make a funny clicking noise on the left side? when you tap on the touch pad itself?
    I've have noticed 3 units now with this problem and I cant figure out if its affecting all Area 51m laptops.

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