Best $375 Desktop Computer – i3-6100 @ 3.7GHz – 8GB – 1TB – ASUS M32CD

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This is the BEST $375 computer on the market today (July 2016)
I have reviewed many computer and I highly recommend this one!
For the price, you can’t do better! Details below:

Quick Specs:

Intel Core i3-6100 @ 3.7GHz
– 2 Cores / 4 Threads
1TB Hard Drive
Intel HD 530 Graphics
AC Wifi / BT 4.0
24x DVD-RW
300w Power Supply
Windows 10

– You can buy this computer here – –

– The RAM can be upgraded to 16GB for $30 – –

– You can add a 240GB SSD for $60 – – PNY – – ADATA –

For a video card, I plan to test the RX 480 and GTX 1060, both of which are out of stock or not released yet.

I will follow this review up with a full series of performance videos, including Windows and Gaming performance, and install videos showing how to put the RAM and SSD into the computer. Those are not published yet but will be linked here when they are.

In addition, I’ll test this computer with an add-in graphics card, probably a RX 480 and a GTX 1060 and follow up with links to that.


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hello and welcome to tech deals today have I got a great computer for you do you want a computer with a ton of performance and a ton of features that doesn't cost a ton of money then you came to the right video this is the azusa M 32 CD desktop computer for three hundred and seventy-five dollars you can spend more than this on the computer but you'd be hard-pressed for the value equation for the deal that this is for all that's included I honestly believe that for more than half of all people who want a Windows computer this meets all of your needs and then some it really does now there are some people who need to spend more and get a more powerful machine but frankly before you go do that I want you to stop and consider this for a minute because it will actually do most of what many of you need to do now I want to cover this video in two separate parts the first is I'm going to talk about the hardware and what's included and then I'm going to talk about the pros and cons of this machine relative to other choices rather than just seeing its praises I'll point out where its deficiencies lie and what you might want to consider depending upon your needs first what's included this has the latest and greatest Intel i3 6100 processor in it what does that mean well basically it's the newest thing Intel makes it's their latest technology they just released this less than a year ago it is very fast two cores four threads 3.7 gigahertz what does that mean it'll handle multitasking you can run multiple programs at once you can run basically any Windows program you can imagine and it'll it'll play games and it'll play games pretty nicely 3.7 gigahertz is fast this should last you many many years if you bought this tomorrow you could easily keep this five years I have no doubt of that I feel very comfortable saying that it's it's it's a very good chip from Intel memory eight gigabytes of system ram which is enough for most people but it's not hard to upgrade to 16 so it comes with eight gigabytes of memory which is enough to keep multiple programs open to play any current game to you have multiple web browsers multiple tabs to do a lot of different stuff to upgrade this to 16 gigabytes takes two minutes and cost $30 so it's not a big deal if you want to put more system memory in storage one terabyte hard drive a terabyte or one trillion bytes or 1,000 gigabytes is actually quite a bit when you first turn this on its going to be like 96 97 % open and free you know Windows doesn't take up that much space many people will never fill this up even in five years of use now if you're the kind of person who downloads everything you can find on the internet you install 50 programs in 20 games okay you can fill it up but a terabyte is fairly decent in size it's also a 7200 rpm drive which simply means it's the fastest available hard drive on the market I do wish it had a solid-state drive in it but at 375 dollars you're not going to get one they just don't include them at that price point however you can add one relatively easily and I will be doing a video later showing you how to do that if you want to as well as the performance difference it makes internet or wireless wired network access this includes both wired and wireless network capabilities so if you want to get on the internet or your local network or your school or office network no worries you have the option to plug in to a Gigabit Ethernet port that's on the back here gigabit which is also the fastest available on the market or as many of you are probably going to do use the wireless or Wi-Fi connection this has built-in AC Wi-Fi what does AC the best in newest wireless available on the market it is backwards compatible with n which is the older standard but AC Wi-Fi is up to three times faster than the old end standard so if your hotspot or wireless access point is relatively new this will connect to it and give you awfully good performance what other features are included well it does have a DVD reader and writer this will both read and write CDs and DVDs it is not a blu-ray drive so what will not play blu-rays but even machines twice this expensive tend to come with blu-ray drives it does include a memory card reader here in the front to read and write to memory cards mostly SD cards from like a digital camera or a video camera and it includes Intel's HD 530 integrated graphics chip it is not the fastest graphics chip in the world but in terms of integrated graphics it's in the top 20% it's a good integrated graphics chip it will play games it'll do anything in Windows and as far as games go it'll play Minecraft Counter Strike global Offensive all the Lego games it'll play Tomb Raider it'll play quite a few games a lot of games that are 2 to 3 years old some of the games that just came out in the past year it won't play very well one of the follow-up videos I'm gonna do which I will link in the description below when I do it is I'm gonna show you how to install a graphics card in here if gaming is something you're interested in and you want to put in a more powerful card this this computer will play all current games at nice quality fast with an adding graphics card for a couple hundred dollars if that's something you're interested in doing so let me show you the inside of this there's normally screws that cover that I had it unscrewed to make it easier inside this machine you have lots of room for upgrading first of all your power supplies up here is a 300 watt power supply which is enough to handle good quality gaming graphics cards which will go down here into this open space so you don't have to worry about your power supply will it be powerful enough to handle upgrades and expansions I have seen some pre-built computers like this that only come with a hundred and eighty watt power supply which is not enough to put a bunch of stuff in this has a good one your main processor chip is underneath this big fan right here that's where the Intel chip is you're never gonna take that off you're never gonna mess with it there's no need to but that's where it's located and for whatever it's worth next to it however this big long thing right here that's the memory that's your eight gigabytes of system ram if you look closely you'll notice there's an empty slot next to it you quite literally open the two tabs on the end take the memory module slide it in push until the two ends click and you're done that all it takes to add the memory it will take you two minutes and that includes taking the side of the cover of the case off $30 doubles the system RAM to 16 if you feel that's something that you want to do your one terabyte hard drive is right here that's where all your data and windows is stored there are holes to add another Drive that's where I'm gonna be installing the solid-state drive I will do a video of that to show you how that works it's not that hard but if you've never done it before it's something you want to watch a video of before you do it so I'll be uploading that later this is the DVD drive up here right there we go it's right here this is the back of it the front of it goes to here that's where you read and write your DVDs and CDs in theory you can replace that with a blu-ray drive but you know if you want to you can but at this price point they're not going to include it down here where is it there it is that is your Wi-Fi chip the little green chip with the white label on it it's actually a chip on a card that is replaceable and this is really good now AC Wi-Fi is the newest and best thing on the market but if you keep this five years maybe it won't be maybe you want to upgrade to something newer that unscrews and pops right out and you can replace that with something newer and faster if you want to I actually don't think most people will ever do that you'll use it and you'll be happy with it cuz it's pretty fast but it's nice to have the option let's talk about the back to the computer that's pretty much it for the inside on the back of the computer you have your standard power port up here moving down you've got your I'm doing this from feel you've got 2 USB 2.0 ports right here USB 2.0 has been out for 15 years it's slow by modern standards but it's fine keyboard and mouse that's what you're gonna plug in there below that is your HDMI port that's where you're going to plug your monitor and HDMI is the port that TVs and monitors use to give you your full HD or 1080p video experience you plug it in it'll work no fuss beneath that you have a VGA port you probably will never use this the one with the blue on it however it's nice to have in the event you have something you need to plug in that's older maybe an old projector or an old monitor you really should never use that if you can avoid using it but it's there just in case beneath that I'm gonna skip the turquoise ports really quickly and move down to the blue ones the blue ones are your USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports why is that a big deal because these are 10 times faster absolutely ten times faster than the 2.0 ports USB 2.0 runs it half a gigabit per second USB 3 runs at five gigabits per second it is literally ten times as fast if you want to upgrade the storage by adding an external hard drive or you want to use USB thumb drives or flash drives they are much much quicker multiple times quicker on the blue ports than the black ones now I mentioned the blue ones let's move up to the turquoise ones which will be right here this is cool these are USB 3.1 ports why is that a big deal 10 gigabit per second they are double the speed of the blue ones they are the latest and greatest they've just came out in the past year very very quick this computers got two of them you are set for a long time this has got the latest version of everything nothing is out of date on this machine whatsoever you do have there it is had to look for a second a Gigabit Ethernet port now this is where you're gonna plug the wired connection and if you don't use the Wi-Fi or the wireless if you want basically the hard line that's where you plugged in him you have HD audio you've got your six ports here for surround sound if you want it standard spurious stereo speakers or headphones now speakers headphones and microphones there's also Jack's on the front as well so you can use the front or the back the system doesn't care beneath that these are empty slots used for upgrade in the graphics card if you do decide to put in a graphics card that's where it's gonna go into this big long slot right here and then the ports will stick out the back right down there that's what that's for so basically that's it that's everything in the computer and it's not very heavy you this is very light nice machine 375 dollars I've got to say this has got everything most people need I really really like this machine I as I said I will be following this up with more videos be sure to check those out in the description below now did you like this video click like did you not that's okay too remember to subscribe to my channel it's the big huge red button right down there if you've already subscribed thank you if you have not subscribed that's how you get updates to future videos to performance reviews of this and unboxings and reviews of other hardware that I do it doesn't cost anything so stop what you're doing and go click that button right now questions comments thoughts feedback suggestions those go in the section below the video down there do you have any questions about this machine or questions about computers in general by all means ask away I read the comments I reply to some of them and I appreciate it finally full disclosure I did not get this for free I bought this myself off of Amazon in fact this has been available for a grand total of a week I am shooting this on June 30th you won't see this for a couple of days I got this this morning via UPS I've had this 12 hours I ordered it a couple days ago from Amazon when it first became available so this thing is brand spanking new very excited I wanted to get this reviewed right away because frankly this is one of the better PC deals on the market in my opinion so if you find this video helpful if you find my follow-up performance video and upgrade videos helpful if you find anything on my channel helpful and you want to support me in return the way to do that is to use the links in my video description to go to Amazon they are affiliate links they do pay me a small Commission but they are my primary funding source for this channel I as I said I pay for everything I review I'm not sponsored by anybody Zeus nobody gives me any money so I have to pay for all this myself so to keep doing this I need your support so if you decide to buy anything please use my links I will be forever grateful thank you very much for watching this video I will see you next time

Best $375 Desktop Computer – i3-6100 @ 3.7GHz – 8GB – 1TB – ASUS M32CD

26 thoughts on “Best $375 Desktop Computer – i3-6100 @ 3.7GHz – 8GB – 1TB – ASUS M32CD”

  1. Tech Guy i have a ASUS M32BF AMD 8 cuad core 4gb ram, i already added the xtra 4gb and upgraded the power supply to 750, but before the upgrade this computer ran great on game and other apps simultaneously, now does it even better but im looking to adding a graphic card i was thinking a ASUS GeForce GTX 1060, now my question is can this computer hold this high end card, or i have to look for something more less down the line?

  2. i love your cannel im italian fior 400 euro what Is now or today the best computer i can buy best hardware and if you can put the redirect to amazon fior bug one tank your so much 400 only fior pc after i will buy best1060 video card

  3. شكرا على ترشيح هذا الحاسب الآلي لقد كنت ابحث عنه منذ وقت طويل . انت حقا معلم رائع وانا اشاهدك من جزيره العرب السعودية

  4. One of my good friends is wondering if he should get an Rx 460 or a gtx 750ti for this tower. (hes on a reallly tight budget) also is this PSU reliable? it looks just a little sketchy…

  5. If I get a PC with the same specs or thereabout, add a 750Ti, 960-970, can my brothers 10 year old son play games and record his gameplay without massive frame drops and lags? He doesnt play the newest most demanding titles.

  6. Hello, what an informative & straightforward video! I will be looking forward to watching your upcoming video about upgrading the graphics card because I am highly considering purchasing this PC & upgrading the graphics card to possibly an EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB Superclocked graphics card!

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