Cemu 1.15.1 On AMD GPU

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In this video, I will show off several games on the latest version of cemu.

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My Windows Specs

GPU: RX 580 8GB

HDD: Seagate Barracude 2TB


OS: Windows 10 October 2018

Drivers: Radeon 19.1.1
hello this is geotech land and today I'll be playing the latest semi version which is semi 1.15 point 1 II and I originally wasn't gonna do a video on this version seeing as not much progress is made on my specs from semi version to version here so but someone requested that they wanted to see me test the latest AMD drivers version 19 point 1 point 1 so I thought why not and this time I'll show Splatt tune which I didn't think I've shown in a while and I'm actually gonna stop showing a Super Mario 3d World because that one runs perfectly fine already so it's kind of pointless including it in the videos here so let me show you the settings I'll be running this on and I'm gonna leave it at triple Cori compiler although on my AMD hardware or GPU I should say I don't think it makes much of a difference and of course the settings I usually leave as is except for I do enables fen skip on breath of the wild and so in general all the games run as usual except for Donkey Kong Country or Donkey Kong tropical freeze that one does seem to be a bit smoother now and the intro scene doesn't have that weird sound glitch anymore so that one did somewhat improve but all the games still dip a lot when especially when you play them the first time the cache is building in those scenarios but the second time we played the gameplays is usually a lot smoother one thing to keep in mind during the recordings Donkey Kong tropical freeze actually slows down quite a bit so that one may be inaccurate but I just thought I'd show it at least very briefly with that said I hope you guys enjoy the video and don't forget to Like share subscribe and I will see you guys next time

Cemu 1.15.1 On AMD GPU

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