BenQ GL2706PQ 27 Inch QHD Monitor with Low Blue Light Review

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BenQ GL2706PQ 27 Inch QHD Monitor with Low Blue Light Review.
We are taking a look at the BenQ GL2706PQ 27 Inch QHD Monitor with Low Blue Light, Flicker-Free and 1ms Response Time, Height Adjustable. See if this monitor is worth the £230.00 price tag.

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I go anywhere anywhere with you cuz you filled my mind oh you feel my my we could build a dream start of something new let the old be dead let the shadows in my on your shoulders and you oh just come a little closer I'll be there for you I'll be there for you coz when we are together I know you'll feel the tension just let me in your head so I can be there for you with that for you tonight is the gl2 2706 PQ which is this monitor here is for gaming and for semi-professionals I want to say for absolute professions and the reason is is that we can get more Hertz obviously for the gaming that means more quicker response times and obviously for and professional stuff like if you're doing anything to do with graphics and CAD work and their video production and photography editing and stuff like that you're gonna need something that will push colors in RGB to its maximum now you won't get those crushing blacks and everything like this is a nice monitor it's clean but it's not as strong and it's good-looking as the more expensive versions of the bank you'd I have previously tested but this is pretty decent this is a 2k resolution so I can go into here and go into display and recommend it 100% and then gone resolution 2560 by 1440 P recommended and that's what we go up here so I'm using Windows 10 Pro in for now I've got taken seven we're gonna test the graphics out on so far it does look good but some colors are a little bit of balance you could get a color corrector or grade up and then put it on the screening try and grade it as much as possible the buttons are not too bad they got was it 1 2 3 4 5 buttons plus a power button for on and off the buttons are very simple as well underneath you got a main menu so luminance color i/o screen display or OS oh it's the language recalled miscellaneous inputs lit and audio so you can get audio feedback from monitor itself inputs only DVI sub and HDMI err and also the thicker one where you can get more resolution or honey remember that one's called DisplayPort DP so you got that they got your audio but your language yours on screen displaying all that sort of stuff and then you've got like a normal menu which is the straight to the point so you got your inputs you have an auto DVI HDMI or DisplayPort and then you've just got these other buttons that just like make it yeah Chief selectable or accessible to what you want to put it on but at the moment I've got the screen as it came from Bank you it it does do a vertically it does go vertically in the horizontal and all that sort of stuff and forward and up and down and back and forward so that's as far as it goes up and this is how far it goes down so it's not that much it's probably about 15 centimeters down 15 centimeters up all right but what I do like is that you've got nice surface protects up underneath the actual base of the monitor on the ports and everything obviously underneath the bottom and you've got a 3.5 little jack for the external speakers that have built into this screen then you go to the display port HDMI and DVI sub on this side you could stand and look and work from this screen it doesn't go super flat only goes that flat on the screen which means which means it doesn't have that much a professional value to do other things and use it for other stuff and then you've got probably about the 15 to 20 percent of going down so say that you want it to kind of game like so you can but it doesn't go high enough for this I don't know it's okay what I could see but if you if you know if you're in the market for this money I would be cool it's not too bad it's not too expensive I think it's around two hundred and eighty pounds something around that area but it is 2k and you do have decent color balance but anyway I'm gonna play a game quickly I've got the sun shining onto the screen trying to make it as awkward as anything up on the screen what's going on my screen okay I got a screen I've lost my uh my fing anyway you can imagine it would be bigger wouldn't it but yeah after fix this is like a normal standard sort of screen is like 20 to 24 inches and this is how much real estate you've got look how much real estate you've got on here when it's expanded out so that means you could have all your fits on one slide you can change the workspace really quiet so how you want it the color isn't too bad but it's not it's not like the best lot the best of the best anyway I'll get rid of this I can't ain't got that X on there oh I could get rid of it so let's go into Premiere Pro real quick Photoshop would be nice you can zoom in and get some pictures like so you can edit pretty nicely there we go so this is not too bad but I've got nothing on there at the moment really but look at that real estate right there that is nice I don't even need that much there less I'm going into a some little effects on Premiere Pro and doing some little effects here and stuff it's pretty cold oh so I gotta fix real quick don't need that much there would I oh yeah suppose a good day so find another screen it would be quite good so it's not the super quad what it is quad HD but it's not like super like widescreen or anything like but it's still quite decent you do get quite a lot of space but anyway so you can do some work on it if you feel to but don't expect it to be like rushing blacks and like the colors of pop him in there look real realistic in your going into things and stuff like that what we could do we could ever look at our 8k video and check that out afterwards and see what that looks like but what I'm gonna do it's gonna play Tekken 7 real quick so like we're gonna give it a quick go on the screen look at that it is a big 27-inch it's so much different it's so different from a 24 inch screen or 20 inch pin now this is what I'm saying you just seen a little bit of fuzz around I'm only using the GTX 970 core i5 87 100k 8600 k 32 gigs of ram new msi carbon motherboard water-cooled erikak that's all listening for the game but you can see that is it's not super sharp no that's not dude due to the graphics that's due to the screen itself but then again if I did have a better graphics card it could be it could be different but this graphics cards really up to date and stuff like that and also if I connected it to DP or it would be much clearer than what I've got now so I had it connected in DP but I want to show you the Box standard so when you get it you'll be like wow this is great when you get a display that cable it's just like the old school days where it's like every monitor came with a VGA cable and then their Series you put it into a devious sub Wow graphics changed considerably considerably and this is the sound coming from these which could hardly hear that there's no way that I could fly them to turn it up which is annoying there's what now that's all anyway just to give you a little jest of what it what it looks like here we go we've got a challenger okay and I'll connect it to the computer via USB which should make it awkward for me to play but no excuses that no excuses there we go someone that's absolutely gonna kill me off from France okay yeah the colors are slightly a little bit fluffy and and it's not as sharp as how I would want it and on the menu there's not much to the menu that I could actually get into was either as you saw earlier oh well anyway Michigan's look now the sun's coming up nicely so that should be getting on dude you know we got to me anyway as you can see from that of graphics itself it's not bad for gaming but it's just a cheap-ass sort of display anyway if you like this sort of content and you need more information on it and all that sort of hook me up in the comments down below and I'll get back to you soon as soon as possible and see if I've missed anything else I'll probably have missed something out on this video but all I was doing is just showing you like a demonstration of like this screen the screens okay but it's a semi-professional and more amateurs in gaming if that but if you're like a strong professional gamer then you want to look elsewhere in the other range anyway thanks for watching and I'll see you next one

BenQ GL2706PQ 27 Inch QHD Monitor with Low Blue Light Review

5 thoughts on “BenQ GL2706PQ 27 Inch QHD Monitor with Low Blue Light Review”

  1. Is it possible to overclock this at 75Hz, at QHD. I can't find any precise info on it, even on their website, they say "vertical refresh rate 50-76 hz, but it doesn't mention at what resolution.

  2. I like your way of presenting the product. But even if having it tested in direct sunlight is a good idea, you should also try it in a dark room, since this is where most people play/work.
    Also, there is in fact a button to change the volume of the monitor 🙂 It's the fourth one from from the left !

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