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In this futuristic, dystopian world, humanity has been isolated behind the protective wall of Fort Tarsis, shielded from the many dangers of the primeval lands beyond. Players will assume the role of Freelancers – a group of courageous individuals, clad in weaponized exosuits known as “javelins”, who leave Fort Tarsis and explore the surrounding landscape to protect civilization from threats beyond the wall.

Overall the game is fun. Are the characters interesting? Sometimes.
Is there world interesting? Sometimes. Obviously this game is meant to be a heck of a lot more than just its story, but if you’re going into this purely for story I think you’ll be disappointed. It’s hard to deny the Destiny comparisons, and I think in pure story execution, this game is leagues better than Destiny. But I think Destiny has the more interesting universe.

Where the game does shine, is in gameplay, visuals and sound. It is undeniable to me. The sound design is top tier. Explosions feel impactful. Guns sound and feel strong. It’s amazing to play with a nice pair of headsets. We’re not the type of people who grind out the end game stuff, so we’ll leave that up to you to decide. But yes the gameplay is fun, and yes the game looks astounding.

As for the game movie, we recorded on PC on 1080p 60FPS. Unfortunately we were experiencing optimization issues so we had drop the graphics settings to mid and high on most things to get a fluid 60fps. Frames would drop in some cutscenes regardless of settings, so that something they have to patch. We have an i7 7700K and a GTX 1080 Ti so should have had no trouble playing on Ultra for 1080p but it just couldn’t happen. Still looks great in my opinion. Hope you enjoy!

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we live in a dangerous world the gods who built it vanished leaving behind their instruments that aimlessly we shaped the land these ancient relics harnessing a knowable force we call the anthem of creation but the anthem refuses to be controlled to survive our ancestors invented the javelins and built cities with great walls today it falls to a dedicated group of heroes to face the chaos protect our homes and fight for our very survival we are freelancers we leap head-on into danger rescuing lost keeping the monsters at bay and silencing the anthems terrible cataclysms but not all cataclysms our community and even freelancers are weary of the untamed power of the Empire bitches it grows as we get with the Striders we're a long way from the Cenotaph and the storm is worse than we thought rip to shreds let's go freelancers suit up how crazy will this get no idea never tried to shut down a cataclysm Oh steady Fae none of us come out of this alive without our site for stay safe out there remember we're a team I'm right there with you okay freelancer it might be new but you won't be here for the show promise thought you could use a head start okay everyone let's stop this Cataclysm from growing from killing everything I don't know Alec haven't seen anything like this before look everyone I won't be here if I thought the song could beat me right the rage is no different than the hundreds of other shaper ruins we've dealt with it's just bigger this is what we do so we're gonna go in there and we're gonna take on whatever unholy beast is spits out us are we going to tame that thing together ready strong along rolling together snow gets worse ahead trying to find a comic book at you setting it up your heart rate is too high three also thank goodness you survived a Japanese a restart I'll bring systems back one at a time starting voice recognition hey hey can you hear me now didn't say it that was a bad pool how's your head you remember the mission I think so Wow you're in a cataclysm terrible storm with the heart of rage you need to get to the sensor shuts it down by silence in the center got it your search is still critical grab more pan that when you can we've got a bit more clients catch up hello yep she's up and hitting your way how's it going back there what's your ETA don't know hey no too far just oh sorry can't talk be right back this is not going well many casualties three losses down size within commerce so far but I can hear it hey Miller hey you still there yes you go down freelances ahead sending distress signals they're the ones who destroyed it to the Japanese be prepared get them moving hey how you doing this is yet thank I'd thanks sister my gosh [Applause] right here just blasted them all out give me a shortcut gotcha on my way the anthem it wants to consume me to show me I'm sorry the home team from Sharda 3 is gone the whole team is in the retreat if they make it mission seems too it's wrong it's all done come back retreat brookie there you are not good he's gone I'm sorry this thing is going down I can do it book at this rate we have to silent the senator we got this bastard out of here no we push hard we're the only ones left think about Miller and I dare all the others you mean a coward I'm no coward no you want to push forward until I get kills until we both get killed they can't beat us don't pull me out of here during the failed attempt to silence the heart of Rage we lost more than freelancers more than friends and comrades we lost the faith of the people we protect so the freelancers scattered searching for ways to redeem themselves the few who remained carried on finding new allies where they could doing their best to help the people who no longer called the freelancers heroes I'm at the coordinates on impressive entrance as usual nice to be appreciated bad I'd say sell short makes us either couldn't ask for a better partner you could ask but not many of us left the relays are short flights and he's a contract so far easy keeps you alive regardless living inspecting sensors every month yeah thanks the girls yeah some freelancers are back on their feet we can enjoy all the gorgeous scenery versus tomb has to offer flying around it is even better now I'm jealous this is a nearing force there's the relay just needs a hard reset this should get the early warning network back up that did it you'll need to manually check the sensors now first one see you bye oh maybe grab some supplies before you go they come in handy those full of useful stuff oh crap what cheaper energy off the charts an unstable relic of the area the bad one I've got a probable location on it you'll know it wolf tight seals are holding should I call in more freelancers no time is getting worse here we go shaker Rubens we're on the right trail looks like an echo lock we need to open not dealt with these litter under the fleshy lights there the echoes grab them as we head to the dual your javelin can hold three that's AIT's a fragment advancement energy going straight you're getting the hang of it you see all three at a time take these over schedule it's working now you never once enough and it's why you'll be that should be enough even for a shaper good why is it far raise a mountain come about the notion on some new monstrosity there has to be some reason for it all it's the riddle of our world and this one's waking up I detect intense energy deeper in what's the relic doing I can't tell but the energy pockets getting bigger something's forming in there what is it I mean anything is possible look at the waterfalls they're going backwards keep the echoes coming it will collapse just think the anthems being harvested they're pure creation something totally new for me knowing dangerous lay pat on the shakers it's still amazing you did it that's it silence it all right hang in there 50 seconds good I think needs to stop this those fragments of the road that live out rather than put it back together no and fun drinkable companies on the way careful anything's possible no idea where he wins which isn't as lucky as the freelancer who Scouts returned in silence how's that the pain they need the cypher book puzzles already make sense no I mean there's well at least now I got a news story that's how a relic spawned a Johnny r6 that all this a keyhole yeah trustus to a job well done the only guy here we are back in for Tarsus the last stop on the Bastian frontier if it isn't my favorite freelancer I hear you've been busy you know how to sew another day another disaster averted what have you done this time nothing my armors fine probably I hope you should swing by something wrong more like fun droppin by whenever Lukas back in one piece so did you expect me in more pieces than one you never I trust you've brought me work always good to give your javelin the once-over after a run what have you done this time just my job fascinating I never would have guessed I just want to be sure everything's in order that's what I like to hear scars basis relic based nonsense can't be too careful out there I'll run you some maintenance checks make sure everything's humming won't impact performance but I'll add moisture wicking fabric to the internal padding while I'm at it can't argue with that why would you if you're running headfirst into chaos may as well be comfy I like the way you think I have my moments go on I've run the checks while you're off big job yes yeah you see what I mean you picked up on that right little warble its warbling right our readings far within acceptable tolerances you got to look past the numbers but once in your life something is off the connection it's a bit fuzzy how do you quantify fuzzy you don't quantify fuzzy you don't measure it you don't count it's nothing like that it's a feeling everything okay here Owen yeah well on your last mission I noticed that the cipher chair was giving off some very strange feedback Oh readings fall with an acceptable tolerance su Cole but if you ignore it and something goes wrong I will find an Arcanist and perform a full protocol inspection on this unit there's nothing wrong with the chairs there no why are you always stirring up trouble we're just talking about I've just done her a massive favor you've got no idea how boring it is being a fault cipher she does not get to work with the freelancer she does not get to see the world through the eyes of a javelin pilots no no no no no you know what she gets to do she has to relay official messages back and forth to ciphers at the capital day after day of the day some people like boring not everyone's cut out to be a freelancer so you have Syd but you have to admit that last mission would have gone better with a partner I have a partner you ever good javelin pilot needs a cipher and it's not what I meant look if I had a suit of my own I could be out there in the field with you all down your boosters hotshot with more training you'll get your chance I promise fine don't let me get a 4-2 space suit anyway job board is empty you'll figure something out we always do yeah the ever regret missing out on the glory days that when freelancers were treated like heroes contracts would just fall into their laps everywhere they went they were given respect and free sandwiches free sandwiches yeah I mean never lunch yeah I'm starving we're a tight budget here better that's room for sandwiches you're probably right you know what why don't you head over to the forge get your javelin tuned up so we're ready to roll the contract does fall into our laps oh and you need something we talking about I just got a message from you Santa meet you at the forge I didn't send any why would I want to meet up here something's not right my name is Tassin do you always travel with the security escort not always the sentinels have their uses well you make a hell of an entrance I'll give you that I have a contract for you freelancer I like to know who I'm working for before I take a job really from what I hear two of you will take about any job you can get these days what's the job an arcanist has gone missing missing a lock and it's just hung out in lab studying shake her loose Mathias Sumner was investigating some relics that are ruined near the fort I need you to find him and bring him back home safe if he's still alive no one knows more about the dangers of shaper artifacts I'm confident that knowledge and his own resourcefulness will keep him alive until you find him what do you say freelancer let me get worth your while Owen looks like the freelancer is right again well us anyway excuse me I just got up that is excellent and will then run my Diagnostics let me know when you're ready to leave was a pleasure on behalf of myself and Mathias thank you for doing this okay and if I have fine Mathias trust me I'm a person you want to know here we are freelancer you ready to jump in yes I am well let's not keep that big bad waiting our contractors to locate a marketing advice assassin is giving us the last location where he made contact London equipment Marcus made and know the fires oh hang on detecting another radio same frequency okay I've got a new trail we'll need to get to the location I've marked for better reception anything else I should know besides that all cadets get themselves in trouble by being out here about the time British breakfast he has a reputation among the alchemist the radio signal is getting stronger clearly Mathias established more than one camp life is no faces they're dead it's still no sign of Mathias look anything that can help check it now signal device found we can use it to locate Mathias this search is taking too long and it's too quiet to search do something are always fucking things up still working on it just fiddling with the radio signal for the next location what sort of snake I know finally and Mathias where are you you didn't hear you well I think I found another camp anything else is nothing just lost the radio signal we need a signal booster wait found one yes should be closed you need to do is turn it off signal boosters working scores and pursue revised still can't hear us I've got a location the arcanist is wait that's the radio we were following the sniper taking apart we fix that I bet we do device something happened a great let's fix that radio beeps easy access penalty the rest the cakes are closed looks like you scared them off let's take care of the rest and get back to radio it's working I'll go to location maximize fruit in the area I need help there are scars yes I can see them we're coming yes I'm here in the read on this radio signal are you okay what about scars near you see anything good don't try anything dangerous I've taken care off let's see to those skulls you got girls have too many ways to write their numbers it I'll be this down let's clean up the rest of the now shall we I don't know what to think are Kinesis cars often clash over shaper sites but nothing like this I must tell Towson please I need to return to for Tarsus thanks for the save that trouble was unexpected you often hang around outside the walls like that occupational hazard but this was different something's making the scars more violent I think it's the Dominion we think they're back I'm sure you must know a freelancer yarrow yeah I think Jackson's right this feels like before the attack on three mark the one that set off the heart of Rage I don't really know the whole story I do much of what I am about to tell you is not well known my ward johnny was there 10 years ago she saw it with her own eyes what you will already know is that Fremont was one of the great cities of Bastion ancient proud prosperous but most important it held the largest and greatest enclave of freelancers anywhere the freelancers along with the Sentinels guardians of the walls protected free mark and its people from the chaos of our world until one day the Dominion arrived on their doorstep cruel conquerors from the the Dominion the Sentinels and the freelancers would make their claim for free marks each group airs in their own right to the legendary general Tarsus and her legion puppy dog one of our best freelancer Adams led the charge as the Enclave left to meet the Dominion forces head my John says the army was massive the Dominion was led by dr. harken a man never seen before or after that day he came to take the city at any cost so they fought outnumbered outflanked and of God freelancers fought they did well for a time but the walls of the great Freemont did not hold the dominion poured atoms with many freelancers made their last stand outside the city walls while some like jockey stayed to help who she cooked when without warning the doomed sentinels fell behind but now I tell you that deep in the city Johnny discovered what the sentence already the dough million didn't want to destroy free mark they wanted to capture an ancient shaper relic that was protected deep inside the city the Senate it seems this dr. Harkin believed he had created a way for the Dominion to use the Cenotaph to control the anthem of creation itself arrogance the anthem will be controlled the terrible Cataclysm which was unleashed that day destroyed free mark destroyed the Dominion destroyed everything that Cataclysm became the heart of Rage some survived to tell the story of free mark but not many Dominion must be back for a reason we clearly have more Intel to hunt down come and find me later yeah me too I'll contact you when I have something I'll be in the Enclave hey Prospero I know you've got good news all the amber you need what I wanted to hear alright then let's get to business and fire up the forge it's time all these javelins around here you got to tender loving care they deserve head on over to the forge and you can start crafting but don't forget when you want to make a statement maybe polish that javelin up with a nice coat of pain and thunder come see me so you're the thunder merchant huh hey the best freelance is always arrived at the bank but first they buy it from me don't be a stranger look at the market lately it's so sad to see the empty stove I have another job for you I'm flattered but I still don't really know you world habit I work for Corvis ah a spy my job is to keep tabs on threats – for Tarsus I have an agent embedded with the regulator's a group of smugglers she keeps the really dangerous stuff from the wrong buyers her last report said there'd been an incursion of foreign operatives in the area who are they like I said before I'm betting Dominion which means troubles coming our way big trouble if you're right I think trouble is your idea of fun start by meeting my agent had a regulator camp here learn what else she knows and go from there we'll get it done I've got the map coordinates from tasin you headed for a regulator camp her agent will be there undercover doesn't gave me a picture so we can identify her so what's the latest Intel these days on regulators still the same smugglers they've always been anything of value is fair game plus the usual rumors of secret hideouts in the area they have to keep all that stuff something question is why were the Dominion be involved either Tess is wrong about that towards being a wartime cyber okay you don't fall for the regulator cap should be coming up soon keep an eye out skirting the edge of Scots era tree we've got trouble the camps been overrun looks like you got dead regulators there oh man can you identify housings agent ah no seeing you could still be alive I don't think animals killed these people is there anything you sort of the size there's some kind of recording regulator Hideout these coordinates that was TAS ins agent I need to decrypt the coordinates hang on see ours on the move we've rescued Matthias note essence right has to be the Dominions during that part oh do you have those coordinates yes good so far then I'm going to the hideout now we can't wait you sure taking over this isn't like far as you can pack movin when evil you don't hide you kick their ass back to whatever hole they crawled out of subdivide before it spreads poor Tarsus cannot become another free mark hey smugglers K you think would see anything you can walk for price looks like that includes cigarettes Cowan flight controls are down what's happening yeah I'm seeing that you're in some kind of field has to be effective see I think I see the problem the Dominion shield generator that's suppressing flight capability could explain how they invest regulators can you stable it would take the time to ever ride that's depressing flight controls back by accident these stories are hiding relics I will take a flying leap is the wrong shake erratic in the wrong terms means this won't be a boring day and there we are the Dominion and they've got cessations best lie low aye I don't know what do you mean that's not how we conduct business so let's negotiate their relics not for sale see progress you don't have it now name your price and we all walk away with something relics are dangerous only if you're careless do I look careless oh goody for you negotiations you bastard well this is oh quit a freelancer Oh useless my fraud your kind before then I put them to the ground you'll be joining and now we get down to business the company is are we ready in a firefight with Dominion I am you're sitting in a chair somewhere don't use to having professional soldiers uses sauce made either no like this was exciting just be careful agents she's still alive we don't need anyone to watch it looks like the monitor there to clean that prove that's the last of them I can still catch the monitor but already he saw that it starts I got a signal we can track there you go you can't be too far we just need to make sure he never comes back this is why I want to be with you bad people to do silver the trail keep it up we might have a shot at this that's all we need listen to research something out this look like they dropped 40 watch it another one of the mothers lieutenants okay yes congratulations on walking straight into my trap Owen Owen what's happening I don't know he's obviously more powerful than you I think it's important to take a measure of one's adversary and I find you looking yeah ask your lieutenants how they feel oh right you can't because I put them down freelancers boast of courage they never have it's why they're extinct I'm alive and well you son of a he's gone save your breath you guys head back to the force well that doesn't know We Need to Talk Owen filled me in on what happened you've got a problem out there some kind of Dominion heavy these people called in the monitor we couldn't stop it and he was there for a shape a relic tore the place apart your agent wouldn't give in right to the end she well I know I'm sorry she left this archive behind well if my people dig into it Dominion really have returned in force damn I thought spies took everything in stride we also respect our enemies life under Dominion rule isn't much of life at all and if they have set their sights on for tarsus rights well the fort isn't exactly my idea of living the dream but it is home and I'd prefer it to remain dictator free what can we do for now remain patient I don't want to make a move until I have more information in the meantime there's someone I'd like you to meet Sentinel Bryn she's sharp trustworthy and could use some assistance why don't you help her while I look into the Dominion I'll be in touch Sentinel IRISA Brin for command Sentinel how can we help well we probably shouldn't talk here come see me by my desk and my plants pumps right so uh good I will see you okay then hi freelancer hello Sentinel good to see you again is it isn't it I don't associate much with freelancers okay or anyone not a sentinel really well I hope you don't regret getting to know one of us yes me too okay can I help you with something yes well quietly I don't technically have permission for my superiors to be contracting you but there's been an unusual amount of scar activity around the nearby archanis base whatever it is it could be dangerous if the scars get hold of it agreed I'll check it out for you good I mean good luck freelancer right no problem gotcha get sensitive bridge freelancer hello again sounds it'll print here hi hi again Sentinel how are you fine fine the arcanist space isn't far for relocation keep an eye out for scores will do since this is our first mission maybe we should talk get to know each other Marcus just ahead keep wondering why our stars epsilonr from his face we are peasants mess with the first a me exactly can we do this later you're welcome the scars must have taken whatever semester say probably there's such pests we've seen scars gather in an area from you check there you got it this is more scar activity than I've seen in a long time and I thought no one else had noticed they're everywhere lately people just gross monster things ruin yourself wherever they go tell me how you really feel bring our senior team discovered where the scars have been gathering look around without missing our commissioner watch office cars while you're at it not much around except broken shoes or bits no signs of arcanists we'll keep looking it's gotta be around here son you should just leave it like okay well you don't see anything how about a sports game instead of a starship well there's one place high school and she headed I would hope so yes freelancer face as a soul darkness machineries connected to a sheep it [Applause] thank the shiny shield of general purpose for those scars deliberately trying to force the shape artifact to create the scorpions maybe and thank you great answer this was a huge help to the Sentinels and to the fort nice working with you too yes maybe see you around then if it isn't my favorite freelancer I hear you've been busy my Troy you're keeping the scars off us I don't got Bren to work with a freelancer no easy feat I had a good feeling about you ever since you turned up keep proving me right okay for its own gotta look out for it no argument here it's good you settled in not everyone does and I'm guessing for Tarsus wasn't in your plans before well the heart of rage I didn't know what would happen then or where I land after turns out it was here happy he's stuck around yeah not sure what I expected but this place grows on you I wasn't meant to be here myself I was Anna Strider out of Helios supposed to end up announce to him what happened Cataclysm the sky turned yellow grind changed under us the survivors were brought here you never got to ante him didn't have the means to try again at the time no I got good work had a kid the fort's home glad you feel the same when you're here anyway which reminds me I should run check in your javelin before you're off again thanks so I'll see you around freelancer thanks again for your help business is already looking up selling the Thunder huh hey people laugh but the uniform makes the soldier ever seen the Dominion they know it if you want to win a war presentation is half the battle the javelins designed to intimidate annihilate exterminate eradicate and if you're really good obliterate you have to inspire fearful all in your enemies but it's just cool flying in style that it is may as well have fun were scaring people I figure there's a reason we call those suits javelins of course there is imagine if they caught it a skewer or something oh crap run a squad of skewers is coming our way doesn't have quite the same ring not unless you're having a cookout you seem pretty passionate about this I love what I do and it's important I want to help the good guys win when a freelancer shows up in their javelin I want people to remember it your enemies will shudder your allies will salute I like the sound of that a little thunder and lightning to make an entrance you get it why do people fear a big storm rolling in probably because it can kill you that's right there's power in that sky and pain if you don't respect it so you just let me know if I can fix you up with anything the javelins always got room for more Thunder will do see you around my Savior and the recent scars aren't feasting on my liver right this minute bloody scars the spike in their activity is really throwing off my research what are you working on exactly I'm looking for a lost Arcanist text known as the elysian manuscript it was inscribed by early members our order and has been lost for generations some arcanists believed that their writings could help us predict the behavior of shaper instruments imagine knowing for relic will create fire storms or scorpions or shatter you into a thousand pieces we could keep people safe indeed every little piece of knowledge we can scrape together helps you're making progress the heroic work done by my assistants may they continued to seek answers beyond this life led to a discovery turns out that was a far more ingenious way to pass knowledge along invisible runes invisible ruins yes how do i ah ha a picture curiosity you'll just have to continue on this adventure to find out won't you my our research has revealed a potential site that may answer our questions just point me in the right direction patching in Aachen is Matthias it was something survival was insane what secrets must they hold let's find out here we are all right I've seen this before you won't trigger whether the right stimulus wears just what the shift in energy we create a big enough change the wires detected the marker triggers like a final arm exactly that shape or object across from the marker is made for echoes got it let's build a fire the stars out here leave it to them to be rubbing about special sensitivity to different kinds of energy that's me physiology no wonder it come on you're the middle of something right now Matthias yes Matthias how did you do this work without freelance or help hello my dear son associate alone could certainly require many uncomfortable nights in the jungle you're looking for be lazy and manuscript right what do you think you'll find in there find well market is for see the truth the time twists truth pipe the manuscript is window to a fairy strange so secret training the technique lost and forgotten about it I did okay the energy is starting to fluctuate does that mean hurry yes that should be enough these rooms you think they'll help yes I'll explain we get that for chart system first thank you these runes hold the key to finding the elysian manuscript I'm certain what do you think would make that kind of mark freelancer freelancer yes excellent you're here Mathias need something need something oh no no no have something you remember that strange energy the runes emitted I remember you mentioning something while I collected them I managed to isolate and identify the energy pattern I passed it along to your cypher who can now help me find those invisible runes which are the key to unlocking another impenetrable mystery which means you want me to go find more of them yes the more the better with enough I'm certain I can find the location of the Elysium manuscript certain I've several leads it's very promising talk later you got it Mathias that's me Owen we need to chat it's important meet me in the bar okay I'll be there Owen huh hey hey where's my drink what's up we talk about you called me me no you hold on the monitor is leading a mission back into the heart of rage he wants to weaponize the Cenotaph we decrypted the archive you recovered from the regulator camp earlier and we know why he's after unique shaper relics doesn't mean he'll succeed did you know the monitor was there when the Dominion attacked free mark one of the few who escaped when the Cenotaph leveled the city oh he's ruthless driven and Savage an incredibly powerful cypher and a brilliant pilot he frightens even his own people the storm will tear him apart no one survives the heart of ranch you did the Intel also reveals that he's perfected a way to harness the power of the Cenotaph and we cannot let that happen obviously I need you to find a way through the heart of Rage get to the Cenotaph first and silence it do a freelancers do do it freelancers do you're talking about a bloody Cataclysm he's right we aren't equipped to take that on of course well I can think of others who survive the heart of rage that day who never let it go studied it oh come on I feel like I'm supposed to know this while partners helican Fae Intel says the monitor is on their trail suggests Fae has found something important last-known location oh I can so Halleck and faith intel says your partnership ended badly no no we just kind of grew apart really cuz I heard that Halleck never forgave you for pulling them out of that storm in Fay when where are we going all right oh you're kidding me no Halleck and Faye are working with princess sim the regulator boss oh please she's a smuggler at best she's a full-fledged crime lord at worse we really need them to get through the heart of Rage and beat the monitor to the Cenotaph yeah we need him do we you and I was such a solid team already that's white ass Invictus you got my back I got yours all right hey considering that the monitor is both Lancer and cypher we could probably use a very fabulous cypher javelin pilot combo of our own oh and be patient pilot lessons are going fine but seriously it might take you years okay you know what this might be fun apparently princess Sims camp it's like a traveling carnival now it's a traveling carnival run by bloodthirsty gangsters oh who like gifts so you need to get her something to get in what could possibly go wrong yeah we could possibly go wrong some scars the area stole weapons from princess sim even back for her could be a good okay we got the weapons good it's not enough regulators aren't easily impressed I've marked the next location what are we getting redick's the scales took a few drums in this merry band of smugglers of course they probably sell them first if the score points within if we get in back to eat take care of looking bucks you see that physics he's in exercise uh why Princessa dr. prochik policy on April 6 is a favorite dish that makes sure the cells like the rest we got it once level verse it's ready to serve pressure the better now let's deliberate I've marked the location for princess inside out need to see some friends of mine they're working with princess em what did you break tribute for her Royal Highness I was a trip for the trip oh it was fabulous yeah I just love hitching a ride on a smuggler Strider it was first class comfort all the way hold the wonders of the palace all hail princess him long may she reign did you know that she is not a a– a real princess rat she's just a crazy smacked up with delusions of grandeur you scope the space out yet what you think I went in there hello are you crazy no I've been standing here waiting for you besides us your friends were looking for let's go find out I can say Oh pleasure doing business princess our business is not yet completed no I thought we had a deal who is this huh look no an old friend please invite your old friend over to join us I'm sorry but we gotta go no first we celebrate our new partnership in the tradition of my people come closer friend of Holick scored interesting our highly acidic it's going to burn going down a lot you know I had a big breakfast refusing on my own as a grave insult to your host yeah oh boy forgive my ignorance princess I didn't know people could eat this I come from a harsh and unforgiving now that's our scarce animals even more so before the Dominion conquered us we had a sane food is life life struggle we understood that we embraced it it helped make us strong thanks for the meal princess Liz was just the appetizer the main course behold the pheromone sack of a young man tickle cured for a little tyranny in a vat of fermented cumin available around delicacy I have been saving for a special occasion after you princess I could not dishonor myself by eating while my guests go hungry I love magic our deal you sure to thank your friend I look oh you you look a little green I just need to sit down for a second what do you want I think what he meant to say was thank you I have a contract the contract well we don't need your charity excellent Hey Halleck this is Owen cipher and Lancer in the making Corvus sent me Corvus well you some kind of a hotshot now you got a lot of nerve after all this time quit being dramatic sit down I'd rather stand let's all go back to the Strider I'll explain we got our own thing going thanks but no wait something's not right we'll keep your friends safe don't worry about me I'll see you that I mean we showed them now I wouldn't mind getting inside this strainer what a rush I'd say we really took it to the Dominion back there and I think we'll agree that I was pretty fantastic oh are you serious that was a disaster you were a disaster never do that again please right I'll just uh I'll just hit to the amplifier nothing's changed not you probably at least painted or something the corrosion adds a nice patina if we talk about the weather next door have we fulfilled our quota for small talk I don't think there's a penalty for going over reading good books lately thousands of them it's been a long time you know it's good to see you again is it you're not just here because you need something it doesn't matter your back Halleck you still haven't replaced that actuator it's still good and shut up I got this yep off to a great start where's my socket wrench left in the box as usual never thought you'd be back here life's just full of surprises switching off starboard power before it overloads oh come on let's just have the fun we please hurry this up there we'll be on top of us any minute now flyers what are you doing here I'm helping you fix this garbage actuator again more reliable than some so what's this contract of yours please later that Dominion will be here any second one please this is important just you're not helping screwdriver which one use your words 3/8 obviously I'm going back to the heart of range really the Dominion wants the Cenotaph Corvis hired me to get it first well that explains why Dominion troops showed up at Zim's very light us up they and I have two years of research and legwork on this and you want what jump in the end and claim credit Halleck time is of the essence we have a lead that requires an answer right now you know we work together no I can handle it you've got the Dominion on your back and you don't think that maybe you could use a hand we could find someone else you go right ahead mate not in time we can't you need me and I can't finish this contract without you one job just one I got a Strider to drive you said you have a lead we might one moment as expected hold these please you found something about the Cenotaph had a heart of Rage Xindi paste have friends you know huh some friends I'm sure you've heard of the legion of dawn Jermal Tarsus what general Tarsus yeah he entered the last heart of Rage and reached the center the Senate half how I've done the research her javelin could do the impossible it had unique shields and who knows what else wait wait you think you found her armor the original javelin of dawn yes finally now we just need to go get it interested Wow personally I can't wait to see it give me whatever Intel her Highness had and let's get the expedition started no need I'll be supporting this mission I've already done all the relevant research right yeah that makes sense freelancer I trust your reunion with Halligan Faye was productive there are a few less Dominion he'll be bothering us always good so what's the next step the tomb of general Tarsus they think her original javelin is still there I'll assume it's for more than just a historical tour Faye says that javelin could get us into the heart of rage then I'm glad I could bring old friends back together well we're still getting reacquainted make it work in the meantime Corvis has other jobs that might interest you you know me I'll take any job I can get these aren't your usual run-of-the-mill contracts they're tough I can handle it then talk to my agent says for a full briefing he's in the bar a Russian if you want I know that's more the freelancer style whatever the case keep up the good work I have it I finally have it what's going on the rooms were indeed the key madness to think they were there all the time waiting you found something an excellent question to which I have an excellent answer the final resting place of the Elysion manuscript sounds like I'm going on an expedition the runes speak of a special vault in a high tower built on a mountaintop objects of power were brought there shaper relics artifacts from beyond the Hesperian tide and a manuscript indeed a very special manuscript okay Tower on a mountaintop shouldn't be too hard to find right fine rich this is extraordinary man can't stop pacing let's find this tower you mentioned yes the tower this is amazing I'm curious about this tower the records describe it as a marvel of architecture that touch the clouds for a very big Tower points to a hidden chamber eight underground so an underground chamber found only by invisible rooms written secret language can't be too careful Dankers when you sure about this it's here I'm certain just be careful this is all proven it very powerful people want me to keep this secret understood I could feel it what made you start hunting for somebody said it was impossible what's next sequence is important obviously there must be some clue as to the order around here somewhere take it slow ah see up here this has to be in search engines Minister for years never doubt it existed never we can find I don't know much about ancient manuscripts but this sure looks right with eyes you there yes yes thank you I'm just I'm so rarely at loss of words thank you this means so much to me it ends one chapter of my life in the beginning of another looks like you found a place for your new book I've barely taken my eyes off it since you brought it back it hints at so many possibilities new runes lost relics forgotten inventions it's amazing just don't blow your lap up no promises what's next for you study I spent so much time looking for the elysian manuscript but not a moment on what to do after finding it that's a good kind of problem very much but I'll still need your help on a thousand things outside the wall of course excellent now if you'll excuse me I'm reading about how my forebears use hidden resonance layers to embed information I'll let you get back to it then thank you and freelancer thank you thank you for coming to see me you said there was a complication what's happened I took a look at the Intel Jim gave us it's no good she promised us one location she delivered five all right that's unexpected Zim's data is a fragment of text from the Legionnaire Lia trail the unbroken she was the generals right-hand and according to legend the one who laid Tarsus to rest the text mentions Guardians and for tombs that must be visited to find the chaplain of dawn the data's barely readable I'll try to get more out of it while you and Owen look for these tombs right send me the locations I'll check them out aspirant you have passed the trial of legionary vania looking you're in good work come back to pull the TARDIS and we'll plan our next step this is where it gets interesting I've greeted all the Guardians what happens now I've been sorting through the fragments of Legionnaire Lea trails writing that sim gave us a lot of it is unreadable and what's left is in a kind of code typical for the Legion of dawn if I'm right this last location should be the one we're hoping for I'll back you up this time we can start whenever you're ready sending you the location now shall we Owen she wants a link in on this they say about ciphers party two's a crowd that's not how that saying goes Owen right I'll just uh let me amplify that we do this mission or what where are we going the two of jammu tosses wait really yours this ourselves according to send it is I'm hopefully find her javelin buried with her you know the story of dermatologists in the mountain but so children's tale machine bites a storm monster and steals this voice to make a sword yes but you have to admit the heart of Rage is a monster yeah you should be getting close to the tomb you really think the monster general tarsal spot was the Cenotaph honestly I can't wait to find out picking up Dominion chatter in the area watch your back talk to me Fay how do I get the store open the control mechanism must be inside this room take another look around for me that's the control for the look see what you can do with it that's it good you go and be respectful you're the presence of general horses or doors the leisure seal this place up tight of course they did they were protecting their leaders resting place try searching around the duel they no sign of a javelin but I think we just found general Tarsus we marked her great for cygnets the last fear if that's really homeless you know what this means they we have a complication he's a soccer projection a strong one hello again freelance are happy to see you what do you want same as you I want her gentlemen the one who conquered the heart of Rage why are you a history buff someone's got to inherit what you left behind I deserve to carry on our legacy he's doing we can use that keep them talking while I break into the mini communications you think you're the next general Tarsus I had no idea the Dominion was that delusional we don't need to be enemies freelancer I think I even give one damn about the Cenotaph or the heart of Rage all I want is the anthem of creation imagine all the good that we could do we decide what's best for the world the power of pure creation at our fingertips more important than general Tarsus what happens to the people of Bastion matters more to me they're so damn precious to you have them just give me the javelin of dawn one rusty old javelin in exchange for all those lives that's generous don't you think he's trying to trace your location I'm picking up Dominion soldiers in the area no there is no javelin get glitched already in the to get out fast you can't lose the Signet you'd be alright I think cool this bowl that help will take time to arrive nobody before crisis will get here in time you're gonna clear I think that was close I'll admit I didn't expect us to run into this much trouble I expected dangerous wildlife maybe scones this is the second time I run into the monitor actually some of the team has made it back to the Strider come on home I don't think you're gonna make it get those brackets up to the cockpit unlock the control panel down amplifier is secure check the breakers done got him money came in mmm well I guess you're good for something besides getting the monitor on our trail wait seriously that's hilarious the cockpit is secure this job is hard enough without looking over our shoulders the whole time I'm not taking the blame for this the monitor was chasing you not me and without us you wouldn't have found the general Signet admit it you needed me you still need me need you I don't need anyone save it we have more important things to discuss the monitor is after the anthem very people think the Dominion are after the Sooners halves power but the Cenotaph is nothing the anthem of creation is everything to control it is everything okay but what could he even do with it what could he do with the power of life and death creation and destruction he would be a god hey even if the anthem can do all that it's not like there was a manual no one can control the anthem the Schafer's couldn't the Dominion can't listen to me he's heard it I know he has is in his voice I can just feel it he won't stop he'll never stop unless he figures it out I know he won't okay you know what one thing I think we can all agree on is it's it's getting pretty dangerous out there right and since Faye has the whole cipher thing under control why don't I watch your backs from the field I mean what about this guy I could pilot this no no that's mine custom-built you couldn't even walk in it you have no idea what the heart of race can do that person I'll be fine really have you ever fought anything out there scars okay Mara I would learn along the way oh and remember princess dims the disaster you almost died at least let me try you are a cipher almost every cipher was bonier das Norma's gun manned we put you in a javelin try to reach the Cenotaph you'll get us all killed now isn't the time for this okay got it well crap I'll give him some time he's got to learn for himself what he can and cannot do that's the best huh listen you were right about what exactly if I'm honest I'm not ready to deal with the Dominion Lancers on my own well it's not like anybody would be ready for that we need you if we're gonna pull this off so welcome aboard I like it Thanks I'll get the Strider moving come see me when you're ready what's next the fortress of dawn your eyes ten steps ahead Fang fill me in if he used the Signet of general Tarsus to unseal the gate whatever she know about the Cenotaph must be inside along with her javelin well that o suta varma really get us through the heart of rage it's our best shot what you want me to do just stand in the corner and look pretty again keep an eye out for the monitor and if he shows up no one can get inside the fortress but us whatever turns up I'll make sure we're ready for it good luck with that oh hey everything's clear head for the fortress of dawn with the generals signal I should be able to pass you off as an answer the Legion of dawn they set up turrets we need to take them down the team up ahead is run into a grounder expect a lot of entrench Dominion in the fortress there's no way they'd pull that over the bridge they must be getting in we better shut them down there's many energy signatures in the courtyard head to the fortress doors more Dominion gating in I'm not picking up any more on because you get your drunk at the gate itself I can't believe this will the first and in this spot for centuries look around I want to see a little bit I swear I've seen this design before behold the doors of might boots whoever wishes them open place your signet the trial of might shall separate the weak from the worthy so says Arden fossa Arden fossa is that really his voice over there looks like you could put the signet in doesn't it only one way to find out none you think yourself worthy to claim a place among the Legion of dawn Knights then know this a true Legionnaire must be tested the greatest of us all Elena Tarsus lured her foes into battle at a place of her choosing there she brought to ruin and destruction through strength and guy prove yourselves walk the path of general Tarsus bring forth your greatest foe may or might prevail against the darkness the ergos outnumbered the legion a hundred to one and yet we had no fear for our general held the secret power and she needed to wait for the right moment to initiate you pass the test before your might the greatest of foes trample yet more trials lie before you'll answer go forth may the path lead you to the door gateway device you step real lemma on there another part of the legend defense process it's not another gates the path comes to an end for you here as it did for our general as it does for us all your inevitable death awaits you laughter go forth to face it wait the path comes to an end to raise her enemy to helpless antium Tarsus took out a handful of marks they had swiftness that the enemy had of the world of strength and yet Tarsus help Mountain Pass the Legionnaires stood against the might of the ergot horde but if they wavered with their fragile line broke until would fall and countless others Casas met the algaas leader in battle and was struck on metal evilest Tarsus knew her life was ending she fought on as her life's blood eft she drove the enemy back you passed the test under the way to inevitable death you did not break arise and go forth mrsa one roll trial awaits you may the path lead you to the back what happened by reenacted the battle of idiom picks touch with the dominion instead of Berghoff they think you've never seen a rule ago Patrol is like a patent and your mind fills in the details I'm fighting my own memories and they're kicking the crap out of me great behold the doors of valor whosoever wishes them open place your signet the trial of valor shall separate the true Lancers from the false so says Arden Vasa I'm running low on ammo and who knows what's next hey this is what freelancers are all about you can do this to any its rampage forever go forth Lancer seek out and stop disaster in its tracks if you dare how I don't even have a weapon you don't need one you're out of time solid sit it's not working you're about to get eaten Oh put your back into it got it the path of valor is well-traveled ground for you I think I can't move your students overheating stay calm or you'll lock up don't fire this is bad you have been tested again and again get back to destroy that this mission is over look at this man we have to silent the Cenotaph we have to get out of here think about Miller and a dare all the others you've been a coward I'm no coward you're past the point of testing now there is only one place left for you to go remember this might can conquer a moment resolve can outlast a day but valor must renew with every dawn walk the path Lancer of the Legion you're back that was fast actually that trial took two years to get through so far is that what I think it is I'm getting a closer look okay now like I can barely hear you fair you seen this fair easy-bake on hey Owen oh dear gentleman not working out that's a shame yeah what what the hell are you doing isn't it obvious gorgeous nice it is finally my time no more waiting I'm not putting me on the sidelines I side with a monitor you'll leave the fort alone how can you help the Dominion you know what they've done I know exactly what they've done we can't beat them oh and stop damnit well this is Pat go ahead rip me a new one it'll be better yeah I'm suffice glitching I'm not sure with that son of a bitch dip to the motor this rider is frozen in place until we get it fixed what about face yeah hey no talking until I get the connection fixed do you want to start a fire so stuck here well Owen gets away and I thought things couldn't get any worse Oh slow down with you right now you're no shape to go chasing after him me a hand with this with you we need to get the strata moving we need to do something to stop them flyers see that has always been your problem you focus on what's up ahead instead of where you are where I am is in the middle of the mess I made I brought Owen aboard and look at what happened tape do you think you did this by yourself huh no hero screws up again give me the yeah this is my Strider nobody boys without my say-so yeah they can read people like a book and she didn't even see this one coming soon enough try the connection now you're a damn good freelancer the best I've ever seen maybe but you're not smarter than me and fate put together and you don't have eyes in the back of your head quit jumping in front of bullets that ain't been fired they have the javelin so what we watched while the monitor captures the Cenotaph I'm sorry I got distracted I should have caught the sabotage doing my routine all mature enough guilt you're both killing me we got work to do what work it's over no not quite the javelin they stole won't work I've got a good look at the generals armor it's like no javelin I've ever seen I can only speculate on what some of the systems did or my store do Hey yes spill it already I think most of the seals a key to the generals signet and the Dominion can't run the suit properly without it slows him down but there's a bus any Slonim that might be enough I have the info we pulled from the fortress of doors library and I got that up close look at the javelin itself wait fair you suggesting we build our own javelin if dawn not the whole javelin just irrelevant seals but yes give it a Plan C I can build it so you're Arden faster for us now why not I've built whole javelins from scraps before now we're just gonna make a couple seals might have to jump over a few flaming chimeras first ball get it done flaming chimera jumping is chapter one of the freelancers handbook get you javelin ready I got a drive to fix we're still in distress people we're really gonna build our own javelin of dawn you think we can pull this off what'd I say about looking too far ahead focus on the here and now right now we need materials and information that means we need connections Corvus gave me this job can't they help us out when was the last time government agency got anything done fast point taken so connections who do we need arcanists are the obvious one we're done impossible are there specialties I already have an arcanist contact Matthias Thunder I'll see what he can do for us good next is the sentinels they've got javelins parts and contacts in an tiem fortunately there's a sentinel Dax who's been looking for you she's supposed to be a bigwig of some sort it might be just what we need huh what's an important sentinel not with me worth finding out right meanwhile there's plenty of other stuff you can find for the shield what do we need we need materials and they're not easy to get they gave me a list we need some kind of metal that's only found inside the heart of a Titan I have to hunt down a Titan you weren't kidding about the not easy part scars are always scavenging around shaper ruins he might have found our metal – you're rid of the male scar won't have a Titan heart stashed away this car I might maybe luminarie if you can find one no that's worse than Titan hunting really great so I'll either go hunt a Titan or just ask a luminary very politely for it no problem hey we got this just do one thing out of time yeah what have you been up to you'll love it okay it's called the manifold well technically I call it the manifold and it does what exactly for years I had heard of a type of shaper relic that was able to amplify and augment the qualities of other objects never encountered one never knew anyone that had but thanks to the elysian manuscript I think I know where one is right here in Bastion and do you think it'll amplify and augment the power of my javelin precisely excited yet not to worry once we find the manifold get it working you will be guaranteed first the manifold then we booster javelin you silenced the heart of Rage and boo everyone lives happily ever after it's a little more complicated than that that details I've sent all the particulars of the location to Fay I wait that's about scar activity keep coming in be careful so are we there yet sorry I can't help it I could be the first organist in years years to discover one of these I've been jotting down potential applications of Amana Fulton so how about you focus on that quietly I'll get further in bills alt but we found an all-you-can device of some kind doesn't look like something the shape is made I don't read anything from it are you hearing that who is that Dominion I should have guessed I've heard they possess a device that can overwhelm shaper constructs the strange box Fermi is it you have to know how to activate it as a Dominion camp close by perhaps we'll find a clue there they know about what did you do I uh there's a message to calmly get the Academy know where I found it was intercepted then look let's figure out what the Dominion know about the ruin and the manifold I'll look around rehearse we found some kind of voice recording forced entry with a version of the monitors device one trooper entered vault before door shut itself commanded to hold until a sweep is completed both cygnets for the device were returned to camps for safekeeping his Scout succumb to injury on the way out we left her we have not heard from the trooper inside the ruined it's linked to the entire shaper structure for some purpose you must break the link for the barriers down he's careful as you can pull his fragile and dangerous got it I can't believe it we did it see you soon Matthias hello hello hello here's the manifold ah interesting it's much smaller expected huh mmm well Jos not gonna hurt it bubbly there okay you hit that switch again it's just me or is nothing happening okay easy easy yeah here yeah this year I mean the connections are right aha I know there is this tried-and-true technique never fails to Matthias was no incredible shove off handsy what went awry we struck the manifold manifold definition amplification or multiplication well we've been multiplied this is total score from wait wait wait this can't be multiplication you're surly and I'm not he's cleaved in threes what happened Division of course um an inverse function of the manifold divided you I don't like this physical multiplication psychic division a personality split three ways no no no it's not the manifold is supposed to do we have to fix this the Dominion soldiers in the ruin they were three do you think the manifold affected them two three Dominion soldiers the same soldier I'm not sure we have to go check agreed any information will help wait what are we supposed to do in the meantime stay out of trouble the troubles my middle name no it's Errol guys focus it's Errol go you're right buddy oh we are all here and able to speak to you Oh wonderful isn't it oh I do hope you win something fascinating back as ruins shape your instruments no trace that the Dominions are far maybe this will be an easy mission that's not gonna happen can't you let anyone have a moment of happiness watch out the Scorpions in the area must have moved in recently better do something about them they'll get in the way of your investigation that's what make it easier to continue the investigation looks like some kind of coup but it doesn't look like not to me pink composition real quick unlikely perhaps the metaphor side-effect of division biscuit some samples agreed that's really gross bring the samples to Aruna call yes um discussions of electro hypothesis that the split in reality there are side effects we're gonna call specializes in that she's on expedition helping the sentinels but that's really gross bring the samples to Aruna call yes um discussions of electro hypothesis that the split in reality there are side effects we're gonna call specializes in that she's on expedition helping the sentinels like this you don't like anything Union soldiers dissolving is bad news relax we shouldn't jump to conclusions you're just gonna sit around where are you going what's happening and this argument wait until I get back to the fort laughs you just got up and left but left the lab I don't know just find a route at all we'll deal with this back here where's the Riddick all the polka it's almost of the arcanist I'll show you stay here I'll be careful there's a NASCAR i leading them huge dangerous it's been making trouble thunder semi he needs you to to analyze this the rest of the prisoners in the strider you should take our best car like he mentioned kidnapping sound like bad news we have to take it down do we know what this guy looks like possession said it was huge and dangerous good luck Runa discovered anything about those samples good you're here those samples you brought me what were they well there used to be Dominion I thought it might be something like that reality decay is not pretty reality decay when a shaper instrument taps into the anthem it affects reality and reality is a lot less stable than you think it is one incorrect variable and the entire equation collapses reality collapses these Dominion whatever happened to them altered their nature the fundamentals of their existence but it wasn't right something wasn't right they couldn't last what's this got to do with Mathias whatever happened to these Dominion happened to Mathias – you're not saying the manifold affected him it means he they are unstable and in real danger I gotta go gods I could really use a soothing cup of tea your back that it that is you isn't it I can't quite focus my age eyeballs where's Sumner and where is the manifold he was impatient he wanted to pursue his own theory he took it and pushed me not hard but it hurt my feelings what did you Runa say the Dominion soldiers were affected by some kind of reality decay as a result of their divided reality shifting in unintended ways as a result they were wobbly jelly that didn't quite set oh that explains why I'm feeling oddly porous it's uh it's not a great feeling and none of my limbs work right we need some nerve ACK and the manifold the generator of the effect must be part of the solution do you know where he went he talked about needing a drink maybe the bar it's start how long do I have I smell burnt toast not long please hurry I don't see sundar anywhere but there's a Runa maybe she's seen him you should ask ah freelancer let me guess looking for Matthias yes one of them he wanted a drink but wasn't allowed in he's been banned from the premises for months great so he's gone now I tried to talk to him about the samples he found but he didn't seem interested he was always easily distracted but never rude he was odd it's complicated that one Sumner appears to be the abrasive side of Matthias well you should find him I don't know how quickly the reality decay could set in got it what now I don't see Sumner anywhere he might still have his link on him connect us I can sense the link but I can't seem to make the connection but I can track him got him he's by the forge you said Sumner was here I don't see him no hmm let me check the forge records ah looks like he took a javelin can he do that can even operate one not well I imagine he has likely left the fort by now you should go after him when you can in case of trouble I'm tracking some nesting do you see it yes going after him have you found summary yet we left the Ford I'm trying to get to him hurry Maddie's lost the ability to receive time and space normally what it's complicated I'll go as fast as I can looks like he's stopped you should be able to catch up those scholars who quick to attack you think they ambush Sumner he must be in the area that he might be hurt first we need to find it quickly someone is not in the crashed suit you must have taken it off some reason freelancers are you Thunder Matthias yes it's me bloody stars I knew it couldn't take them in there was a crack in the rock and you couldn't fit into it while wearing a javelin weight I think this passage leads me to the road I was looking for I'll keep going stay where you are I can handle myself and Lauren here there'll be another entrance inside I'm sending your location all the mass market is the subterranean passageway it could lead to the cave network that someone is trapped in was that summer he's trapped underground somewhere was Matty none of his major organs have liquefied yet major organs what about the non major organs just bring back the manifold in summer as soon as you can this could lead to some no pressure no sight that not some kind of cabin I'm sensing some strange energy what's down there got it out but Sumner has the manifold with him and he came here for a reason you needed you I want to get out of here and either them have the guts to borrow you made steel no time to waste you need to get back to the others teeth are tinkling yeah tastes like purple reality decay he's getting worse he's fragmenting how can I help it's alright I made peace with it this isn't just about you it's the end of all of us we don't do something there's nothing to do we don't have the answer he was always was then this way let it be but it'd be yes that's it you genius get the manifold the freelancer removed it from its original housing after it affected the Dominion soldiers and when we divide it you severed the connection again out of fear courage hold on where are you going with this manifold needs more time it needs to go through its full cycle we're gonna have to let the manifold complete what it started plant reality settle but if it sells that means our division could become permanent that's a bet Serling will be told what we say if for a new adventure always okay at the switch Oh it has finished its cycle that's good right rush what a rush I think it worked I think it worse no chance of liquefying time will tell but now we have enough to help help with your dawn shield really yeah especially with the data some infra does this mean that Mathias will never be whole again who says no because you know just right Gateway's not oh check the connection to the crown everything is clear you got to be a glitch in the core you see anything it looks fine oh you think I can literally smack sense into it trust me it's not a freelancer technique Halleck I got this palek how's that connection now damn it nothing I can't run it so take another look at the crown something must still be busted I've been over this a thousand times I swear it doesn't despite me colic maybe it's not the javelin this hunk of junk is putting our whole plan in danger we'd have to delay the mission until I get it working Halleck I can find other Lancers to come with us don't worry how many freelancers went into the storm with us you need everyone you can get back in you up and dead oh I'll either get this damn thing to run or I'll melt it down I'll make a real big paperweight ha how long has he been doing this daily at first then once a month it's been half a year since his last try that long it isn't the Shadle I said no sometimes he can almost control it sometimes nothing at all it's been a hard wait hard wait for what 23 what that's how many freelancers went into the heart of rage at final time 20 lances and three ciphers who were left catatonic by the anthem no one else wanted to try again after that not that I blame them no one but me and Halleck he used to be the best you were there you were there you remember I remember every single thing we lost I heard it just one moment in the storm I heard the anthem Marvin I understood everything now every moment of every day since I've heard whispers calling me back pulling on me like a thread unraveling faith I'm glad you're here I'll leave you with him everyone ready to go I know I am yeah so we got a problem when you see problem you don't mean well that's ominous the Dominion forces are converging on the heart of Rage the monitor is making his move even if it costs him an entire army you're out of time I need a solution again the seals ready but they don't work explain everything is a spec but they don't activate on hell I know why something's missing from the design there is no time for this I am two seconds away from sending every Sentinel in the fort after the monitor you can't send them you know what happened to the freelancers it'll be a bloodbath their sacrifice could save everyone else we are all dead if the monitor succeeds in weaponizing the Cenotaph their deaths won't stop the monitor you know that too many lives are at stake for me to do nothing and just hope that the three of you get your shit together I just hold them back a little longer I'll get the seeds to work if it kills me you'd better they can raise the monitor through the storm and wind but the Sentinels will still fail they have no training with shaper relics no knowledge of the Cenotaph we do we've spent years on this well the only ones that can end this Cataclysm and you know it give us time look you two called me for help I could have left you at princess's eum's Court don't make me regret that now the lives of everyone in the fort and all of an tiem are hanging by a thread you have until the transport Stratus arrived get it done what is she talking about well call mine Corvus didn't track you down you contacted them we were getting so close to the anthem and once we finish Sims job would need a freelancer I am a freelancer no you're not Halleck not anymore you in your damn pride you were never gonna admit you couldn't run a javelin anymore or ask for help the two years you promised we'd go back into the heart of Rage two years and every day waits this longer because you had to do everything yourself and if you couldn't nobody could you think I can't do it you so damn sure I know you come both of you stop we don't have time to waste fighting each other no we don't get out of my way Alec wait has to face reality I'm not getting into this he's probably going to work on his armor just bring him back and we'll take another look at the seals I shouldn't have said that Hey are you busy Arden Vassar wrote the Legion of dawn unleashed the voice for heavens he had to mean the anthem I'll take that as a yes no no you're a welcome destruction that's the great thing about being a cipher I can worry about thousands of things simultaneously at speeds no ordinary person could hope to attain if you want a distraction I've got a couple card tricks I've been working on still trying the one way you change an ace into a general I'll get it eventually you said that two years ago yes but remembering it has now taken your mind off our mission all right that's fair did that help or should I actually break out the deck of cards please don't I remember the last time we don't have a fire extinguisher handy you know it's nice to have someone to talk to besides Halleck there's a practical limit to how much I can talk about fixing javelins every day I'll do my best to keep you entertained I appreciate that at least in theory I do commander of all freelancer did Halleck drop by he did his mood was worse than usual if that's possible what did he want the timetable how long before our Striders arrived did he say why he said he missed something back at the fortress of dawn I assumed you were going with him right he was in a hurry to get there hopefully this isn't something the Sentinels will need to clean up we're taking care of it hey I heard listen someone just saw Halleck leaving the fort how in his javelin damn him fortress of doom by himself not for long I'm going after him yell a bit and wring its neck hello so a good plan nice and simple just don't be too hard on him you were and I already regret it those were the last words I had to speak to him I can't raise him he's not responding you could palek over here you almost got yourself killed why didn't you call me although this looks pretty impressive it was Owen Owen yeah that two-faced bastard came out of nowhere he's a crap pilot but how'd you have onto something else well I got a few but not enough you know freelancers all I ever wanted to be it's all I do I got no family port every bit of me into being the best chasing my dream of the Legion of dawn read their stories so much I can recite it from memory yeah me too you know why you taught me taught most of us I don't want to be a teacher this isn't about you being a freelancer is about the team you showed me that yeah yeah yeah well look who's back here's that two-faced bastard now oh you got a lot of nerve this strange seeing me pilot this javelin never recognized my unique talents oh and the monitor did yes he did actually I heard that didn't really work out no but for a while it was brilliant the dawn shield came up I was magnificent you should have seen me then of course it didn't hold seems it needs her signify suspect that you know that already so naturally disaster treat failure in any case my punishment the Dominion and I have since parted ways well I think you learned your lesson oh and I think you are very lucky I was there to save your ass it seems your legendary capabilities were oversold just a touch hold on a second you built your own dollar sheet Fay must have pulled the blueprints from the fortress that's very clever so you are still heading to the Cenotaph but why doesn't work does it no it doesn't work not even with her signature oh dear very upsetting okay playtime's over give us the general no no this belongs to me now oh oh a nice highlight Oh God this doesn't concern you We Need to Talk go get the Strider I'll see you back in Tarsus two-faced bastard we were partners even friends if you hadn't saved Alec's life I'd I've heard it the anthem I've heard it too I understand how it can drive a person to do terrible things okay I watch the monitor here again he's become crazed he's got this machine this weapon and he's gonna get it to the Cenotaph any way he can even if that means dragging it across a bridge of his own dead soldiers okay thanks for the heads up I'm sorry I know I don't deserve your forgiveness but I'm hoping I can make amends maybe even save your life here take this my friend I mean I'm sure you probably have worked it out eventually but there's no time is there he'll just get fate or reverse engineer and fix your shields build a whole load la blah blah where are you gonna go I'm not really sure to be honest east-west you know again I am sorry right you said yeah not just for that I'm sensing a whole load of Dominion Fury's heading this way right now oh they seem particularly nasty you should be fine though good luck hero you son of a bitch Hey sorry I wasn't kidding Yuri jumped online to meet you we are a top-of-the-line freelancer right you should be blasted right you survived the fury Jos answers we've got bigger problems out here palek I didn't get very far alongside you need to see this great not gonna let blowing out here these extraction don't think you can work a miracle I'm on it ain't I right now you did it sir they're just getting started hey how's that miracle coming you just worry about the fight you know everybody knows you know that there's a generate today by that right so it worth a try Hey you can't you can't I'll do you one better the miracles on its way we try to owes me a favor he's Oh burning his rider to you he'll meet you on the other side of the bridge you're fired he'd ask me how my weight I can't tell you good there we go Oh down here watch yourself you did it I don't see any more Dominion this is nice secret spot yeah takes a little extra to quite cyphers mind you doing okay yes fantastic its questioning the nature of existence why I'm here why you're here the shape is the anthem life friendship hope so just the little things would you rather be alone no you know when you first showed up at princess Sims I wasn't sure this was gonna work out so then when I called tessen I was desperate Thanks actually any hesitation was more about Halle than you I wasn't sure he'd ever accept you back and then when he said welcome aboard it's fantastic I've watched him come alive since you came back he's up early working on his soup poring over maps humming thank you for that never mind how look at me what about you me well let's see it's my fault that the teams broken up that our mission failed and Tyson's about send sentinels in probably to their deaths and yet with all that I'm most upset that I won't ever hear the anthem again that's crazy right seems to have that effect on people lots of hurt my oldest friend where is he I don't know it doesn't speak to me much look I get it but please don't take all the blame I brought you something no one gave it to me Owen fun story for another time what do you think can we use that to perfect ours yes of course why don't you lead with this you're my friend I was listening you know like a good person this is amazing have you told tussin not yet I needed to make sure Owen wasn't you know lying uh that point well he's no I'm gonna let her know we're back in action okay I'll meet you at Alex javelin in the Enclave Halleck we'll figure it out our people need us to stop the monitor no one nothing's more important yeah we're actually gonna do this brought you something Alec this is good oh and thinks it's the key to making the dawn shield work Owen you knew you'd figure it out eventually yeah I'm it's nice of him hey gasps do face bastard hey listen I I was thinking about what you said about being a team my ego I was probably hard to say to my face but I needed it thanks for the kick in the ass partner has face team discuss I can't figure this out on my own that's luck would have it here she is Haluk they I am so sorry all right they I am sorry I used to be the best damn freelancer in all of Bashan but not anymore pisses me off I forced you to go behind my back because I didn't want to be a burden caring about a friend isn't a burden it's a gift let's get to work okay there it is Oh we'll take care of this you go make sure everything else is ready to head into that storm got it okay it was it does work yeah you have news good news what you ready [Laughter] amazing you did it yeah where's yours you'll need a dawn shield – how that's not taking his javelin into the storm with you no no the Strider was stood the song last time I will make sure she does it again hey what's gonna happen when I hear the anthem what if I lose myself you won't strong alone stronger together right ah who told you that come on there's no time to waste the Dominion is already on the March perfect the monitor probably thinks he's won you won't even see us coming come on freelancer get a new legends right oh yeah like being thrown down the stairs in a barrel nothing out a little longer okay as far as I can take this before this rider gets ripped to shreds okay I'm fine I'm fine get ready it wasn't this bad before no it wasn't could be the heart of Rage is growing he'll be the monitor messing with the Cenotaph winds are crazy watch the rip stream out there you already met the wildlife watch for shadows that's how you know they're diving at you got it dubbed raft from the lava will mess with your thrusters just push through as fast as you can good is the freelancer job always has been ready when you are we've got your back you go there and you kick some ass team check-in mic on focus I'm with you good a whole to think just hang in there worried about us you got this and for the city rules up to help their interest to hold back passin sentinels you see this Lancer still alive let's see if you can be I feel strange watching this happen a second time hey this song you know how to take one of these monsters down what's the matter bluster cipher weak Minds just can't handle the Ansem candy she tried so hard to don't worry you haven't lost your audience oh he's seeing you soon I'm still with you the storms getting worse by the second you've got hurt I'll touch it your little friends are back the many mess was something they couldn't control okay I'm in the eye of the storm no one was right the monitor has a machine connected to the Cenotaph earn whatever you can I've never seen anything like this and it's blocking my access to the relic inside it's calling me hey I need you this is the heart of rage I need my cipher Hey you may have beat me here but I am silencing the Cenotaph wait he's not here the monitors dead destroy those things before they explode hurry did you see that hey was connected to the monitor cypher decipher she knows what to do how's she doing I don't know not great I'm doing better than you Halleck never mind that the anthem was interfering I couldn't reach you I have to get to that machine I got you no time to lose I can I can hear the anthem what do we do it's a minion seals to get you to the Cenotaph I need to get closer to the anthem like the monitor did well you can you got this [Applause] okay I heard I heard and I let it go hey we did it so what's next nothing use that one job no I didn't you did I was there you were very clear I mean maybe I want to renegotiate but more importantly who's gonna fix my stride an hour Stryver think that's what he meant doubt it well tell you what you helped me fix it and we'll talk hey hey freelancer Yara so what's the word under the minion though the monitor is dead many still fight on talk to you later give me I hear you ambassadors are probably here to stay you came through fine work of course we did never a doubt thank you time for celebration let's all have a drink long as we don't talk about work what me okay I just need a moment can I talk about my Strider something you need to see I want you to meet Grandmaster Adams you entered free mark you silence the Cenotaph yes with help right on strong alone stronger together hey let me show you something we found this just inside the eastern border killed two of our team before we were able to put it down and I mapped the region on it our goth you've heard of them from stories paintings but they're long gone from Bastian Wow this could either be a single Scout at the beginning of something much much bigger Corvus is worried that the death of the monitor while vital has left us vulnerable in places we never even considered and we're reaching out to you because by all accounts you're something special but can you keep quiet about this we don't want to freak people out sure good we'll be in touch

ANTHEM All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p 60FPS

24 thoughts on “ANTHEM All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p 60FPS”

  1. Should process fairly soon! Will be 1080p 60FPS but unfortunately we were experiencing optimization issues so we had drop the graphics settings to mid and high on most things to get a fluid 60fps. Frames would drop in some cutscenes in the beginning regardless of settings, so that is something they have to patch soon. We have an i7 7700K, 32GB DDR4 and a GTX 1080 Ti so should have had no trouble playing on Ultra for 1080p but it just couldn't happen. Still looked great imo and better than consoles haha =)

  2. Maybe I missed the story somewhere, but I don't understand this part: after her death, General Tarsis' team split into what became of Sentinels, Dominion and Freelancers. Dominion attacked Freemake, caused an event that became Heart of Rage. Freelancer PC is trying to get into it after failing 2 years ago. They needed Tarsis' Javelin since it was used to… enter Heart of Rage?? The event that happened after Tarsis' death?? Did I got something wrong or is the timeline screwy?

  3. Ugh, the facial animations are trash, the story is flat, the character voice acting mediocre at best.

    But the gameplay is okay, a bit simple for my liking but okay.

    It really does just feel like destiny with Ironman mechanics

  4. So basically…Crackdown 3. Anthem. Metro Exodus. & Far Cry New Dawn all came out in the same week & from what I've seen only Metro has gotten good ratings. Other than Division 2 next month, that seems to be it in the solid game department until the Fall.

  5. Pros:
    – cool combat – even tho feels like Destiny, Warframe and Halo combined.
    – world design
    – storywise – predictable and blend plot that feels like a rehash from other games
    – corny and filled with one liner dialogues
    – graphics are not that great
    – repetitive missions and combat
    – rehashed sound library
    Overall – doesn't live up to its hype.

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