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Complete Unboxing of AMD RYZEN 1800X and the first ever Ryzen PC Build!!
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36 thoughts on “AMD RYZEN 1800X UNBOXING + PC BUILD!”

  1. Love it! Nice to see intel sweating for a change, granted the intel chips are still better geared for gaming but Ryzen blew it all out of the water with Multiuse desktop cpu's. Intel may be a tad faster in games but at the scores seen it's more than enough reason for people to consider Ryzen for it's mutitasking abilities that makes Hyper threading seem like serial ports compared to USB ports.

    Still have my Skylake though really no sense switching when numbers are still that close.

    However you WILL want to drop that nVidia card in favor of optimized 56 and 64 cards. nVidia still gimps non intel chipsets enough that performance is noticeable and measurable. With the new 56 on level with the 1070 AMD users will now have for the 1st time Optimized serious graphics performance that the 400 and 500 series and earlier couldn't provide, though the old cards are good, the new architecture cards are vastly optimized in comparison.

    Joker maybe a video on the same rig with the new AMD card vs. nVidia as some people may not believe the difference.

  2. Too bad the 3.0 GHz is such an eye sore for the idiot Intel crowd or Ryzen would have been even better at launch. Try explaining the minor performance to major heat rates when OC to 5Ghz rather than staying at 4Ghz which is just fine. Sadly MillenialGen PC gamers these days look only at numbers <The wrong ones too BTW> instead of actual performance. Ryzen literally just Kicked Intel in the teeth before jamming them in the rear <Scream beactches>.

    The whole Intel Vs. Amd battle is like 2 idiot yuppy trashcans arguing over a Mustang or Camaro, both of which are just low income Road racers not a worth a shit.

    Intel always offers more bells & Whistles and their Motherboards are always better with better options, that being said AMD will always be the better buy performance per dollar as all those other Bells & Whistles Intel offers doesn't justify 3x's the cost, nor do they add any actual performance gains just more toys.

    Ghz may look better but .5 to 1 difference isn't that a big a deal nor does that extra 5-10 Fps justify the cost when fully cranked.

    That said I'll always take an Intel setup if I can get it cheap or free which in my line of work is easy as most customers are gamers who routinely upgrade their systems each year to make the "I have all the new crap" claim lol. But if I'm paying outta pocket brand new I'll go AMD as my games will run full everything at 1/4 the cost.

  3. Dude your my hero,The King of Geeks anxiously waiting for the arrival of an AMD package I got a kick out of that!I hear the 1800x Overclocked beats a 6950x Son!!

  4. You didn't throw up the horns ONCE… through the entire video… shame on you.
    I think I may have to grab a Ryzen CPU for a new Linux build… the price is certainly good for it.

  5. Help me!
    I am building pc. Budget pc… I need help…

    Can this motherboard from Asrock support this cpu?

    GPU – RX470D
    CPU – pentium g4560
    Motherboard – H110M-HDV
    RAM – 8gb ddr4
    hdd – 1tb
    PSU – 500W

    suggestion? please if you have idea how to make it even cheaper without hiting performance let me know.

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