Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA)

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Dell EMC Integrated Protection Appliance is a new turnkey solution that is simple to deploy and delivers a comprehensive set of features and coverage.
comprehensive data protection is not easy and is getting more difficult there's more data or applications more devices and more users data ownership is transferring from IT to the business user and organizations are increasingly leveraging the cloud for data storage and protection existing solutions are unable to provide holistic data protection that can address the challenges raised by these factors the result is a fragmented environment with businesses turning to point products from multiple vendors Dell EMC integrated data protection appliance these purpose-built to solve these challenges it brings into a single appliance comprehensive protection storage and software along with search monitoring analytics and cloud for the largest ecosystem of applications equal physical virtual environments integrated data protection appliance is a turnkey solution that's easy to deploy and scale accelerating time to protect and it provides extensive analytics and delivers comprehensive physical and virtual workload coverage including support for multiple hypervisors and a wide and diverse application ecosystem with optional native cloud extension capabilities it's simple and seamless to extend to the cloud for long term retention disaster recovery and replication he also comes with Delhi MCS renowned high efficiency in line to duplication with no rehydration needed for data on premise or in the cloud integrated data protection appliance supports modern applications offers boosted application direct protection and is optimized for vmware providing even better performance for business and mission critical workloads its flash enabled for faster backups and instant recoverability and is built on a proven data a vulnerability architecture delivering the encryption fault detection and healing the Dell EMC integrated data protection appliance this is future proof as it is Poe listed you can choose the configuration that fits your business today and then grow as your needs change without overhead Dell EMC integrated data protection appliance data protection without compromise

Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA)

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