AMD Ryzen 7 2700X / X470 Review Out – Better Than Expected?

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We’re mere days before the official launch of AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 2000 series CPUs on the 19th of April and the performance benchamrks are pouring in. The latest of which comes courtesy of a review from Spain, which includes both professional and gaming benchmarks to quench the thirst of excited enthusiasts looking to snag a Ryzen 7 2700X for $329 in a few days’ time.


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so we're mere days before the official launch of AMD's upcoming rise in 2000 series CPUs on the 19th of April and the performance benchmarks are already pouring in the latest of which comes courtesy of a review from Spain which includes both professional and gaming benchmarks to quench the thirst of those excited enthusiasts looking to snag horizon 720 700 X 4 329 in just a few days time so without any further ado let's dig into the juicy bits let's start with one of the more surprising upsets gaming performance first generation Rison was quite known for its exceptional performance and multi-threaded workloads and professional applications however copy lake was generally regarded as the better gaming CPU in most cases this appears to have somewhat changed with the risin 720 700 X which has managed to outperform the i7 8700 K and no less than 7 of 10 gaming tests conducted by the site now see all of those linked in the description as it only seems to be ahead in the 4k resume be something to take in consideration when we see 1440p and 1080p results paired with the x4 70 motherboard the resin 720 700 X got to really spread its wings and run at higher clock speeds resulting in overall better performance across the board the $329 Rison 7 2700 X absolutely dominates in multi-threaded tests like W prom Cinebench r15 as well as x264 transcoding all whilst maintaining a maximum temperature of around 65 degrees Celsius thanks to the incredible Wraith prism cooler according to the reviewers switching out the Wraith prism for an H ATI GT cooler which features a single double thickness radiator actually resulted in slightly higher temperatures this was also a trend that we saw when we tested the rosin 7 1700 using a variety of cooler master cooler comparison to see from air to liquid cooling what gets you better performance now let's talk about overclocking for a second 4.3 gigahertz appears to be the limit that most reviewers have hit with similar single radiator all-in-one liquid coolers of course more elaborate solutions may undoubtedly help push these chips even further but if you recall this is right about what I expected all in all the Rison 720 700 X appears to be all things to all people absolutely excels at multi-threaded performance with 8 cores and 16 threads while the six core coffee Lake simply can't keep up it also manages to come in line with and slightly edged out be higher clock coffee late CPUs in gaming performance more often than not making it all around and super performer remember these are 4k benchmarks so far 1080p in 1440 may show a different story at 329 and also undercuts the i7 8700 K to win the bang for buck contest horizon 720 700 X appears to have hit the Holly trifecta of the silicon superior overall performance performance per watt as well as performance per dollar when compared to the competition as always there's more information linked in the description below to the article that has a lot more details than what we had in this video but I hope you enjoyed this video and you'd like to see more again description and we'll catch you in the next video

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X / X470 Review Out – Better Than Expected?

47 thoughts on “AMD Ryzen 7 2700X / X470 Review Out – Better Than Expected?”

  1. Still 1080p is the dominant resolution and GPUs fps output increases the fading of a GPU bottleneck. Intel still having superior single core performance would still have the edge, though the difference would now be much smaller thanks to higher clockspeeds and lower latencies in caches and between CCXs. 1440p or 2k is the likely the next step for mainstream and we are already seeing some visible shift to 2k so taking those results between the current mainstream and higher end 4k would be more ideal.
    But then again we have to take into account that majority of the GPUs sold for average gaming PC is between GTX 1050ti and GTX 1070 and at that point even on 1080p Ryzen 1000 series can out put 99% of the fps that any Intel CPU can. So taking that into account having 5-10% less 1080p performance on GTX 1080ti which is stupid setup from the get go isn't really a big deal. What it comes down to is overall performance per dollar and Ryzen simply rules even with 1000 series. Also Ryzen's multicore performance really has made Intel's older higher end platforms pretty much useless. Though Intel's 8 core CPUs are coming, with 14nm they can't compete with AMD's Ryzen if they are not cheating their way out of TDP limits as they are doing with coffeelake.

  2. When Intel CPU wins by 10-30fps it's "basically no difference".
    When AMD CPU wins by 0.4-2fps (margin of error) in a heavily GPU bottlenecked benchmark (with really weird results like R5-1400 having best fps), it's a major victory.

  3. OK, this is the data from the flawed comparison I seen in other videos. Note how all of the Intel parts are running 3600 GT/s memory, while the Ryzen parts are below 3000 (as low as 2400 GT/s). This is unacceptable for a serious comparison. Also, the CAS is not listed anywhere, for either setup. There are no fewer than four memory speeds in these lists. If the numbers are this good for Ryzen 2, then just imagine how good it will get with normal memory speeds. This Ryzen 2 supports 3600 GT/s out of the box, and the Intels DDR4 fits the Ryzen boards and work just fine, so there's really no excuse. The TridentZ 3200 CL14 (running 3333 cl14) said "For Intel" on the box, but works just fine with my 1800x in a CH6H (WiFi).

  4. I want the new Ryzens to succeed as much as anyone, but El Chapuzos "review" has so many things suspect I dont even know where to begin. For starters, severely GPU bottlenecked tests, no Cinebench ST score, 2700X platform draws 40W less than 1700X??! Umm, sorry, somethings very wrong with that claim.

  5. if the max boost on the 2700x is listed at 4.3ghz then I can't imagine that it wouldn't be able to overclock higher than that (same with whatever the 2700 boost is respectively)

  6. Who is going to game @1080p with a 2700X on the long run and who cares about the difference between 160 and 180 FPS in some Valve game or e-'sport'? That is a mismatch, if you buy a 2700X and you are a gamer then you will be buying a card on the level of Vega56 or 1070 Ti and you will have a 1440p monitor or upgrade to one. Maybe it will take a year or something like that before you can buy one but that would be the long term plan, wouldn't itI don't care much about the 1080p performance but it will certainly have improved given the better latency and some other develoments. It is about more than just clock frequency when it comes to the performance of a CPU!

  7. It is not gonna beat the intel i7 8700k in gaming for sure but it will force intel to drop its prices or increase its 6 core to 8 core which is gonna happend end of 2018 most likely.

  8. Think I'll hold out for the 3rd generation.
    (Which is exactly what I did with the Core i series…I'm still using Ivy Bridge based Core i7).

    Regardless, AMD is looking good so far. Caught up to Intel, and even giving Chip-zilla a run for its money.

  9. You forgot to mention "performance per core" . Makes you wonder if Intel will rise to the occasion yet again and maybe a 9700k 8 core equivalent maybe??? Who will win that battle LOL

  10. To be fair, only the 4K benchmarks show the lead, the 1080p ones really don't. Not surprising since the 1000 series Ryzen was also comparable in anything higher than 1080p. I'm not complaining since I'll be moving to Ryzen 2000 and I'm happy to see the results, but god damn 1080p is still in Intel's 4-core court.

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