ASRock S-Series G31M-GS MB Introduction

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ASRock S-Series G31M-GS features OC Tuner (Overclocking), Intelligent Energy Saver, Extra ESD Protection.
hi it's me again I'm going to show you a new series of s for my boards today the S series one boards the S stands for smart simple and stable so let's check it out the ester it's multiple right now the first one who I'm going to show you of the S series one boy is the G 31 and that's GS which is based on the Intel G 31 chipsets now let's take a look at this chart according to Intel gene 31 should suspect it only supports the front so it's 800 106 6 and the processor plus 133 but now s Rob G 31 m VG s not only support that energy thing once you suspect but also we make it to support overclocking to support from service 533 and even over talking to support from service 1 6 0 0 so you can see the advantages of G 31 m VG s higher functional special an excellent of the cocking ability and now let's check out the overclocking capability on the CPUC page we can found out we're testing with each tu-160 CPU which is in front of us 800 cpu the native frequency of the tu-160 is 1.80 together now use the Ezra of a copy tool Oct 2 overcome CPU frequency from 200 megahertz to 340 regardless right now so now unless you fuse the page we found that the core speed of the eat to 160 rows of you is over cuffed to 3050 megahertz so we can easily overcome the seemed his feet on G 31 and SGS up to 70% that's rock G 31 and SGS also supports the is intensive energy saber to compare with other manufacturers G's that you want you to say motherboards when we use the same configuration include the seven CPU the S Rob G 31 FSGS with is technology he can save 38 % CQ power when we turn on the IES you found that the CPU power drops to around 5 watts and we can also find that power savings Fitness kids increasing that means that is right now is helping the system to save more power and on the right side can find that very cute piggybacked logo it means it is helping us to save more money so after two to three years the money we save is almost equal to the selling price of this month water that means this motherboard is almost free free besides the extra OC tuner and is software technology from the homicide the G 31 FSGS also provides the extra ESD protection it can protect the motherboard from the ESD damage

ASRock S-Series G31M-GS MB Introduction

49 thoughts on “ASRock S-Series G31M-GS MB Introduction”

  1. This Mobo Is Nice, I Overclocked A Intel Pentium D From 2.40 GHz To 2.80 (I Tried To Make It At 3.00 GHz But After A While It Would Reboot) Great Motherboard If You Dont Want To Spend Over 50 Bucks

  2. capullos ami no me da problema alguno y si se puede hacer oc pero no tan exagerado komo kieren hacer otros frikis. ai ke ser prudentes y no tan ansiosos.
    es una buena MB. sobre todo para lo ke kieras usarlo. para juegos esta muy bien, pero un oc exesivo te la puedes cargar. si kieres aser oc komprate otra placa ke soporte un oc extremo.

  3. lol i tried oc ing a q9300 quad but when i put it to manul the fsb is already at 333 and i can only go up to 340fsb, over that it will hang. Is there a voltage control option, i guess not cause i looked every where bios + oc tuner. if someone knows other wise . let me know … thanks!

  4. after a year this mobo is garbage. Right now, my problem with it is that its giving to my CPU too much voltage @ stock speeds never overclocked (Pentium Dual Core E2180). It should be about 1.21 but its 1.3 now and I cant run anything without throttle. Furthermore, if I shutdown right now, I'll be lucky it POST.

    If not for these problems, this is a real good mobo that saves power but not a true OC mobo.

  5. This motherboard is pieco of shit. I used it for 6 months and it burnt a week ago by trying to overclock. I hope my gts 250 is not burnt with it…..

  6. MrGilly56, if you still have the mobo audio problem, did you buy a pci soundcard? If not, might I suggest the $20 Diamond EX5.1. It's only 16-bit but it has terrific sound quality and it's soundblaster compatible. It has a 10 band EQ with lots of presets and special effects to fit any room. It also has audio editing software. EX and DTS formats. Good luck. You can always buy a better card of course but I've installed the Diamond card for many years for terrific sound quality.

  7. My personal ASR mobo overclocks just fine. Stable and rock solid. What's your beef? I just built 25 ASR mobo PC's for several local businesses and didn't have a single problem. But all manufacturers have known problems now and then. No brand is without failures. 21 years of building PCs has taught me that truth. I stopped using MSI and Abit because of their issues, besides they are overpriced. ASR prices their boards just right.

  8. OC problems? Blame yourself NOT ASRock!
    I've built over 200 systems. 20 w/ASRock (32bit & 64bit XP & Vista–DDR2 & DDR3). Mostly with Q6600's, e8400's, e8600's, Q9450's & Q9550's w/ASRock mobos (mostly P45TurboTwins2000's for the 45nm's because it's the best bang for the buck). They easily OC smooth as silk & rock solid if done correctly. Newbs note: LEARN how to OC! GET the voltages correct & there's absolutely no problem. Run a stability utility too. Ultra cooling means higher stable GHz!

  9. This motherboard is a winner for low-budget PC's or Office PC's, for somebody who will use it as office Pc you have everything you need right there, you can upgrade it if you want with a stand-alone video card and so you get a great home theater platform. All around good performance and upgradebility makes this a very good choice for a large number of possible configurations. If Intel keeps it's promise to deliver better drivers for onboard video you it will be even e better choice.

  10. This MB, being a best-choice for OC,at the best price out there…deserves one word: "EXCELENT". Finally, ASRock did a MB that's perfect for a gaming-extreme-enthusiast, that has unmatched power saving abilities.

  11. Great! Cant wait to have one of this. I have a internet cafe shop and all of my mobo's are made by ASROCK. Thats why Asrock is always my first choice they are innovative, cheap, and everything you want in a board is there. Great Job! Keep on the Good Work!

  12. One of the best mobo manufacturers out there, don't be fooled by their cheap price. I had owned multiple Asrock mobo's and build systems using their mobos and I can say that Asrock mobo's are one of the most durable, solid and feature-rich motherboards as of now.

  13. Very Nice overclocking options for a G31 chipset board 🙂
    This would make the ideal backbone for a small form factor HTPC,how much will they retail at?

  14. Probably the best matx board for overclocking.(and the less expensive)
    I used G31 from Gigabyte and I couldn't overclock too much the C2D E2180. (2700-2800mhz)
    Moreover, this board has also IES and that handy protection (ESD).
    Great job AsROCK!!!!!!!

  15. Asrock make good motherboard with the best chipset ( intel G31 ), The overcloking is very easy and safe.I think is a very good solution for make a powerful Mini-PC. I have a K7S41 micro ATX and i think it's a good choice for upgrade my mini-Pc. The large inovation is the support of FSB1600 in Overcloking. The G31 is fully optimized !!

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