AMD Ryzen 5 2400G APU – World of Warcraft Legion – 1080p Gameplay and Overclocking

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Gameplay and in game Overclocking with the AMD Ryzen 5 2400G APU

Tested @:
GPU / CPU @ stock
GPU @ 1500 MHz

Motherboard: Gigabyte AB350N
Memory: GSkill Flare X 3200 C14
Stock Cooler
Samsung EVO 960 500GB
PSU: Seasonic Gold 850W

In the lower left corner you can see the hardware, ambient temperature (in °C) and the actual power consumption.


AMD Ryzen 5 2400G APU – World of Warcraft Legion – 1080p Gameplay and Overclocking

20 thoughts on “AMD Ryzen 5 2400G APU – World of Warcraft Legion – 1080p Gameplay and Overclocking”

  1. There is a problem with the dynamic frequency of the GPU, I noticed on the 2400G that sometimes the GPU change the state in game to a 2D frequency (200/400MHz), manually set the GPU frequency in Ryzen Master solve the issue.

  2. really impressive what the amd APU can handle … If you only play wow, league of legends, overwatch, csgo etc (like .. not high end graphic games, but you can play them with good settings) you dont even need a graphics card anymore … with intel you still get shit APUs though ..

  3. Nur 42 Watt im Windows IDLE-Betrieb, an der Steckdose gemessen, trotz 650W Netzteils. 70…120 Watt im Gaming-Modus, je nach Game. Wenn APU des Ryzen 5 2400G auf 1500MHz übertacktet wird, dann sind es 145W. Ein 150W Netzteil würde also ausreichen 😉 Ich bin echt zufrieden mit der Gaming-Leistung der Ryzen 5 2400G APU. Meine GTX 1060 6GB liegt jetzt nur noch ausgebaut neben dem PC, als Deko. 😉 Klar ist die besser, aber die brauch auch ein Haufen mehr Strom…

  4. You have higher fps that Ryzen 1700 4Ghz whit Corsair H110i and AMD flare 3200mhz ram + Gtx970SLI… it dosent mater if i play 4k or 720p at ultra the GPU memory speed bottleneck it to 30-60fps at 10

  5. Well this helps a ton. Found a $600 PC with this Ryzen chip in it for my son and was worried it would be as slow as the old laptop we have. I'm guessing this processor isn't going to be playing newer games on higher settings or anything, right?

  6. Hello,
    I just build my first own PC and I am so excited! My parts are:
    MB: MSI B350 Tomahawk
    CPU(APU) : AMD Ryzen 5 2400g
    RAM: DDR4 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance 3000MHz
    OS : Win10 Pro
    I watched several videos on setting up the BIOS to put my VRAM up to 2GB, I OC the CPU from 3.6 to 3.8GHz, I updated every driver available for my system, but still when I go and launch WoW I am sitting to 2-6 FPS. Please I need some advices as what to do at this stage. Much appreciate it!

  7. I am looking forward to build a pc with this APU , ab350 motherboard, 2×4 gb ram at 3200 mghz and a 500 watt psu. The main game I am going to play is Wow. What do you think? And is there any issue with the bios and all that. Am I going to be able to pay at BfA? Should I overclock it? Please share me your knowledge:) Plus an ssd 250gb and an hdd 1tb

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