Discord Headset Troubleshooting

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fix your Mic on discord!

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this is a tutorial on if your mic slash headset is not working properly with a discord or your PC so say if you're in discord and they can't hear you and you can't hear them we're gonna do is make sure these aren't slashed out which one you'll see now the little red line through them make sure those two red lines and that means if they have red lines that your muted second you're gonna go to settings voice and video and right here you're gonna make sure you have your deep it's not default but the headset you're using so I'm using the Astro so I click on the Astros and then also make sure you're not on push-to-talk at your on voice activity then say you join a chat and they still can't hear you we're gonna go down here right click on headphones like playback devices and it's gonna show you all the different headsets or devices plugged into your two PC so you're find the pair of headphones you're using which will be audio jack or Astros Fermi your and just click on them so it highlights in blue it set default well I already have them says default so I don't have to and then you're also going to do that with the mic which you'll see the little bar indicating that that's having an input and just click on it and do the same thing hit set default then our little tip you can do is when you join a chat it forms a little green circle around your icon and that means that you're talking every time that lights up and also another thing is make sure your volumes all the way up and you're not you know for say excellently muted through their LBL hope that this helps you out

Discord Headset Troubleshooting

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  1. but what happens if your mic dosent work like lets say you want to talk on a server and you join a vc your mic is off but you want to turn it on but instead its still off when ever i click turn on mic it still says turned off next to my name and no one can hear me, what shall i do?

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