Android TV x86 Build 2 | Everything works *Almost

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welcome back guys to another video and as you can see I am very excited to announce the second build of the Android TV on x86 project so this vid has quite a few changes from the last one quite a few improvements first of all there is no status bar or the navigation bars so now it completely looks like an Android TV and next we actually have the Settings app working so that also means that you would be able to access any third-party apps that you install and that are not directly compatible with the Android TV build itself so we have that working so as you can see I do have a couple of apps installed and next we do have the About section so of course it's based on android 6.0.1 and then the Wi-Fi is also working now I'm not sure if it was working on our last time but this time it actually is working pretty well and then we have a force other settings that we can modify so as you can see the settings have works pretty well and now many of the apps work as well so we have the YouTube app the Kodiak and tune in app so first of all on the YouTube app we wait for it to load it does take some tries and once it finally loaded we can see the home screen thought the main welcome screen of the YouTube app but although the you do playback is more of a hit or a miss so if we play some video on my machine it's not playing it might play on yours or it might search it's more of a hit or a miss of course is not a very perfect fit next we have Cody Cody works perfectly without any issues and for this is the main Cody screen we can go here and check out your system info and all of that stuff so let's get back and next we have the TuneIn app now the TuneIn app on its own works but then again media playback is more of a hit or a miss so I can go ahead and just play something and the app itself crashes I'm not entirely sure why this is happening but of course I might look into it later on so let's get back and talking of things that don't really work I was hoping to find some kind of Android gaps build or Google apps built but it so happens that we do have only a few our builds and none of them would work because the Android TV or Leanback platform is not as famous as the normal Android platform so we don't have gaps for that yet and and an ad for it so let's just for the sake of it open up an application that is actually not Android or not is not directly Android TV compatible but will work anyways so we go we go into settings and then select app and then select the app we want to run alright so once you're in there you get a couple of options and the first one is open so we'll go ahead and do that so as you can see the Ted app actually works pretty fine but then again media playback itself is a big hit Adam a big hit or a miss because well for some reason it doesn't happen and if you go ahead and play it what we get is actually again the app has post closed so maybe they are apps that actually work I haven't checked them all so let's go back and try the Android browser and again it's not a an Android TV only app it's compatible with most Android version and it's not really designed for Android TV as such but then again it does work and the website opens really smoothly and there's no issue there so um this was about it and major difference being that the look and feel is a lot more like an anthro pander TV and the setting apps work also if you need to download and know how to install it see my installation video it's a separate video that explains how you can install it onto your own hard drive or external drive and make that stuff work and then of course at last I would like to say a huge shout out to Peter youth whose work on the Android arc raspberry pie inspired me to do this and make android TV for x86 and also a huge shout-out to the android x86 team for making this platform available thank you so much guys for watching and I will see you next time you

Android TV x86 Build 2 | Everything works *Almost

25 thoughts on “Android TV x86 Build 2 | Everything works *Almost”

  1. a perfect solution for old laptops for turning them into your smart tv….would be great to have a stable build…I can also contribute though, I am Certified Android Developer by Google…. although I have never experiments with low level android side yet I surely can…!!

  2. Hi Buddy first thanks by the absolutly great job with the Android Tv for pc, I install yesterday but I havent any app else the file explorer how I can install other apps? I open the disk but I cant see the folders of the explorer show me some help?

  3. i need help . i cant find any app that works with this android tv system
    im downloading the apk and installing it correctly but when i open the apps they always crash.
    i need to know what kind of apps i need to download and if u got a tutorial for that
    or just the website with the correct apps

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