Budget Xeon X3440 Gaming PC Build With Used Parts Update Part 1

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Budget Gaming PC Build With Used Parts Update Part 1


Motherboard: Gigabyte P55-USB3 LGA1156 – ($30 Facebook Market)
CPU: Xeon x3440 4Core 8Threads LGA 1156 – ($11 Facebook Market)
CPU Cooler: Enermax ETS-N31 – ($20 Microcenter)
Ram: GSkill 8gb 1333mhz – ($15 Facebook Market)
SSD Boot Driver: Kingston 64gb ($20 Facebook Market)
Game Drive: Seagate 2TB ($30 Craigslist)
GPU: EVGA GTX 970 SSC – ( Price Correction $120 Craigslist)
PSU: EVGA 450 – ($15 Craigslist)

My Setup

Monitor: LG 34UM59-P 34in IPS LED Black FreeSync –
Keyboard: Corsair K70 –
Mouse: Corsair M65 –
Webcam: Logitech C920 –
Speaker: Logitech Z200 –
SD Card Reader: IOGEAR GFR281 –

My Gaming/Workstation Setup Dual Boot Windows/MacOS

Motherboard: Asus Prime Z370-A –
CPU: Intel Core i5 9600K 6C/6T –
CPU Cooler: Cryorig H5 White –
Ram: Corsair Vengeance Lpx 2×8 3000mhz 16gb –
GPU: Asus Dual Rx580 8gb –
Drive: Samsung 960 Evo 250gb (Windows 10) –
Drive: Samsung 970 Evo 250gb (MacOS Mojave) –
PSU: Evga 650w –
Cable: Silverstone white power supply extension cable –
Case Fan: AMZtronics 3-Pack RGB 120mm –
Case: Nzxt S340 Elite White –

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what's up guys this is sunny back to another video and today real quick I just want to show you guys my budget gaming PC at bill recently for playing fortnight over what and what else csgo yes and I do play GTA 5 sometime and of course I will try to play Far Cry five birthdays and this PC should play Far Cry 5 without any problem now recently I picked up some personal facebook $450 I picked up a p55 motherboard I picked up a I 5 750 CPU also came with a across our h50 cooler and an antic power supply and 16 gigs of 16 gigs of Ripjaws g-scale rams these are pretty good and also of course a graphics card now MSI is 760 graphics card I paid for this card around $20 but virtually this card doesn't work properly so you know what it's ok now what I basically did I change the power supply and install my EVGA for in a 50 watt power supply change the cooler picked up this cooler from my tinder for $20 in writes ETS n31 cooler for like $20 yes somewhere there and also I found another graph is called 442 understand GTX 970 overall the system is running flawlessly only reason you guys didn't see like a build video because I had some problem with this with the power supply st and all this all thing you know what I'm not you know whatever I'm just gonna build a PC run some benchmark and show you guys so today's video basically I'm gonna give you guys update and maybe tomorrow next to you guys will see like the full are getting benchmark you guys I think in which case I'm using for this build that's that old case I had to modify like this case had like a little like the bay right here for the cd-rom and stuff I kind of like cut this one unlike ah and that's the reason it kind of looked different but I kind of modify this case so the case you guys are looking at the Diablo take case basically I picked up this case in a power supply for my tinder for $29 overall guys I'm gonna talk about the CPU I recently bought so I picked up is XR 34 40 CPS that use Xeon processor it's a great processor for gaming because old Xeon processor you can basically over applied this fastener with the p55 motherboard so I'm going to overclock the CPU to Iran for giggler which I believe one point one point three six ball and running flawlessly the only problem the inner max cooler then I'm using the ETF and 31 it's a budget cooler so like the temperature I don't really like because I'm heating almost like 80 85 so only thing I have to change if I want to keep the CPU the same clock speed maybe change the power supply and install the course our age 50 liquid cooler but the problem this case it's really small said project case and dominant the case look little open because like I said I had to cut the bay off right here and that's the reason the case look a little big but I don't think I can fit the color here also I forgot to mention you guys for $150 it came with graphics card motherboard CPU cooler and also SSD and of course the power supply so 64 gigs 64 gig SSD from king stone and I think it's a pretty good deal for $150 now some of you guys are always telling me why you are building PC we use parts when you can build with nippers because guys you can get a very good deal on use parts that you can pick up a Xeon X 34 40 CPU from eBay for sixteen dollars that's a four chord with a thread so come on guys it's a sixteen dollar CPU so really good any can overclock the CPU older up to like four point two gigahertz 4.4 gig or is all depending on you know how you overclock or how you like and keep your system like cool and stuff but can easily overclock the CPU to 4.2 gig or without any issue as long as the CPU is cold but overall I do recommend you guys to you know if you can find good deal on used parts definitely jumpin I picked up bad TJ's 974 140 dollar that was a really good deal the guy is the person who'll use this card he was using for and recently he picked up a GTX 1070 I believe you got a good deal from a minor so you just sold me that card for $140 so this car this setup is good enough for playing gta5 farcry 5a me uh any game that came out recently you can play any of this game but I personally build this PC for painting like fortnight over what csgo and of course I like playing GTA 5 and definitely I'm gonna try it Far Cry fine but other than that it just real quick I just wanted to give you guys quick update and tell you guys what's going on because some of you guys are thinking why he's not building in a gaming PC guys I know I did put out a lot of mining videos also but you know like I said I do mining and I am a gamer also so I try to you know I try to like you know just keep both of them you know side fare that's the reason I make videos and for gamers and the miners like I say I'm a miner I'm a gamer so that's the reason but other than that guy's a real cool guy doesn't want to give you guys quick update and keep you guys on the loop what's going on but if you guys are planning on picking up a x34 40 CPU like the xeon x34 40 cpu i do recommend you guys you can pick up a like a cheap ip55 motherboard and then eight gigs of ram and you are all set guys and just throw like a GTX if you could get a 10-6 even better if you can get a 970 and you should be golden alright guys I'm out and stay tuned for the part 2 video for the food benchmark should be peace

Budget Xeon X3440 Gaming PC Build With Used Parts Update Part 1

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  1. I was thinking about getting this cpu but I realise upgrading a g4560 will only cost me 60USD coz I already have a g4400 pc. Where as the x3440/mobo/cooler would cost twice as much for roughly the same perf…
    What do you think???

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