Dell G7 15 Gaming Laptop Review: Great Firepower For The Money

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Full review at ! – – Dell’s new G7 17 is a 15-inch laptop from the company’s mainstream gaming line-up. With up to a 6-core Intel 8th Gen Coffee Lake CPU and a GeForce GTX 1060 Max-Q GPU, and even 32GB of RAM, if you so choose, it offers great bang for the buck and some slick good looks in Alpine White.

hey there it's de volta Villa for hot hardware here with Dells g7 15 15-inch mainstream gaming laptop it has Intel six core coffee LED goodness on board as well as nvidia geforce gtx 1060 mac skewed design technology all for a rather reasonable price point what do you say we check it out Dells g7 15 15 inch gaming notebook is based on Intel eighth generation coffee Lake processor technologies with a number of different configurations to choose from you can opt for an Intel Core i5 8300 HQ quad core we have specifically configured in this machine an Intel Core i7 8750 HQ six core processor that boosts to 4.1 gigahertz or you can opt for a high-end core I nine 8950 HQ six core that boosts to four point eight gigahertz there's also a number of different Ram configurations to choose from from as little as 4 gigabytes to our machine 16 gigabytes of ddr4 or a max of 32 gigs total you also get a number of different GPU options to choose from in the NVIDIA GeForce family specifically an nvidia geforce gtx 1054 gigabyte card or a geforce gtx 1050 TI 4 gig or an hour machine we have a GeForce GTX 1060 Nvidia max Q design technology GPU with six gigabytes of gddr5 memory in terms of its power plant there's a fifty seven one hour for cell battery onboard the g7 15 you also get a number of different storage configurations you can choose from one terabyte 5400 rpm hybrid hard drive with eight gigabytes of cash we happen to have a dual drive configuration here 128 gig SSD plus one terabyte 5400 rpm hard drive you can get that configuration up to a 256 gig SSD on one terabyte hard drive combo or you can opt for 256 gig SSD or 512 gig PCI Express and VM a SSDs as well in terms of powerplant options for the AC adapter depending on the GPU you have configured you have an option of a 130 watt AC adapter or in this case we have a 180 watt power brick right here pretty good-sized power brick and that supports the nvidia geforce gtx 1060 max-q GPU and you are looking at the alpine white version of the g7 model seventy five eighty eight to be exact dell also makes it available in licorice black but I do like the Alpine white with these silver accents really sharp sort of a pearlescent white magnesium alloy construction 5.9 pounds to be exact so solid machine certainly on the weightier side but it is a gaming notebook with some serious cooling in the back we'll take a look at that shortly this is where the cooling vents are here in the back dual front firing speakers on the front and as you can see sort of slopes forward in the front and sloped back in the back really sort of edgy racy lines I like it in that g7 logo here looking sharp as well on the right edge here you've got a headphone jack a pair of USB 3.1 with power share ports full 40 gigabits per second Thunderbolt port and a full size HDMI port and continuing on the left that cheers you can see this machine is well-appointed in terms of i/o options Kensington lock port power jack here full wired Gigabit Ethernet rj45 jack and that is killer networking enabled also onboard is killer 802 11 AC Wi-Fi technology for gaming and packet optimization for your gaming experiences and other services that you might choose to optimize and packet prioritize and also here is a USB 3.1 gen2 port and a full-size SD memory card slot so full-size lunches micro SD that is a full-size memory card slot so lots of good I oh options on the Dell g7 gaming laptop and in terms of access and serviceability of the g7 one screw right here in the bottom side of the machine and a little bit of careful sponging to release some plastic retention snaps all along the edge of the machine and voila you are into the bottom side of the Dell g7 here you can see hard drive bay right here two-and-a-half inch hard drive this is your SSD slot the m2 SSD slot and your Wi-Fi radio right there here's your battery you do get a pair of sodium slots for ddr4 and so full access and serviceability there and this of course is your cooling for the CPU and GPU heat pipe or a dual squirrel-cage fans venting out the back I'm not going to tear that down anymore but those are actually pretty large heat sinks that these heat pipes are connected to and these fans blow out and it actually draws cool air in from the bottom of the machine but as you can see getting access to the Dell g7 is actually pretty easy and this machine is very user serviceable harddrive SSD radio for Wi-Fi your DIMM slots all of it is available as well as your battery now when it comes to displays the g7 offers two options there's the 1080p full HD version you see here as well as a 4k version both are 15.6 inch IPS displays both are non-touch both are anti-glare coating and so they are non glossy type displays with good viewing angles decent brightness I wouldn't say that 1080p panel here is the brightest display I've seen but certainly good enough for gaming and both are 60 Hertz panels now what I will say about the panel and lid design here is that there is a little bit of flex in this display and it's in the way that Dell designed the center mounted hinge here at the bottom and as a result the edges of the display aren't actually tethered to the base they're sort of swinging free and so there's a little bit of flex in the lid but that hinge is actually pretty well built and you can actually open and close the machine with one hand now the g7 ski board is a well-built chiclet style deck as you can see backlit display in this case we have a nice blue hue radiating from behind the keys and again chiclet style key caps with accented W a s and D keys for for gaming full-size numpad and a spacious trackpad that has a nice soft touch surface to it so a good set up here no flex whatsoever in the keyboard area in the deck it is actually very solid so a really good deck from a gaming standpoint for sure and again as long as you're good with those chiclet style key caps reasonably good travel good tactility and again WASD accented for gamers now let's talk about performance here is little Middle Earth shadow of war 1080p high image quality settings and we're gonna score anywhere from 66 to 69 frames per second here let me give you a little bit of a listen to the acoustics I'm going to fire up a DB meter so as you can see things can get a little bit loud by pushing 51 52 DB under full gaming stress but definitely a high performance machine again that GeForce GTX 1060 max Q 6 gig of ram 6 gig gddr5 memory so this machine is really up to the task of 1080p gaming and then some 66 frames per second it's gonna scale a little bit higher I think in Middle Earth shadow of war and here we are with a little bit of rise of the Tomb Raider again 1080p high image quality settings and the DX 12 code path enables here we're gonna score about 82 frames per second in this benchmark so serious horsepower with that GeForce GTX 1060 max Q 6 gigabyte GPU onboard this machine and also good horsepower for things like content creation and other non gaming tasks now in terms of CPU performance this g7 s Intel Core i7 8750 HQ 6 core processor is more than up to the task of content creation workloads like you'll find here in Cinebench r15 and it is going to score about 993 Cinebench points not bad at all for a notebook processor now when it comes to gaming set your expectations reasonably you've got a 6 core CPU you've got a geforce gtx 1060 max-q GPU in our case and at 57 watt hour battery so you're not going to stay untethered from the wall for very long while gaming however in more general-purpose productivity or video streaming or lighter duty use cases that are not gaming Dell claims seven to eight hours of battery life and benchmarks like mobile Mark's battery test we are still stepping through the benchmark process as well as battery life testing so make sure you stop by hot hardware comm for our full review in the days ahead but all in $1200 as configured and tested here with the six core coffee-like cpu the geforce gtx 1060 max-q GPU with 6 gig gddr5 16 gig of ram 128 gig SSD and a one terabyte hard drive $1200 all-in with a starting price of 849 g7 15 15 inch gaming notebook is a real value make sure you stop by hot hardware calm again though for a full review hit thumbs up and subscribe i'm de val de Villa for hot hydra with the dell g7 15 15 inch gaming notebook thanks for stopping by

Dell G7 15 Gaming Laptop Review: Great Firepower For The Money

43 thoughts on “Dell G7 15 Gaming Laptop Review: Great Firepower For The Money”

  1. Throttling FTW!! I mean seriously. All those 10 minute reviews of heating GFX laptops and not benchmarking them for 1h gaming is just a waste of time. People get hyped to buy all this junk and then they get stuck in a FPS throttling hell.

  2. How about g7 v xps ??? i dont game but i have 100 tabs open on browser most of the time – so power is appreciated – 16gb sounds good – i also need Office/Excel etc – does the XPS include it already bundled in?

  3. I just got this laptop and have a few things to say, over all extremely happy with it, it runs all epic settings at 180 FPS and ultra settings at 150 on rainbow six siege, one problem I have is that it only gets good frames while plugged in, idk why but if it’s not plugged in it gets about 20-30 frames. Which it fine because if I’m not near an outlet I’m probably not playing a game that needs 180 frames

  4. so i bought a DELL G7 15 , 15.6" FHD Display w/ webcam – Intel Core i7 – 8750H Processor 16GB memory 128G SSD+1TB HDD NVIDIA GeForce GTx 1060 6GB Graphics Windows 10 for $1400 including protection from geek squad. Is this a good deal if i play a lot of games? I was originally going to buy an ASUS – ROG Strix Scar edition 17.3" Laptop – Intel Core i7 – 16GB Memory – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti – 1 TB SSHD + 128GB SSD for 1261.99. Should i have bought the ASUS instead of the DELL for a better deal?

  5. Great review! I just landed a job as a Video Editor and need something strong and portable that could handle the Adobe CS without a hitch. Think I'm gonna go with this.

  6. Hey can someone help me because i just under volted the laptop due to the high temperatures it goes up to when playing games. The temperature decreased and is good now but the only thing I’m worried about is how to get rid of current limit throttling that only pops up when I’m using the battery power. pleeeasee help

  7. I think 7 hours on a 54wh battery is pushing, hours sounds more realistic but i could be wrong. Great review overall. This laptop is more than worth the price imo.

  8. Bought one of these recently, coincidentally the same spec you reviewed.. Only used it on Doom so far (and watching videos) and it's more than up to the task. A bit beefy to lug through an airport on holidays, but otherwise a good thing.

  9. The price is insane, I bought mine with an 8th gen i7 8&;)$ something with a gtx 1060 16 gddr5 ram… all for $1150 I mean nothing out there beats that not even MSI. The computer doesn’t look like it dumb ass space ship it looks very professional

  10. how come dares no gaming reviews like showing fps games for this laptop I wana see GTA5 FORTNITE CALL OFF DUTY IM GETTING ONE ON OCTOBER N I WANA SEE HOW FPS ARE DONE WITH THIS LAPTOP 🙁

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