Budget Projector Under $100 | Artlii Home Theater Review

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Cheap Budget Projector Under $100 Artlii Home Theater
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In Todays video we will take a look at the Artlii Projector. It is less than $100 right now at the current sale price, but is it any good? Let’s find out together.

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ladies and gentlemen we are entering a dark realm a realm where projectors are typically 480 P native resolution most of the time that will cost under a hundred dollars you are now entering the budget projector realm what is going on guys it's Katie Nolan I've been gone for a little while put them back with a beard that's how you know shit's getting real you guys have been asking me budget projections I want something cheap and it's getting harder and harder to find but my job is to find it I have a budget projector today to review I'm going to take a look at it with you guys show you what it's all about maybe you're thinking about picking one of these up for yourselves I'm going to put it up on the big screen let you guys see how the image quality looks if you're new to the channel hit that subscribe button down below make sure you that Bell icon so that you'll be notified whenever I upload these videos I'm doing giveaways promotions and this month there will be a giveaway announced let's find out if this thing is worth anything maybe it's good maybe it's not I'm going to show you guys right now in today's video thanks for watching let's go all right so here it is this is the art Lee home theater projector coming out of the package you'll see that we have a little user's manual when you open up the box you have the projector itself with the brushed black metal on the top that's very nice I love the design here you have these vertical buttons you have source right left okay a back button and you have your power button on the top here you have the projector lens cover and the lens itself looks very nice very large lens has that fisheye kind of effect to it on the bottom you have some adjustable legs you can unscrew these and that will help aim the projector upwards if you have it sitting on a table on the bottom you have a little screw slot that you could put this on a tripod or hang it from the ceiling on the back you have your audio port audio/video port HDMI input VGA input USB input and your power port this is your focus right here and then on the bottom down here you have your Keystone adjustment you have a power cord that comes in the package audio/video cables and you have this cool little black remote controller and with all that being said let's see what this thing looks like up on the big screen in three two one go now here you can see the whole menu it's very nice it's a lot brighter than most projector this price here I just wanted to give you guys a size scale it's at about 100 inches 105 inches right now I logged into my ps4 playing this through HDMI now this is 480p made of playback but it does support 1080p and this is 1200 lumens brightness best viewed in a dark room so here's a few short movie clips just to give you guys an idea of the clarity alright so there you guys have it now this thing is pretty sweet upon playing with it I realized that I actually like to design a lot it's got that brushed metal right there up on the top the lens itself is gigantic which is really cool-looking I was able to get it up to about a hundred inches and it looked really clear it's 1,200 lumens it has a 1,000 to 1 contrast ratio it can get up to 130 inches which is nice I like it a lot if you're looking for something to just plugged your ps4 into or your Xbox one it's a budget deal it's cheap guys I recommend it I'd say go for it look at that you can't really beat that design that's a cool design what this is not good for this is not good for you if you're someone that wants to connect to Wi-Fi stream movies wirelessly maybe you want to play stuff from your phone to the projector forget about all that this is an HDMI projector it does have the hook up for the USB and the computer port but if you're looking for something like Bluetooth Wi-Fi this is not going to get you there this one has a 2 watt speaker which is not really that loud but you can hear what's going on I would highly recommend hooking up an external speaker where you have to hook it up using the 3.5 millimeter audio port because this does not have bluetooth capabilities it's always guys the links down below if you want to check it out for yourselves it's on sale right now this is the art lead projector home theater 480p native resolution supports 1080p they all do but there it is that's what you get so this video is helpful please hit that like button down below guys thanks for watching your support means everything subscribe to the channel if you're not already subscribed and I will catch you guys next time stay tuned I got a giveaway coming very soon what do you think about the beard I like it too peace I really need to cut that little gate ding noise out whenever I'm doing these videos that needs to stop I did it in the last one for the Berkeley bag and did in this one maybe we could add this in the outro like this could be part of the bloopers or like the outro segment when there's a little box up here that says like subscribe and then there's like a little bubble over here that says no the box is for the video the bubble is for subscribed right alright guys catch you later

Budget Projector Under $100 | Artlii Home Theater Review

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  1. Does the keystone go left to right, or up and down? I'm thinking on hangin this from the celing but If i do then I would need the keystone to go up and down to correct the image.. Thanks for the help.

  2. Hi mindseed, I want to buy a projector but there is so much to choose from. i brought it down to 2 projectors, this one and the GP80. which one to choose? maybe any one knows a better one, but please help me out any one.

  3. When you attach the play station to the projector, will the PS4 be next to the projector? I dont like messy cords, neither them hanging around was just wondering how you'd hook it up the PS4 while the projector hangs.

  4. wow you got sponsered so you falsely made a review on a projector with shitty resolution and only 1800 lumens smh go on amazon and get on with crisper image and higher lumens this is impractical for use unless you like blurry picture and slow refreshrate

  5. I've been watching your videos and you are doing great reviews Casey! Great insight on what I should get. Keep up the great videos, just wondering how I can enter those giveaways thanks!

  6. I love your channel. I'm about to make a purchase for a budget projector to be used outside at the pool or to play games on my XBOX One S. I want to spend around $100. Would you recommend the H2, Artlii, or DBPOWER T20 or T21? I'd love to hear your thoughts and to share your expertise on the matter. Thanks!

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