Bluedio UFO Over Ear Bluetooth Headphone Review | The Best Wireless Headset?

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people out here be like yo I think I just saw UFO and I'm just here like nah man that's my headphones what's up my friends it's right back here today with you probably guessed it a new pair of headphones here in my hands today I have the blue neo UFO 3d bluetooth headphones as you can tell right away this is a lot of headphone in one package these things are massive but if anything that should be your first indicator of how much sound these things put out with over 30 patents of new tech behind these things you know they are gonna sound good and after spending a good amount of time with them I can confirm that they sound pretty good but unlike other companies that just throw base into headphones this size blue do uses patent and PBS 8 technology the detail and balance the sound so that every note is hit and leveled basically in a way that is kind of like tuning your headphones flat like Audio Technica or Sennheiser would do except these are totally different and are meant to simulate a home theater experience aka 360 sound that it advertises and as you can see by the assembly in the back of the box the UFO are very complex but where these headphones really shine for me at least is in comfort and build quality literally the first thing I said when I took them out of the box was job these things I built like a tank not exactly like that but you get the point the headband is soft and plushy the plastic is sleek the construction is crazy solid MP ear cups are so very squishy as far as battery life goes blue tio claims that you can get about 25 hours out of the UFO on a single charge and if you run out you can just connect them via a wire and make them a wired headphone I still have yet to run these things to the ground so battery life is definitely impressive overall blue tio did an awesome job with these headphones sound quality build quality and comfort are all there in the UFO although I must say that they are pretty big so if you like rocking your headphones large like I do around the house these are great for you but if you look at burn over-the-ear on-the-go headphones these may not be for you to wrap it up so at about $99 the UFO aren't awesome pair of headphones I give them a 9 out of a 10 these are solid pair of headphones you cannot go wrong with already guys husband in this video hope you guys enjoyed it if you liked it you know the drill be sure to give it a thumbs up also be sure to leave a comment down in the comment box down below letting me know what you think of these blue do headphones you have a pair of these have you tried them before do you prefer another pair of bluetooth headphones I would love to know your thoughts and the comments box down below and agree feature at the end of one of my videos already guys that's but it be sure to subscribe for new videos every Thursday Sunday sometimes more thank you guys for 25,000 subscribers that is insane here is too many more until next time I will see you guys later peace

Bluedio UFO Over Ear Bluetooth Headphone Review | The Best Wireless Headset?

29 thoughts on “Bluedio UFO Over Ear Bluetooth Headphone Review | The Best Wireless Headset?”

  1. On the plus side these sound awesome with movies. On the negative side the buttons aren't so sturdy. My up volume got a few hits at work and stopped working. Good for home, just too big to anticipate not hitting against something.

  2. I've bought Bluedio headphones T2S in the official store of Bluedio in Lazada . This device didn't work properly from the first day. I've connected with official Bluedio and they even respond me some times after my persistent reminders. But from November 10th they keep full silence and I understood that they don't give any guarantee for their products. So, I don't know what to do with this piece of shit but I know that other people have to know that buying products of Bluedio is the best way for the loss of money.
    If you want you can see my correspondence with Bluedio here:

  3. There is some NOISE while listening music through Bluetooth (easy way to check, turn off sound of source device, play any music – pause – wait a couple of seconds – play again, you will hear that noise where there is transmission). I contacted with customer support and they immediately send me a new one. And guess what: the same issue there. I have checked that lots of other people experienced the same issue. I wonder how you didn't mentioned it in your review. You have solid number of subscribers. And I have watched your review before the purchase and was very excited. Unfortunately this product suffers from that issue.

  4. Dude what kind of connector did they use to connect the left and right channel? I had a Bluedio R+ before and it only lasted 3 mos. The right channel not working. i found out that they've used a ribbon cable to connect the left and right channel. Is it the same on that model? Please let me know as i'm thinking of buying one. Many thanks!

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