CPU Pricing Update, Ryzen More Affordable Than Ever, Intel Faces Pricing Pain

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CPU Pricing Update October 2018, AMD Destroys Intel For Value

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CPU Pricing Update, Ryzen More Affordable Than Ever, Intel Faces Pricing Pain

46 thoughts on “CPU Pricing Update, Ryzen More Affordable Than Ever, Intel Faces Pricing Pain”

  1. 9600k is a great CPU, got it on sale and i'm more than happy with it, sold my 8600k to a friend that has a motherboard that didn't have the updated bios to run the 9600k but hadn't bought the CPU yet, so I sold him my 2 week old 8600k, then headed over to microcenter and snagged the 9600k for a good deal (broke even) ..  Also got a Ryzen 2600x for a family member's build. I had the opportunity to test them head to head using the exact same ram and gpu..   Clock for clock the 9600k stayed on top no problem (gaming). Also the 9600k seems to be a rebaged 8600k but it's clocked higher and it's soldered..  Good upgrade in my opinion and when I put in under water I will see how 5 ghz does.

  2. The right way to calculate p/p of a processor.
    a – determine use cases
    b – find out performance
    c – calculate system cost with processor x,y,z
    d – calculate and compare the p/p of the complete systems with x,y,z
    because when you're spending $1000 to build a system to render video yet a $1500 system would render at twice the speed (eg. 6 core vs 12 core CPU), you're paying $500 more for CPU but you're getting double the performance. Only someone with very little understanding of economics would then argue the p/p of the $300 CPU would be better than a $800 CPU in such a case.

  3. For gaming intels way better. For weird stuff like video editing that requires multi core performance, AMD wins. Intels also more power efficient so that factors into cost if you’re not living in mommy and daddy’s basement mooching off them

  4. New subscriber here! When you do review the 9900k, could you show us rendering times on adobe, davinci resolve, lightroom etc? I notice that these benchmarks are not predicting real world workloads like we think. Great channel!!!

  5. Trying to get rid of my z170 board, i5 6500, 8 gigs of 2666 ram and a CM AIO, if i manage to sell them, i'll take a ryzen 2600, coupled with a b450 (i don't oc) and some 3 ghz ram. If it works according to the plan, i might need to add just a few bucks to get all of that after i sell my current components!

  6. The Genius for Ryzen is the infinity fabric. Allows exponentially easier manufacturing and it scales well.
    Intel's stagnation is like a cancer. They can't rid themselves of that toxic corporate culture overnight. It's a big ship to try to turn.

  7. lol i7 8700k costs 530 euros, i5 8600k 300 euros and for some reason i5 8400 costs 350 euros…. so you muricans are spoiled af….. however ryzen 5 1600 costs 143 euros, 2600 178 euros, 2700x 352 euros

  8. I bought a Ryzen 2600 for $200 CAD (about $155 USD) and got to reuse my Gigabyte B350 Gaming-3. If I wanted to use Intel not only would I have spent way more on the CPU but I'd need a new motherboard and probably an aftermarket cooler because of how bad Intel's is

  9. I want to say thanks for the good content. I am watching your videos for some time. I have to admit I have clicked unsubscribed button few times.
    I am a system administrator (20years) and longtime gamer. I am not a team blue or red. I am glad that AMD did such a good job for the last two year!
    I want to share my opinion about 1080 benchmarks and CPU usage and why many people will go for Intel. For me, it is very important to have a stable frame rate and if this is possible over 144 FPS. Most of the people who are playing competitive (CS:GO, R6 or any other first-person shooter) they will go with low graphics game settings (GPU is not bottleneck for them). It is just CPU can't handle it. This is why people will go for Intel.
    I understand, that if you will push your GPU even in 1080 difference between AMD and Intel is very small. But for people who want to play with higher FPS Intel CPU gives an advantage.

  10. got my 8700K end of last year for $300 shipped. hits 5ghs no problem. I am running all cores 4.7ghz with 1.2volts stable all day. that was before they binned them for 8086

  11. It's not looking good for Intel because of perceived low competitive value? That is some horrific analysis. The prices are going up because Intel can't keep up with demand. You don't want to see gpu mining craze levels of shortages, but having more demand than you can keep up with is pretty much never a bad thing for a company.

    During the mining craze, AMD's video cards got hit first because of better compute performance, but as soon as shortages started and prices went up, Nvidia's cards saw the same thing. Nvidia's cards didn't drop in price as AMD started going up.

    Intel has far more production capacity than AMD. If Intel is experiencing shortages, there is no logical reason that AMD shouldn't be seeing capacity issues trying to fill in for the Intel shortages. Instead, we are seeing no availability issues and prices dropping on the AMD side. That's absurd. Unless I missed something, AMD has not announced any price cuts. So, this video saying AMD is dropping prices isn't accurate. Just as it is retailers raising the prices on Intel CPU's, not Intel, it appears retailers are lowing the prices on AMD CPU's. It's not a good sign when retailers are trying to get rid of extra stock of AMD CPU's by lowering prices while simultaneously jacking up prices on Intel CPU's because of demand outstripping supply. From a business perspective, this looks terrible for AMD.

  12. Hello is it realistic to use stock cooler for r5 2600x? I sometimes game for looong time, usually very cpu intensive games and I'm little worried about temps (I don't plan to OC). And will probably go for fractal design meshify C or NZXT S340 Elite case (still not sure which one to get).

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