Batmobile does Bathurst in RaceRoom

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Hi everyone, I knocked out a 6 lapper around Bathurst in the one off P4/5 Competizione. Very cool story behind this car, it’s short lived competition career and association or lack of with Ferrari. I firmly believe that the P4/5 is what the Enzo should have looked like originally. Hope you enjoy as I really got into this race. Apologies for the mic audio quality I really need to look at another option instead of this Corsair built in one.

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hi everyone welcome back to the channel I hope you all will and welcome back to race room today we're going to do 6 laps around Bathurst in the awesome-looking people 5 competition a and I'm gonna start 10th on the grid with 24 cars in total I always said to adaptive so hopefully they make it pretty difficult for me and we don't end up as a car park on L corner so here we go I want to do is get your help order in one piece though I don't know Jocelyn thank you but we're up to seventh throughout the societies as you can see the people how it doesn't have great visibility it's just still look pretty cool handled quite well pretty decent performance just a little bit of a disadvantage with your visual cues and do the cutting there and through quarry was there any ensign passing yep people Phi's a little bit light in the rear I'm running reduce the arrow so you have trouble across the top I can make at some time in the Straits I've asked online no idea in a second through the esses I was sloppy right then upload as we come over the rise should be able to see the hotel in the distance but if a bit of ground up there and the brakes and break a little bit early I don't want to end up in someone's booth very close might be a lien outbreak this is BMW yeah noise oh no wow wow leave me the melody was right there but can't drafting boxed-in we go around the outside oh wow for GT all over me seems to be struggling a little bit cut them out of it there we go all right let's catch up to this society's and BMW after you so this p45 is actually a pretty cool car exam it's a one-off so it's it's actually not a gt3 car it was built as a gt2 prototype has actually built around the Ferrari f430 with the Ferrari f430 v8 gt2 developed race engine now where's the the original p45 by the 2006 rogue her was a one-off built around the Enzo so this actually got a second in class at the Nurburgring 24 hour and then the bronec season they've got first in class it wasn't actually retired and taken back by the owner and converted back into a road car come on BMW your mind let's catch there's two cars ahead and see if we get into the top five to the quarry Porcia heads all over the place he's all the track three-minute film eight keep it off the grass just a skyline that's pretty horrible again kind of matched him then out of there see if my arrow helps me out it looks like it keep it on the track right up to six let's get in the top five well the cows are very tightly packed might actually have a chance to be better than that sticking with them come on the thing – better – cutting that time even if it did like they were yeah I was going on wait a second geez they're getting a good run through there Oh well this is where it comes into its own come on come on come on to lift the pack behind fairway off now on point two seconds I might be able to get the Merc here side by side got him nice clean overtake there is right there though come on come on stuck with them then can we get to my glock come on the best one yet through there Oh mortal alcohol we might be tickets on the last corner or maybe outbreak somewhere just here it's to be a rice in them awkward slide whoa last luck come on come on come on I don't think we'll be able to catch up can't believe I pulled that off no one died see if these guys have a go at each other so to be hanging with the line she's getting loose big filling me for the last time I have a scoreline get off the wall there back on the Casa villi I don't know if I'm going to try that pass again go go go go go come on come on come on that was clean we had to get a second here well I think we've done it whoa oh nice Wow purrs awesome well I hope you all enjoyed that if you did give it a like hit the subscribe button and the notification bill and I'll be sure to upload more content soon thanks everyone bye

Batmobile does Bathurst in RaceRoom

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