Br Shamsi vs All Christian HATE preachers in park | speakers corner

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Br Shamsi vs All Christian HATE preachers in park | speakers corner

42 thoughts on “Br Shamsi vs All Christian HATE preachers in park | speakers corner”

  1. Black men with white man's Christian names???. Names were given to their grandfathers and mothers during slavery. I take it FALSE CHRISTIANITY with SILLY TRINITARIAN don't make sense Gods 3 in 1 MADE BY DRUNK WHITE MAN passed on to these silly idiots.

  2. Akhi what is the point of this video? every single missionary within this video have already been exposed as disingenuous, dishonest insincere Christians so why waste time recording them? where's the benefit?

  3. That black and Indian Christians are completely lost their minds. Bigots and no love is coming from them. They only exist in the park to please their inferiority complex disorder because they know they are losing to Muslims arguments.

  4. This looks like a nature documentary from like BBC Earth or something: One Lion(Shamsi) being surrounded by a bunch of hyenas(disgusting Christians) and destroying them.

  5. To Christians you got come out of a woman for the who did Adam come out of Lennox Lewis you are shaking from Mohammed hijab bellend???? How can someone died for your sins ??? So f*** you do mother sister you forgive me b**** . How stupid can you get

  6. If allah is god how come he don’t know his creation. Read Quran chapter 86:5-7. Because allah is not God he is a demonic principality of the devil a demon of war.

    Allah don’t want Muslim to know the true. Read Quran chapter 9:29. Because the true will send them free and the true is Jesus Cristo.

  7. with this kind of monkey behavior I would never wanna be a Christian. YUCK. Pathetic. I have never seen these missionaries defend their faith without getting loud and calling other people's attention. Evangelism is a circus. Nothing related to God, no wonder its dying lol. On the other hand we have honest men like Dr. Craig Considine

  8. running away? man you literally went to his place and had ample time to show where ibn kathir said what you claim. For hours and you came up with NOTHING. Zero references and you looked like a complete fool!

  9. Trinity god Jesus ordered the murder of baby boys, smashing infant's heads against rocks and the rape of 3 year old baby girls including himself taking a share in the action

    I don't know any religon or ideology that can top this peverted, sick, filthy, evil shit heck I don't even think Satan can top this shit

  10. These missionaries are all theatrics and entertainment haha no respect for there gentile dogs 🙂
    Their Christianity failure is a mental disease they bring with them to all other ideologies, even innocent math suffers their stupidity n hypocrisy

    1+1+1 = 1 and away they bark to change basic facts hahaha

  11. Shamsi you’re heavy weight for these. They make false claims so they can have something to record for their channels. Don’t entertain them brother. You’ll never see these missionaries debating any other religion or topics because it won’t stand the test of anything. So dishonest and desperate for content.

  12. Let’s agree with the preacher that Ibn katheer said : we should force people to accept Islam..
    as a Muslim we don’t take our religion from ibn katheer .. it’s simple
    We’re taking our religion from the Quran and the sahih sunnah only .
    So , if Quran commanded not to force people..( surah 2 : 256 ) and ibn katheer commanded to force people
    We will follow the Quran with all respect for our Imam ..

  13. This muscle guy and the other disciples of Hatun are a disgrace for xstians. Obsessed with the Prophet, sallaAllahu alayhi wa salam, and has NO shame to insult our al-Mu'allim. May Allah Azza wa'jal deal accordingly with these hypocrites. AMEEN!

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