Dell XPS 400 Desktop Processor Upgrade

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The same procedures can be repeated for most computers, but this tutorial is specific to the Dell XPS 400 desktop.

The Dell XPS 400 can support most Pentium 4 CPUs as well as Pentium D’s.

The processor installed in this video is the Intel Pentium D 820 2.8 GHz.
hey guys this is Andy and this is going to be a video tutorial on how to upgrade your Dell XPS 400 processor so first unplug everything oops got the CSP dongle alright unplug everything hold the power button for like five seconds and then turn over the computer and push this switch and the door open like that I'm going to put in the Sun alright so the processor is under this heat sink so let me get my lamp and run it up here so you can see better all right so with my screwdriver all there's all right there's one screw there and this another screw down there so what you're gonna do is you're gonna unscrew them just unscrew this alright now I unscrew them lift this up actually you take it off just bend it off and put it aside alright so just carefully take this off this is the heatsink so a lot of dust and now there's a processor I'm assuming there is so how can you get it up flow just lift this thing up the saw thing I don't know what the name is Fred of that they'll not open the tray and lift up the processor there it is this is an Intel Pentium D at 2.80 Hertz there's the thermal paste and I'm going to make believe that this is a new processor because I don't have a new one I'm just showing you how to do it place it and make sure the triangle we make sure that triangle right there matches the triangle on the processor like this is triangle here now you see there we can't really see it there's a little triangle right there so let me put it in carefully as careful and then just put everything back and then take this if you definitely like you can't break it but you're not just bend it until it clips on like that and then this is if this is a new processor you're going to need thermal paste I don't have any right now but just spray a pea-sized dot of thermal paste on the processor and then get your heatsink put it back on the thing and then the screws are spring-loaded so they won't fall off in your septum screw them back in alright I got both screws screwed in and then now you have to put the tray nut case back on to that now and push down running there is now you have successfully upgraded your Dell XPS 400 processor right there and let's say just turn on and enjoy any processor so thanks for watching I'll see you guys later

Dell XPS 400 Desktop Processor Upgrade

33 thoughts on “Dell XPS 400 Desktop Processor Upgrade”

  1. Thanks for the video upload. I'm just wondering if i have to get a new heatsink and fan for an upgrade. I'm going from a Pentium D 830 at 3 ghz to a Pentium D 960 at 3.6ghz. They both have similar power consumption so will it have any heating issues?

  2. Oh, what a cool and witty comment! I'm sorry if you're too young & slow to realize that if you're making a video and have mucus issue, you're better off blowing your nose than sucking it back up 100X's while commentating. You tarded bro?

  3. Drats! I was hoping there was some sort of bios change or something, lol…I'm kinda thinking about swapping the 420 motherboard into the 400 case and modding the front cover for the lcd panel, though my main concern is the front panel and power for the 420 motherboard, I'm not sure if the 400 is compatible with the newer one even though the motherboards themselves look alike…other then a chipset change….

  4. 2.8 GHz worked fine for me. 960 might make a somewhat better difference, although I don't use Pentium D anymore (Got an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, 60% faster than any Pentium D's).

  5. I'm probably going to try out a Pentium D 960 in my XPS-400 which used to look identical to yours, I have the 2.8 and it does everything….slowly….I upgraded the ram, video card, PSU, and lapped both the heatsink and the CPU which helped out a LOT in temps, as well as stuffed four hard drives into it (currently has three)

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