Best Gaming Headsets to improve your gaming experience

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1. HyperX Cloud Revolver

2. HyperX Cloud Stinger

3. SteelSeries Arctis 7

4. Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X

5. SteelSeries Siberia 840

6. Turtle Beach Stealth 350VR

imagine if you will a desk in the middle of a corner office on top of that desk a gold name plate that reads boss this office has her name on its virtual door because he bought a cell the DVR had sent turtle beach's first headset designed that make you a boss in the virtual world ergonomic over ear VR design and BR cable and headband clearance keeps you comfortable onboard audio controls mean you stay in the VR experience and 50 millimeter speakers mean you never miss a thing in the virtual world hold on was that knocking on your office door oh it's your opponent begging you to write him a virtual sig note so that he can get out of the virtual thrashing coming his way you hey everyone today we'll be going over how to set up bluetooth with a Siberia 840 as well as how to swap out and change the batteries first make sure both devices are ready to be connected by turning the headset on and activating bluetooth on your chosen device once your device begins to search for connection press the Bluetooth button next to the power button on the headset simply select it to connect next let's talk about batteries the Siberia 840 comes with two swappable batteries one is located in the box and the other is already in the headset to charge your extra battery make sure your power cable is plugged into your transmitter and simply insert the battery into the OLED transmitter until it clicks down the battery life will display on the OLED screen to let you know when it is fully charged to swap your batteries out gently twist your left ear cup to the left and remove the plate swap batteries then line up the arrows to place the plate back on by twisting it to the right to see your headsets remaining battery light open engine and it will appear on your device Kirk if you have a battery charging in the transmitter it too will display on the device card you [Applause] sumit 1g you've come to elevate your game can I get a coffee first is that's a thing maybe they're rather to pass the gaming perfection the Earthman [Laughter] to obtain new heights and gaming you must transcend your vision and open your ears audio-technica's premium open-back gaming headset experience the sonic wonders of gaming while remaining ground and in the outside world relax a mug dude I just want to play games without sweating my balls will [Applause] hi everyone I'm Nick and this is the HyperX cloud stinger gaming headset the cloud stinger is the most affordable headset you can get from HyperX it lacks some features and more expensive headsets it's not Wireless its stereo only and the mic is not detachable and although it's mostly all plastic HyperX didn't skimp on build quality or sound I bought these for 49.99 I'll put a link in the description below if you'd like to purchase them inside of the box you'll find the headset a welcome card Quick Start Guide and an audio cable to connect this to your PC the headset uses a standard 3.5 millimeter audio jack the included cable breaks out the mic and the headphone jack to connect it to a PC the headset also works with the Xbox one ps4 Wii U Mac and mobile devices one thing to point out though if you have an older Xbox one controller that does not have the 3.5 millimeter jack then you'll need to purchase a separate adapter the entire body of the cloud stinger is made of plastic but still is a very solid and premium feel to them the plastic doesn't creak when they flex like other headsets can most of the finish is matte plastic with a few accents and gloss there's a HyperX logo on the top of the headband and a red HyperX logo on each ear cup there's leather at padding inside of the headband which has a good amount of cushion the headband is a nice and firm adjustable steel slider that clicks at each notch each ear cup can rotate and pivot so swivel has a really good feel to it and it allows them to fit perfectly over my ear the ear cups have memory foam cushion which are very soft and provide enough padding to keep my ear from touching the driver my ears will touch the driver on a lot of other gaming headsets but I was very happy with how comfortably these fit over my ears the headset does feel big and bulky and the cushions can get warm they don't breathe as much as I'd like the ear cups clamped down slightly but they're very comfortable to wear for hours they make a very snug fit over your ears they didn't cause my ears to sweat but I could see that happening if you're a heavy sweater the cushions also fit really well if you wear glasses on the bottom of the right ear cup there's a volume control the won't control the volume of your device only the volume of the headset so I would turn the volume up to about ninety percent and then control the volume on the headset the slider feels good overall but it doesn't slide smoothly the entire way it gets a little bit harder to slide when you turn the volume down all the way but it's a nice feature and it allows you to quickly turn that into volume if you need to the audio cable is very thick and it won't tangle it's not detachable but it's reinforced very well if you get the cord snagged the headset will probably rip off your head before the cable would get damaged the cord is only about four and a half feet which is perfect if you're using this with a console and the extension cable for the PC will give you almost another six feet I found that when using this headset with my iPad I would get some static if I wiggled the audio jack around but I didn't have this issue on my Android phone the ps4 or PC so kind of a weird thing but overall that's something that was a big issue when it comes to the mic quality it's satisfactory I find that the quality does vary depending on the position of the mic it makes my voice sound very nasally the mics not removable like it is on the more expensive cloud headsets but you can turn the microphone up to mute when you're not using it and there's actually a switch in the mic that turns on and off when you swivel it it's also flexible so you could bend the mic and find just the right position the mic also has passive noise cancellation which does a decent job of blocking out background noise the cloud stinger features 50 millimeter drivers which do an amazing job I was really surprised how great these sounded especially for a $50 headset but they sound as good as headphones twice the price this headset is tuned for action they aren't as flat as a good pair of headphones but they do a great job of really emphasizing action the bass it's hard and there's more weight to explosions when using these to watch a movie I felt there were a little bit booming in the lower mid-range especially when there were scenes with deep bass and dialogue but these sounded great for music bass was deep the vocals were clear and there was a lot of detail on the highs these have a nice wide soundstage as well they feel really open and I felt I had a better sense of my surroundings in first-person shooters headset performs great at low levels and it doesn't distort overall I'm very satisfied with this headset although they went with an all-plastic design to cut costs they didn't skimp when it comes to sound they are very comfortable to use for long gaming sessions and they have a very durable and well-made feel to them let me know what you think in the comments below hit the like button if you liked the video and make sure to subscribe if you haven't already thanks for watching

Best Gaming Headsets to improve your gaming experience

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