Dirty Projectors – Knotty Pine (from Dark Was the Night)

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In celebration of the release of the “Dark Was the Night” compilation by 4AD and Red Hot, some of the musicians involved convened in Brooklyn for a special session captured by Vincent Moon.

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let's go but when we left to go to her with the National and John suggested that we make an album someday together and and recently we found ourselves in the position to do it and so we spent the last two years sort of collecting songs from musicians that we respect and admire I want everybody to sing along I think the real kickoff point to dark was the night was you know I was just talking to Aaron casually like a friend and he would ask me you know what did you do this weekend like you asked friends and I would go well you know I went shopping I did the wash you know ran errands and I was like Oh what did you do this weekend and he goes oh the guys from Arcade Fire were in town and that's literally where the light bulb went off in my head and I was like I'm okay hanging out with Arcade Fire Sufjan Stevens some of the coolest most creative people in the world yeah we should definitely do a red-hot record it's acquired in like maybe see a lot of us singing together so we should learn the words really a very simple melody handy here has taken the trouble to write and so is it occurs to you to harmonize in whatever way yeah so we thought you know when trying to put this thing out we wanted to we had a couple different ideas of like house parties or some way to get a together and just play the songs acoustically and you know have a party while doing in so I guess you know we ended up deciding on like doing it in a loft and just getting as many artists we can a photograph a series of precision fight together with Robin tonight start together with Faison glue and a couple may see them we're not you them a series of precision overabundance over again Oh [Applause] together I didn't really hear much in the way about harmonized we never really figured out what that our MIMO down and we're supposed to be so don't go breaking my heart No I'm so sorry to hear that boys also yeah but you do lie

Dirty Projectors – Knotty Pine (from Dark Was the Night)

13 thoughts on “Dirty Projectors – Knotty Pine (from Dark Was the Night)”

  1. I'm way down with most of the album, but it's funny how he words things dealing with friends. Like friendship is a new concept or something, at least to him. "You know, I was just casually talking to Aaron like, you know, a friend. He would ask me like 'what are you doing?' like you might ask a friend."

  2. I think he's talking about the fact that some mistakes were made and lyrics were forgotten. The comment kind of ignores that this session was mostly a fun sort of thing and not meant to be for the creation of a "perfect" recording.

  3. @funny0000000 fool this song was actually written by the Dirty Projectors, FEATURING David Byrne. it is in no way a David Byrne song. It clearly has Dave Longstreth's distinct style to it. why do so many people comment youtube videos when they have NO IDEA what they're talking about?

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