AOC 24B1XH Full HD 23.8 Inch LED Monitor Unboxing/Review

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Unpacking and a Review of the AOC 24B1XH Full HD 23 8 Inch LED Monitor. This review covers most things about the Monitor and the graphics as well.

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Link to buy the Monitor would be coming soon…
welcome back to the channel so basically it's been a while since I uploaded and today I'm doing an unboxing video slash a review video of a new monitor that I've got from AOL see and then yeah so the star should share this experience with you guys I'm just gonna unbox it and see how it's going bezel so we'll see how it goes like I said it's um a new monitor from AOC so it's a so 24 inch LCD monitor so it's basically 20 think it's 28.3 or something like that but as you can see it's all new I just quickly unboxing now cuz I finally caught one haven't go it's done so just bear with me boys just bear with me okay so yeah I've grown one hand so I'm just gonna have to quickly just go through this so I've got it comes with a young a desk I think it would be probably to install drivers or something but I'll look into this later it's got they stand as well I've probably placed down here just to put the monitor when it comes to them clock as well so like different different plugs just in case you from a different country and you go defense okay just look at the normal ones the UK went to Britain and it's called the these the three pens that I can use the plot on the wall so I just pulled out they're getting ready it's got an HDMI cable as well so you don't have to fire one separately so connect that from the laptop and then onto the monitor so it's got the power plug so you connect this to the to the three pins through that and then this goes into the monitor and for the big for the big pad so this is where we I couldn't actually see the monitor from here so as you can see it's all it's all brand new so so they mean you know they sunny outside my last night I lost my boss my voice appears well sorry guys yeah so it's on the slim side is quite like tiny or is quite slim um that's what I'm gonna do this cuz I've got one hand on the one hand at the moment okay this this looks interesting guys so yeah so I got this from Tyreese Carrie Smith again so that's where it got I got it from um it's quite nice actually I'm not gonna lie um it's very very slim yeah so it's got an HDMI what just one HDMI pole um d sup so probably for you can put VJ 10 I saw with you with the pins there stood the 24 pins over from Anthony come these the Hedgehog paid off because he hasn't got any speakers so we probably want to connect your headphones oh and it's something like that and that's where the power power goes and that's the energy efficiency chart or something like that so it's on it's on a so I'm guessing it's on the good side of things it comes in it comes in as twin points just could they take this off here put that somewhere safe because I'm gonna need it yeah so that would be the unboxing so I'm just gonna cut here set the thing up and then we can do the review from there okay so as you can see I've set up everything now there's the first and out factually started the monitor and as you can see looks gorgeous from there and so he's basically just taking that direct duplicated from the screen to there but once I've done myself I'm just gonna make a different screen on there so the difference going there just so I can sort of um multitask around this for I'll just close my windows now just to put a bit more brightness on the screen so you can actually see what the screen looks like as well yeah I don't know if I could I did turn on all the lights but as you can see it as the laptop screen and that's the money to screen looks gorgeous like you can see the Tim the thin bezels baby you be on the very thin side on here the colors and great the not too bad I mean I think the only missing thing this monitor would just be the sound because he hasn't got any speakers in there just quickly login from yeah [Applause]

AOC 24B1XH Full HD 23.8 Inch LED Monitor Unboxing/Review

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  1. This motherfucking monitor is the biggest waste of money ever. You cant even look normal videos without expiriencing black noise on the screen. Just look at gameplay at 0:00 . Dont buy!

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