Alienware Area 51m Unboxing: The Desktop Components in Laptop Form.

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The long awaited Area51m is here with me. Finally got a chance to unbox it after admiring it a few days but unfortunately due work I didn’t have time to touch it. So, here goes the unboxing. Please “sub” to give me some motivation for more videos like this. Thank you.
hey guys how's it going please don't forget to subscribe to motivate me to make more videos like this yet again another Alienware laptop unboxing those of you who are new to my channel and i assuming a lot of you guys are new to my channel check out my channel for my review of the 2019 Alienware and 17 so today i will be unboxing the Alienware area 51 m i will test this machine out for few days and give you guys a full review and perhaps a smackdown between this area 51 m and the m 17 depends on how much love you guys gonna give me so hit that subscribe button and the Bell and stay tuned alright you know for my gibberish and let's take a look at the unboxing you okay this is such a struggle and after struggling for quite some times I give up because this monster is too big so I'm just gonna snap a picture of you guys after I managed to balance it on the scale by pushing the screen back take a look at the picture okay apparently this laptop comes with our charge and we're guys thank you for watching and don't forget to hit that subscribe button and the bell and stay tuned for my full review

Alienware Area 51m Unboxing: The Desktop Components in Laptop Form.

6 thoughts on “Alienware Area 51m Unboxing: The Desktop Components in Laptop Form.”

  1. Beside the i9 9900k. Everything else is laptop components. Even that i9 9900 performs nothing like a well cool i9 in a desktop.
    Since the 9th gen is the last 14nm tech. There is no future upgradable cpu. Alienware also said they are not sure if future gpu will be available. Anyone buying this hoping for upgradibility, just build a desktop like me.
    I have an alienware 17 R3. I just build a desktop with 2080ti. Never going back to gaming laptop. Too expensive and lack of power compared to a desktop.

  2. Awesome. I was about to order this, but when I was checking out, Dell said they don't accept PayPal accounts not registered in the US. I ended up settling for Alienware 15 with GTX 1080 for $2000 off eBay. I hope it works fine for me when I get it.

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