BenQ PD3200U 32 inch 4K Designer Monitor Review

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BenQ PD3200U 32 inch 4K Designer Monitor Review. We are taking a look at the BenQ PD3200U 32 inch 4K Designer Monitor see what we thought of this £749.00 monitor.

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right so in a cyclist video I just basically connected it to an old-school graphics card which was lighting 20 by 1080 resolution and it couldn't go any further to 4k now if I'm doing a review on a 4k monitor or ultra high-definition monitor I should implement that you can actually do that so what I've done is I've connected it to a much modern day computer up vo cable look that computable to this computer and now I've got a straight road here so this is an ultra high-definition monitor and the resolution is 3840 by 2160 so it doesn't go full 4k well I couldn't really talk to you about anything what I wanted to talk to you about yesterday so this is another day and I've just literally shown what volcanics life so this is illustrator in ultra-high definition so you can see this so much real estate compared to what it would be on a 1920 by 1080 resolution screen which is going to be our 22 inches it will be covering that much real estate whereas this covers all this real estate so I could put that up here and then what do my workflow as you can see though it's absolutely crystal clear it's beautiful so if i zoom in on some things it this is all completely affected as you see vector vector vector alright so you can see it's like I can keep going and the lines are just basically infected but yeah the whole thing I'm sure that's all vector this world it just moves really smooth and everything on earth anyway let's go and then what we're going to do we're going to go on to a 4k video and have a look at that and so you can time to guess what we were looking at yesterday and then yes I'm using two screens at the same time look at the real look at that white space I don't you can actually work with to split displays right now so now go find my mouse where's my mouse there is YouTube and innocent for some for case for age right now you can actually see it in its heavenly glory and and yet again this wife was really suppose I should really change it before I do this I have a food buffering sessions but yeah this looks nice thirty-eight thousand hundred forty by twenty one thousand 160 pixels that looks so nice that I could thought the heat on my damn face yeah I think is that Atlas or whatever my work is called so I'm sort of dead thing oh dear I don't know what I'm talking about kind of fee oh look look you can put his neck I thought what this was doing anyway it looks absolutely stunning like although it's beautiful look at clean is so if you really are looking for a sort of money that's really clean looking take no look no further go to thank you because their prices are quite decent leave the description below but on with the next part of the video everyone talk about 1920 but today so if you are increasing the value so say that you've got 4k yet you ain't got 1920 or 1080p card you will definitely can use this screen it still comes up really beautiful but after that you can just upgrade and look oh my god it's so crazy oh yeah these monitors a bit the TV's by the way there's no TV on earth that's better than the morning our monitors are more powerful than TVs just like a fun fact people think that TVs are really powerful know what it is some more powerful than any TV out there anyway carry on with an expert video so what we've got here today we've got a money art and this is my bank you and this is an LCD one and as you can see it's really fuzzy but I've been told it's a pv 3200 you monitor screen and this is a for ultra-high definition so it's R before K or it's a 3840 by 2160 resolution but I'll have a check it out in one second all of this panel here is touchscreen it has two reversible USB connectors the sort ones that you've put in the back of the printer then it's got four USB free so we start bits per second to on the air so it's got four underneath the fire bottom two on the top there SD card reader so you can also put micro SD card with a universal so you can basically put a microSD card into a full version of a SD card into the site there it's also got two HDMI HDMI one HDMI two and what else does it gone if I remember rightly I'll have to go up and look now one on a display port a mini DisplayPort H then two HDMI outs on the side there as well and I don't even know if it's got free point button or check yep three point 5 volt check as well so you get you're basically getting a computer in the screen but it's all computer in the screen it's basically just a monitor that's a high-definition one but yet today what we're looking at is resolution wise how clear it is everyone's complaining now why'd you always have to sunlight all on the screen and send out great isn't that well technically this is a professional grading script screen so this is for like Premiere Pro After Effects Photoshop for editing photos illustrations so you can zoom in and have a look at lines and stuff like CAD work anything that's professional this screen will be able to cover so I'm just going to go into the wall game that's it display settings I want to find out what this screen can do so we've got srgb and then we've got a blow blue light so basically like I say most of these videos that we've screens it's like when you're reading and stuff like that you've got an orange texture that you can put in your phones like an orange fill up and it's kind of makes your eyes relax and not so stressed when you're looking at something that's really bright and vivid and shot it kind of stresses your muscles in your eyes and that's what gives you is strained and gives you a headache so this is what this comes with it comes with the backlight so you've got what we media you've got web surfing office and reading it tells you that sort of percentages that is going to be knocking it down by because when you're grading you've got grade and you can't grade and obviously orange forks you won't know what the colors are but you normally grade in the darkest scenario and like when you're doing photos isn't editing and stuff you did that as well but yeah this has got you covered we rely salt filter it's got five touchscreen buttons on that's on the front there and there I don't know I prefer like these touchscreen buttons right within the other buttons it's like really quite cool so I'm going to go through the menu quickly so we've got srgb as we already know and I can't do anything right so that's X accounted it out got that button there which is obviously reading of this web surfing multimedia and then you could just tick and go away down this would have your contrast and brightness and stuff so let's go back come out of that go into this menu and this brings up everything so you've got your display you got your pip P P P B P and then we scroll down they've got your picture brightness contrast sharpness gamma color temperature hue saturation and reset color if you make a mistake picture of ants picture mode dual view display mode over scan whichever scan is like when you're using your TV and basically something comes up usually a computer and sometimes it will over shot like what the screen looks like so that's what that's for let me go back into the menu quickly and you got all joy so you got volume up volume down mute volume you got KVM switch so you can plug that in and have upstream one upstream two you've got the system so you've got on-screen display settings custom one custom key to custom key free DD C and C I and D D P auto switch HDMI auto switch so all of these like DPS which is like DisplayPort so if you're going to be using a DisplayPort it carries more signal on through that cable meaning that if you're got more high resolution stuff that you're doing that's more important like photos and video in in or and Cardwell anything like that it will be able to go up to more higher hertz I say and your can your screen your normal screens at 50 or 60 Hertz it will be able to handle that no problem so if I go into the Hertz at the moment I think I've got this connected only up to 1920 by 1080 at the moment but I'm only using not a very good graphics card I'm only using a Radeon HD 68 8000 series so it's a really old graphics card but yet look how clean and clear this is so far she's in like a gtx 750ti away to 1080i we're gonna have like some really serious 4k action on this screen so I've managed to find out what the Hertz you can use with this graphics card and it's ain't up to Matson report refresh rate up to 75 Hertz and but I've only got maximum reported resolution because that graphics card white do 4k but it will do 1920 by 1080 but this is a 4k or ultra high-definition actual screen itself so if we come out of this which is a bit annoying because I would love to check this out in a 4k graphics card but all the computers are taken up in here and this monitor is a bit of a beast but normally everything I'll get from BenQ it normally does have this little problem so now we're going to just basically go for the seconds real quickly see if there's any more seconds that we've missed up so there is also economic so smart rewind our time interval duration and I protect I protect to meet us so and at Eco mode is well eco sense an eco me are in a sense of range so this sensor here and obviously go were reflective of order light it depends on how you set it up but just by looking at nice this looks absolutely stunning on a 1920 by 1080 resolution I'm going to go into a video and so it looks like we've playing a video for a YouTube now at the moment because this computer is just on the slide here it's not really on a proper table or anything like that and it's not properly set up let's see what we can get straight away we get a weird-looking dude let's see 4k video even though I'm playing off a 1080p let's see if it will work and see how clean it comes out if it'll work and what a 2g network Wow well for one Bob listen to the music because that is just terrible let's try for you for TP what that is stunning and just to think I'm only using a very old screw an old-school graphics card like it's supported about six seven years old and look at like the detail you imagine using a much more modern day up-to-date graphics card you're gonna be very surprised I've done and what that birds eating but I want to eat that anyway that just it just shows how clean this screen is it's absolutely stunning well I'm gonna look at one more video and see what that looks like and we've got to try and put it in its full resolution forty or forty P and just surround remember as well it's that well I'm playing it off for YouTube and off a crappy connection off a Wi-Fi when you get this monitor and you're actually doing work which you're using very expensive like gear and stuff like it's going to be ten times better than what we're looking at now look at that it looks absolutely real looks crazy and obviously as well the money our spins around this well oh I'll just point something I'll flick this forward so as you can see you can have this monitor like that as well sRGB absolutely stunning so you can have it like that you can also spin it back round which rate cane you can have it so it goes it goes down now I'm only breaking a bit of plastic it's not an active screen so don't worry about it it's all good so can I have the screen like that you can tilt it forward you can sort it back and then obviously you can spin it like all the way to the left and I'll way to the right so if I spin it around like so you can spin it oh look someone's looking at me and they could spin it all the way around as well so that's the screen that's the beam the bank you screen which I really love I don't love that though well that's it thank you very much well that's getting a bit close anyway so that's my review on the bank EP d3200 you screen now this is obviously a workstation screen so any questions or anything like leave it in the description down below or comments down below and I'll get back to you and explain but yeah I definitely highly recommend it this is also ultra high definition screen so links in description where you can go and buy this and I'll see you next time thanks watching

BenQ PD3200U 32 inch 4K Designer Monitor Review

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  1. Benq has serious technical problems with this monitor model and they are pushing this very hard to sell off. PD3200U has faulty LCD panels from AUO Corporation, where it flickers occasionally 2-3 times a hour/ more or less depending on luck. Benq during 2 years off product life cycle was hiding the real reason of screen flickering issues and selling this scrap.
    Now lately they announced that there is technical issue and only one way to repair this is a firmware update possible only via technical service (imagine having such a product for 2 years, where the service was not able to fix the monitor, or pretended that everything is ok). . So when u buy new monitor, you have to give it away for repair :).

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