AMD Radeon VII Unboxed, ‘Yeah… We’ve Got One!’

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AMD Radeon VII Unboxed, ‘Yeah We’ve Got One!’

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welcome back to how we're unboxed you know what time it is we finally have the Radeon 7 here we saw at CES and now well it's just time to unbox it really no benchmarks or anything like that so just an unboxing but I will take the cooler off the card we'll get a good look at the PCB good look at the the cooler all around and maybe there'll be something interesting there but if you don't like unboxings then I would look away now because that's all this video is which is what the title should have indicated anyway but we find it fun it's good to show you guys that we do have a sample even though I accidentally let the count of the bag in yesterday's video and that was definitely by accident and I said it up here thinking it was out of frame I was in a hurry okay anyway we have one so that means we do have a detailed benchmark video on the way reviews will go out on the seventh so that's it's actually like Friday morning I think here at about 1 a.m. late Thursday night in some parts different times in other parts anyway we have the box here this is not retail packaging this is the special reviewers Edition the shill Edition via this is just made for reviewers I know a lot of people don't like the fact that we don't unbox retail packaging kind of get it but whatever it's just a bit of fun really so let's let's let's take a look inside now I don't know I actually have open to this so I've pretty much nearly completed testing the cards I've done thermals power consumption I've tested quite a few games now I have a few more ago and there's a few things I want to look into a few little things anyway I have I have opened this box so this might be a surprise to me but it will be for you so we'll take this off tada there we go you are just shocked and all whose is the reaction because there's no way you've seen this exact card before being held by Lisa and say yes and you won't have seen the photos or anything isn't it this will be the first time you've seen this anyway we have some other stuff here which I haven't actually looked yet so I have seen it in the farm but I haven't taken it out it's a massive absolutely massive acrylic block and if you guys remember they did a similar thing for the Vega launch we've got a pair of three Triple A batteries okay so we'll stick this back that's a pretty cool box pretty cool not the retail packaging but still pretty cool I've messed up my mouse pad here okay this is very heavy massive slab of acrylic and the cool thing about this is we have one of their seven nanometer GPUs here with the HBM to memory around it that's just 16 gigs there this will be a defective die I imagine don't know if it's all defective but yeah it'll be so you can see that don't know how why you can see I'll try and get some b-roll of it till the balls on the back of it the BGA grid and then we have the card and I think it's designed yep looks like I've done that right got it right the first time it's designed to sit how's the card so you're not actually going to put this in your computer and use it it's just going to sit there so that's it job done we'll stick these in and it looks like there's some sort of lighting underneath and bear with me for a moment I'll try and get these suckers out talk amongst yourselves while I do this you can jump in the comments and tell everybody how much you love unboxing videos and then harbour unbox does the best unboxing videos we deliver on the name so there you go we've got RGB it's transitioning to like a pinky purple now going to red so probably doesn't look that great for the studio lights on let's see it unboxing over I hope that was as exciting as you thought it was gonna be when you saw the thumbnail and title so we've got we've got our thread Ripper acrylic thing there with a dummy CPU in it that was very very cool I love that rockin it Fresno PD we also got this with Vega so and we also got this so there is Vega 64 or 56 it doesn't really matter same deal so there's that so they were separate last time and now they've integrated into one big heavy slab so that's pretty cool let's move it off to the side here but of course you won't got to get your hands on one of these because it's reviewers only so no never I guess anyway we will we will move this to the side does look very cool I have to admit it's a bit of a shame that you can't get that of some sort of collector's edition thing note that you going to buy it and then just sit the graphics card in it and that's really its its main purpose is to hold the graphics card so let me sink out on too much there does look cool but not it's not very practical alright I think what we'll do here is well suppose I should talk a little bit about the card before we pull it apart but we've got a nice actually I'm not gonna talk about it you've seen it you've seen it I'm just gonna pull it apart and I'll talk about as I'm doing it so let's get to it because I know you guys are probably more interested in seeing the PCB and all that sort of stuff so I'll grab the required screwdrivers okay I think I found the screwdrivers that I need I didn't really want to go hunting too far and wide for them because I've really got to get on with other things as important as these unboxing videos are but this is an unboxing slash teardown so we've got like some Torx screws here so there's one two three four five of these in the back of the cart so we'll quickly whip them out the back plate I wish I had a second camera let's about to say the back plate he's a kind of fancy looking but then I cut my off off yeah I wish I had a second camera something that I came out from the roof there but yeah I I gave my second camera to Tim so we spent last year fitting out his studio and his gear I haven't really had any budget left over time upgrade my stuff but hopefully this year I can get a second camera so because I don't have a cameraman and basically if we if we've got a cameraman and we'd probably be paying them more than what Tim and I make combined anyway back plate is off very easy just those five screws and that's it so it's full aluminium back plate covers the whole back side of the card it's got some nice slots for ventilation to vent any hot air that may get trapped under it also looks pretty stylish but that is the back plates and we've removed that and there is the back side of the card so we've got some surface mount capacitors and things pretty typical looking backside of a graphics card and we have what looks to be about 14 screws we'll get the mount we'll count them once they're out so far it's looking like they're all the same length so that makes this quite easy or you can just sort them into one pile and I don't have to worry about where they came from so hopefully that continues we've got four out about ten to go and these guys are just little Phillips head screws so pretty easy to undo imagine you've got a small Phillips head screwdriver I've just wrapped one randomly and it looks like it's working and the last one back here which I missed we'll just get that one done and I just did a double check of the screws and they were actually 15 so we're up to 20 screws removed we haven't we've got to take off this back plate for the GPU so we'll whip that off the little pressure clip has one of those void warranty if removed stickers which I don't believe a valid anymore but aim do you've still decided to put one on there and you had a trying to tell you from pulling this thing apart so we've got two screws on the i/o panel have to be kind of careful about how I hold this now because it could could fall apart at any moment I'll get those too and then we should be good to try and carefully pry the cooler off but so far it's been quite easy famous last words okay so 26 screws removed now and it looks like we are right to try and pry this cooler off hopefully without damaging anything alright we've just about got it slowly but surely and it looks like we have a single fan here we have two cables okay so there's the card there's the cooler we've left some thermal pads on the card around the looks like they're on the power stages yep quite a few of those so we'll put those back on the cooler in a moment and the thermal compound used on the GPU is quite interesting it's not something I've come across before seems like it might be like one of those sort of graphene sheet type deals I'm not really sure that is sure they'll probably be another reviewer that has experience with this kind of stuff but it's not it's not a paste so yeah I've already tested how well this works out of the box thermally so I'm pretty keen to replace that with some thermal paste and see how it compares but anyway there's the kabbala just clean it up a bit and we'll get some nice b-roll of it okay so an alcohol wipe clean that up really quick and nice or shiny ready for some thermal paste so if you want to put a water block on this particular model quick and easy to do not a whole lot of screws just sort of I would say your typical amount of screws there was no screws that are unusual basically a standard screwdriver set we'll get all those undone without a problem yeah all very easy I didn't there's no hurdles that I do overcome or anything like that if you've done this before this will be straightforward and very easy in total I count 12 power stages so you've got 12 well actually count 14 but sorry there are a dozen so rounding the package and then there's another two back here so not quite sure how exactly it's configured how many are for the HBM to memory and then how many for the Radeon 7g PU but that is the configuration of the card more details to come in their review there's a couple of IR controllers on there I can't tell exactly what model they are looks like the IR three five two one seven at least there's one of those on the front and it looks like there's one also on the back bed the one on the back of the print on it's kind of smudged on if you get a magnifying glass for that anyway that is the card and yeah very easy to take apart no odd proprietary screws that you can't undo so that's good the cooler itself well the shroud the nice silver shiny bit here that is plastic so whereas the back plate is aluminium that is plastic so a little scratch on it whoops um but yeah I mean that's fine that it's plastic that doesn't really need to be able mininum and it makes it much easier for adding little details such as that the radio and logo obviously lights up so that's red and the little blockage squarish logo thing in the corner also lights up red at least it does from memory I like how the the fans are all nice and clean they look really good obviously it's a triple fan cooler and the aluminium heatsink it runs the entire length of the card and you probably get a better angle of that there so pretty big aluminium heat sink and a really massive copper base plate there vapor chamber and it looks like we've got about half a dozen copper heat pipes at least five anyway so they're quite large flat copper heat pipes and they'll obviously remove the heat from the vapor chamber and then spread it across the card for the fans to more effectively cool it as I cut out here for the two eight pin power inputs and then we've just got a single row so two cables so this one will be for the fair the three fans and this will be for the the red lighting the LED lighting they probably just clear LEDs watch LEDs and then they'll yeah it'll look red because of the red acrylic cutouts yeah pretty good looking cooler that it's reasonably heavy I'll probably provide some detailed information about weight and all that sort of stuff in the review obviously how it performs all that stuff will come in the review but yeah pretty neat looking card very keen to see how AMD's first consumer 7 nanometre graphics card performs hopefully it's good who knows we'll find out in a few days time anyway I think that'll do it for this quick unboxing of the new Radeon 7gp you so well it wasn't just an unboxing the unboxing was probably the shortest part of the video but we did take it out of the official review kit if you will and then we took it apart had a bit of a look at it but there'll be a lot more detail to come and information in the review as usual I just sort of wind of this unboxing thing and this is what we ended up with sorry hope you enjoyed this look at the new AMD radeon 7gp and be sure to check out our review in a couple of days time on the 7th so thank you for watching I'm your host Steve see you next time

AMD Radeon VII Unboxed, ‘Yeah… We’ve Got One!’

34 thoughts on “AMD Radeon VII Unboxed, ‘Yeah… We’ve Got One!’”

  1. Just waiting for workload benchmarks, as I'm pretty sure gaming performance would be at best on par with the 2080.
    I'm betting on slightly better than Titan V results. 16GB of HBM2 are there for a reason.

  2. They should have integrated a pci-e port into the acrylic with a thunderbolt 3 output and a low profile 90 degree display/hdmi cable. Would be pretty cool to have a functional display block like that.

  3. Soo,…. based on what I've seen…. 16gb of HBM2, costs around $320. Now, with that being said…. You buy this card for $700, get an acrylic stand, with another GPU chip in it which costs another $320 for the HBM… so this card comes with $640 worth of RAM? I'm just asking, cause if that's the case I'm gonna email AMD see if they'll sell me a card for $450 and keep the stand…

  4. So happy to see one of the most Honest Review Teams on YouTube got a card straight away.
    AMD knows you won't pull punches and sent you this card that many are disappointed in anyway.
    Please when you do bench it remember it's just a bigger brother of the Vega 56/64 and see if your knowledge with those cards applies.
    I know you like stock tests as the may represent the common user more but let's be honest anyone who buys Vega should be willing to at least UV to get the most out of it. I'm not so sure OC will do much of anything on Vega and I'm fairly certain that OC'ing Memory will do absolutely nothing.

    Thanks in advance Steve and Team, can't wait for the review…


  6. please could you do me a favour?! Please getting pissed off got Overwatch and now bought Destiny 2 on pc have a Ryzen 5 2600 CPU and 16gb 2667 MHZ Corsair vengence pro rgb, on a msi gaming pro carbon board with game on M.2 500gb from crucial. Now the GPU is a Gigabyte 2060 oc card and they run like shit WTF spent £55 on Destiny 2 as wanted this type of game and runs ok for a bit then goes slow even in menus!! Now you said this game was well optimised for PC. Well you were either lucky or is fucked and so are their games. Please help as I have the game on PS4 Pro which works but my kids are on this constantly. Also I didn't want Anthem as this looks fucked also. Could you please investigate as this is really pissingh me off after spending hard earned cash on a seemingly broken game which plays better on a console even if i use shit setting??? WTF!!! These are the only games I can't play at 1440p at any kind of FPS this is so annoying surely i should be able to play this maxed out??!!?! If not please revise guide!

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