APOGEE NAMM NEWS 2019 – Hype MiC USB Microphone with built-in compressor

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APOGEE NAMM NEWS 2019 – In this video Apogee product evangelist Roger Robindoré shows and explains us the all new Apogee Hype MiC.
HypeMiC is an enhanced deluxe version of its cousin MiC+ and offers many new features as well as a new appealing design.
HypeMiC features Apogee’s famous PureDIGITAL connection for pristine sound quality up to 24-bit/96kHz. It’s the perfect all-around solution for diverse recording applications. Thanks to its new integrated analog compressor, Apogee HypeMiC is the best choice for easy recording of voices, vocals and instruments, as well as great for podcasting or live streaming applications, Apogee HypeMiC is compatible with iOS, Windows, and MacOS.
hello from NAMM 2019 this is sound service TV I'm Roger with apogee electronics and I'm here to show you the brand new pipe pipe the height mic is the latest version of our USB cardioid condenser microphone and what's different pipe mic actually has an analog compressor built right in and I've got three settings I've got off light compression medium compression and then a great real smash compression that just sounds fabulous on drums now hike mic is also great if you're doing podcasting or any kind of streaming on Facebook live and that compressor will give you a professional polished sound in real time and so the height mic is really great for new media projects where you want a great sound with virtually no effort also the height mic it's an audio interface so you've got your headphone output for a really powerful Apogee today and finally the height might connect can connect to Windows 10 machines it can connect to your iPhone or your Mac and we give you all the cables you need including that USBC connector to connect up to a new macbook pro so if you'd like more information about height mic check this out at apogee digital comm before WWI sound – service dot-eu

APOGEE NAMM NEWS 2019 – Hype MiC USB Microphone with built-in compressor

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