AMD Radeon VII Unboxing and Overview

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We unbox the Radeon VII graphics card: the world’s first 7nm GPU based on the new and improved 2nd-gen Vega architecture.

Check out what my thoughts are about the Radeon VII:
smacking boxy gaming compact again with another unboxing video and this time around the time has come the battle will be waged once again in the GPU front as everybody knows this is the Radian 7 graphics card and I can't wait to unbox this thing this just came in the door I know what I know it was arriving because I was told it was coming today so it's time to unleash the beast and see what's inside so where's my scissors so we can get things started so this was announced back in CES it was mentioned that the date of release would be February 7 that is a few days from now but AMD has allowed us to allow the media to show an unboxing of the graphics card at least today February 4th or mayberry on wherever wherever region you may be so anyways like I said this came through the agency first so it's already open I have not seen what's inside they shipped this already hope so technically this is just an opening of the box so here we have it inside is the Radian 7 graphics card from AMD based on the 2nd gen vega 7 nanometre architecture here it is so we have to work our way through some packaging and boy it's a big box right there so pretty sure I'm pretty sure this is just the media kit which they send out to reviewers beforehand so it's a it's a top lap so we might reveal the end still early so let's get it out first how we do right there so this aside thank you boy right there there's your rally and seven packaging this you can see right there so this is the media kit the box may not be like this when it arrives on retail so that's a bus right there the Abdi sits a Radeon symbol or the Vega symbol it's a bigger symbol okay so that's to Vega to second gen Vega rally and seven right there is this Oh smart that's smart you see that the salmon actually it looks like the Vega – it might actually be the symbol for the Vega – so you can see right there very smart very smart so there's really nothing in the packaging so what's important it's inside hello there mama so here is what's inside so we do have a compartment first we have the GPU right here that is the irradiance seven graphics card we have apparently it's a glass yeah it is class it's not acrylic it is heavy glass I'll show you that in a bit and then are these batteries batteries right there may be something here maybe something here so I'll take that out leg out the glass right there and boy it is heavy it is heavy it is heavy right here check that out check now right in seventh and there's a little surprise right here here I think this is the actual dye of the audience seven graphics card and oh boy that is really you through the main event you're ready in seven graphic start right here and someone beat me to it someone already opened this you know the papers out already I don't mind serve it I don't think there's anything left right here so we'll just put this aside thank you and you can join your box right there so this is the Iranian seven graphics card and I have to say I have to say without a doubt this thing it's like three times the weight of this thing oh okay so there's a battery compartment hello and that's where the battery goes we'll find out later what it does what it does so what's all about the graphics card first so from what we know what they showed in the CES this graphics card is the world's first seven nanometer graphics card it is based on the Vega second gen architecture and it's pretty much two times everything of the original Vega 64 I think it's two times the memory and two times two point one times the bandwidth of the Vega 64 that's pretty much two times everything so shout out shout out out there to the source mr. two times everything so so let's talk about specs once again this is based on 7 nanometre vega 2 2nd gen vega it has a base clock of 1400 megahertz as a base clock it can boost up to 1800 megahertz it's got 16 gigabyte of HBM to memory that's wired to a 4096 bit interface and it can deliver believe me one terabyte for a second Oh transfer that's banded right there but still am these the only one using I came these still the only one using HBM too so yeah we got a yeah it's all it's in the gotta be in the test so the test will say everything right there so that's pretty much it for the specs I think about aesthetics this is the reference graphics card this may not or may not be the same that you received from the are tied in board partners if they will be selling the same so this is what AMD has were you guys if you're buying the the reference card so we have a metal shroud right here I think it's metal and we have the Iranian logo right here we have any back plate that matches the aluminum body I think it's aluminum anyway so we have nice slits right there it's like for design doesn't really help it anything there's no air flow at the backside and we have so you can see right there there's like a copper plate it will need that they will need that there's this little Radeon logo right here and for power back up to x AP and PCIe over here and for output we have one HDMI and three times DisplayPort so it's time to showcase this baby in its pedestal right here so this is the media sample for the AMD Radeon 7 I'm really psyched and excited to find out what this thing does so you guys better get ready to kill the lights just in case this thing lights up or it powers on the graphics are I don't know I don't know so hold on hold on hold on I got a leash I got a box of batteries first so we got one battery down so our full review of this is coming out when the embargo lifts that is when the card is available for retail which is on February 7 the card the reference card will will retail for 699 right which was announced also in CES because we mentioned there's a battery compartment below the pedestal so like I said this will not come with your retail graphics card this is probably the sample and you see that kill the lights kill the lights kill the lights kill the lights so it's RGB holy bleeping graphics card it's RGB so this much this is pretty much their present presentation piece for this graphics card so we'll just switch to a b-roll to show you guys better how it looks like how does have no life on the front do it that's what really shine through I mean it lights up better on these act right there anyway it's fun anyway it's fun I know you guys can't see me right now so there's probably a b-roll low rolling but yeah have fun with it and let's get the lights back up going back to the graphics card itself I really like this bass but it's heavy I probably hold my pants they'll probably slide down I really want is a pen holder that's sad anyways going back to the graphics card as we mentioned is based on 790 meter technology go to technology and this is your this is your competitor Nvidia so we'll find out in a few days what the performance is like so stay tuned and back to back to gaming for the full review that is coming out in a few days so once again there you have it is the AMD Radeon 7 graphics card is our embossing abdi Radian 7 so if you want to see more videos like this one forget to like the video comment the video subscribe peace you

AMD Radeon VII Unboxing and Overview

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