Discovery Talosians Redesign Reveal – Trekyards Analysis

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hey guys welcome back to truck yards I'm your host captain Foley come on come on Oh concern today wouldn't look at that allusion redo but Samuel maybe we should probably go back to the more primitive form of communication they might not understand us did they hear that too is that I hope they did if not there's a bunch of silence there huh but anyway guys yeah as you can probably guess what we're gonna be talking about there was you know they're heading to tell us for so it's a good chance we're going to see the two oceans if you didn't see the preview for the or the promo for the next episode we do in fact see the two oceans and we are going to be talking about their new look their redesign and having some fun and it's funny both of us actually didn't watch the trailer and then peel so I post in this sort of I mean we knew they were involved it wasn't like a full spoiler but it was still a oh well now I've got a look at the trailer because there's quite balls of them to release could have been a nice reveal to leave it for the next episode but we see it we can talk about it and hear them side by side the twine teen and the first cage Pyatt the first the oldest of the track their newest literally the newest of the track so what a think compared it actually it's a really good redesign I'm really impressed I'm more so impressed with the costuming though it looks very much in line with the original even the medallion I'm really nice yeah tie-in yeah now the original ones they used women in the role of the two lotions and fun fact the the head to lotion or the magistrate as she was known she actually is in the last starfighter she plays the granny of Alex's girlfriend so there you go I didn't know that till just the other day and so if you want to see her without her television makeup and older that's what she looks like it's safe to say that at least one of these two lotions is not a female it looks like the head magistrate again his cast as a male this time it's kind of disappointing I kind of like the diminutive you know two lotions that were supposed to be male but we're played by females I thought that was a kind of a idea which was things where gender doesn't matter the radians but the the aesthetic nature of the the the the look was based on a certain thing so I would be nice have carried that over although we don't very know about their culture and blah blah blah I would assume they would literally be the same televisions given the fact that the cage happened like three years ago so they're just be the same people which would be I think you need that you need that callback and it is essentially now we've got even more fully side by the direct link with close Ian's then well that happens to Spock in his you know betraying all the spring pike back anymore context because they met them again there's a follow-up there's a mini sequel than a mini mini sequel but as a redesign it's great it's far more alien I don't necessarily like the color as much looks more red because a problem with you know Voyager had a lot of aliens and at some point they look a certain way the man the man on the Left looks because of the green hue but the woman on the right looks like a generic more generic Voyager alien whereas the two ozians had a more distinct it's a person with a brain they don't look like a person with a brain also kind of aid in with a big head so it's it's lost that toes in charm but gained a more alien but the a looks more generic that's my view I think I would agree yeah I would agree 100% one thing I'm interested in personally is if the new ones are going to have the pulsing veins when they speak or when they telepathy eight whatever and how they're gonna do that I think it's gonna be CG I'd personally and which is a shame because the practical effect that they had in the original one was really cool so it's gonna be interesting to see if they carry that over I'm excited for that to be honest and I want to see how well it's executed but I'm excited I really I'm excited i season two discoveries kind of stepped up its game and so far I'm impressed you know it's funny Stuart Enterprise the show got good and they start using the cannon more this is two and three and four especially with all their callbacks and clever integrations season one discovered his own thing and ignored and ran away and it was panned by the lapham season two they're using literally pike spock the enterprise number one kirk the uniforms as a better season that's weird it's as if using your universe and respecting it benefits the show if you're if it's unclear alight who would have thought that though because something like the Borg episode of a generation isn't quite as smart as it should have been so it falls a little bit flat but like in Tamara dolly is incredibly clever and rises to new heights so this could still fall flat and hurt the cage and the Nazeri or it could be just tremendous because we came to see two oceans and with a budget and and hopefully it'll be again I wish they'd wishes was designed by our enterprise team because they would literally have recreated it but slightly updated to the exact same like pens in the same rock formation being very very faithfully updated I doubt we're gonna see the exact same rock formation wrath funny you mentioned that because I thought that same thought last night that visual cue that shape that's all you need even if even to have the top of its dish still sheared off and yet door not repaired yet kind of that would be fantastic I'm doubtful they're gonna do that though or even smarter the same the same base thing but the top it in rebuilt there's like a different color rock like slightly and it's just like you see it to have stuck together cuz you need to have that basics and I'd love to see if that you do contain a mirage or not cuz if they're using this telepathy power be fun to see like in it because I mean Burnham's who held cares Lou I guess they do know they'll know who she is when they appear we kind of find out you'd like to see a village of people and distance and then disappear it's like only that didn't didn't do that trick with you or different tree means they've they're really powerful and general the one comes in that you don't go back there they're too powerful maybe this incident is why they're so powerful in the first one wasn't quite enough to make the order second one is like would never go back well I'm sure we'll talk about that one more in the prediction video but I thought the same thing at the end where she said said of course to tell us for maximum or if I have expected the shooter to screen and go red alert and say to stop oh it's not allowed it's that whatever so I think it might be the events of what's coming up that lead to the the ban on tell us for and the death sentence so that would be a nice tie-in actually if that be but we'll talk about more about that in a separate video talking about our predictions for the next episode but visually they are like I say more generic but faithfully generic we'll need to see like a more a side profile with the the head but I know it's the old ones still look great they really do I mean they're very what they are but they they obviously put money into the quality of the makeup because that was their primary villains so they don't look cheap even if they are just ahead on a person they don't look cheap you know it's just a simple concept yeah and I'm wondering how many of there's going to be there was three in the original one we see two here we're gonna see more of the complex underneath underground are we gonna see the menagerie still the cages with some of the creatures that we saw in the original one we can see Vina yeah Vina is definitely a question because she's she's there and how is Pike is Pike gonna interact with her or is Pike even going cuz Discovery's on its own thing is it's gonna show up I mean it looks like from the trailer that there's a section 31 ship and discovery in high warp so it could be they're headed there as well yeah my guess is they're gonna actively keep those sides separate because in this episode they it was two distinct storylines which would work well so it lets you have so I think we're gonna have lots of those fun we're gonna see be Naveen will be her guide to be brilliant and these people will be the same three and you'll see your pens and you'll hear references but then that's not important to her personally although ypur mind they're not important stuff and polite never knows that she's gone back here because they can wipe stuff from anything I mean they're very good at what they do so be kind of fun if it's a means to an end rather than developing it for the characters but just for the audience you get to this elaboration of the of them yeah well I can't wait to do our prediction video cuz I got some really cool thoughts about about what could be coming up and how it can tie in with established canon but I don't wanna spoil all that here today we're just talking about their looks but final thoughts for you final thoughts for me is I'm I'm happy with the update it could have been a little more faithful as you kind of said what I would love to see what the enterprise production team would have come up with yeah and I'm looking forward to seeing the visual effects as to when they're they're speaking or using their telepathy to see if they have the same kind of pulsing vein syndrome nose it's such a distinct mark that's just not at all what I had like that's completely new it's as if the 20% rule is still in effect that you need to because that does to completely change the feel of the face that's a good point actually yeah you know yeah because it seems like it does go against the the feel of the head and the like it integrates a little bit too much in a different way and also the ears they kind of meld into the head but yours were very much standalone in the original well yes and oh the half the half more integrate theirs anymore yeah but I do notice that they stick out more and they look more so it was just that it's kind of an odd choice and yeah the 25% rule if that is a thing and also a lot of debate about write it illegal right so it'll be interesting to see how these guys turn out I I'm I am excited for next week for sure I've been excited for all this all new Star Trek all new discoveries but this one has really gotten me hyped I want to see it now I don't want to wait and as we've said you give up we've out we judge each episode as it comes and you give us a good track and we excited for new track I mean it's not rocket science you make good stuff we're excited you make bad stuff we say what's wrong with it and rocket science and so this is unexpected although wide well I I knew they were coming but this here they are was unexpected and fun to talk about and yeah next week better come quick that's right so guys what do you think of the new television look do is it something that impresses you would you like to see something a little more faithful to the TOS let us know in the comments below we always love reading those and don't forget as always like subscribe notify and check out all of our very cool merchandise and stuff at the teespring store lots of cool links down below but that's one way to help us but there are other ways I'm sure Samuel is eager to tell you about right now look at him he looks all pensive and like was that clear enough no that was kind of that was kind of garbled Oh words go patreon but I mean just just honestly guys you know your view is amazing sharing getting out there's a free way but the financial is also really important in multiplies like buying the stuff wasn't patreon wanted to nation join our super chat lives every week couple video couple of weeks I mean there's so many great ways there even a buck two but three bucks makes a difference and just pile the trails community does make a difference I mean it's just really all the ways isn't it always is it is that's always to help us out and we love helping you guys out with all this cool content so by all means let's work together let's be a team so until next time guys I'm captain for Lana Lang's I guess see you

Discovery Talosians Redesign Reveal – Trekyards Analysis

47 thoughts on “Discovery Talosians Redesign Reveal – Trekyards Analysis”

  1. These Talosians look too much like the aliens from "The Empath" with the squarish heads and theat nose bridge. I do hope the veins move on the heads when they communicate. That nose is just weird and feels wrong. I can let the Frankenstein brow slip, but the nose and now that you mention it, the ears throw off the look.

  2. The original Talosian design was better, their big brain and their brow ridges made them look menacing and mysterious. The new design is too clean and the long nose ridge going over the head makes them look ridiculous as if the designers didn't care about biology but more about making it "cool".
    I hope the glowing veins aren't CGI.

  3. Commander, you mumble your name telepathically too, I see…lol. Great episode, I'm really enjoying your insight and glad you both like this show as well!

  4. Difference in prosthetics and costume quality aside, the updated Talosian design from the TOS is like the jump in design of the Andorians from TOS to ENT and Romulans from TOS to TNS. Just slightly different but still within the same "mold". Contrast this with the Klingon update which makes them look more Geiger-esque than before. I like the skin makeup on the updated Talosians. They look more lifelike to me. The palor of the TOS design made them look like walking corpses with giant heads.

  5. Hey guys, I was wondering what your stance is on spoilers and how long you should wait before posting a video with them in the title? I absolutely love your channel and am a huge fan of your content but I think I'm going to have to unsubscribe. I work away from home a lot and often can't see the latest Discovery episode for up to 6 days after it airs in the UK. I actively avoid spoilers so I can enjoy it the same way you both do but already I've seen video uploads from you of possible future 2750's ships, Talosians etc so my enjoyment and surprise is definitely affected going into this ep. Previously I see videos like "Saru is now a predator" etc right after the episode airs. I really don't want to drop the channel because I watch all your videos but maybe some care can be made to just post an episode discussion as the title instead of specifics and screenshots of spoilers for those of us that can't watch immediately….I'm sure there are people in the UK who don't have Netflix and are seeing spoilers too. Thanks in advance.

  6. Here's what I think is going on The probe landed on the same mechanical world that V’Ger landed. Got upgraded, now called D’Sco, and was sent back searching for the maker. It infected Airiam. She somehow goes back in time and meets a handsome Swedish male; gets married and change her name to Airiam Borg. He dumps her because she couldn’t provide him with children. So She gets mad and blames the Federation for abandoning her in the past and becomes the Borg Queen.
    Borg marries another girl. His descendant becomes a professional tennis player and becomes the nemesis of John McEnroe. In actuality, he just doesn’t like Shia LaBeouf for staring in Transformers because Borg has a fear of robots. Look it up, “Borg vs McEnroe”.

  7. Starfleet General Order 7: No one shall approach Talos IV under penalty of Death. This order was enacted in 2254 following Pike's encounter with Talos IV (Cage/Menagerie) 3 years later in 2257 Pike assumes temp command of the Discovery and Burnham sets course for Talos IV with Spock in Violation of Gen Order 7. The next time we hear about Talos IV is 2267 (The Menagerie pts 1&2) This is flat out DIS trying to shoehorn itself into canon. I have tried and tried to give this a chance. I think that I am done………to much retconning and bad writing.

  8. Samuel, I've been thinking the same thing, that perhaps it wasn't Pike's first visit to Talos IV that led to there being a death penalty for traveling there, but events that we are about to see in Discovery. I think it will be very cool if they do that.

  9. New naming scheme for Discovery episodes:
    "The One where Michael ruins Klingon relations"
    "The One where Michael ruins Section 31 relations"
    "The One where Michael ruins Talosian relations"

  10. The talosian from the right seems to be a woman and remind ne so much the actress who portrayed the head of the multidimensional race who built the spheres and use to communicate with the Xindi in Star Trek Enterprise.

  11. The original had a really pronounced brow and the new one is the complete opposite, hiding it completely. I suppose that has everything to do with copyright issues, but IMO the 25% difference rule is enough to make it feel like a different universe.

  12. Dammit, my first negative here – I hate it these Talosians, they look too generic, not Other enough. As a kid watching the TOS episodes they we're scary-ish. While part silly and cliché (big brains) their apparent frailty itself was scary because you knew they were far from defenseless. The way they moved was creepy. Everything pointed at unknown capabilities. While they seemed partially motivated by compassion you FELT it wasn't a human thing exactly.
    That's what I am missing.

  13. Has anybody suggested that the reason there is a death penalty for visiting Talos is that the Talosians just manipulated starfleet into thinking there is one, it’s a good way to trick people into never visiting your world

  14. SciGuy's standard for a species re-envisionment success. If you show 10 Trekkies a picture of a new version of a species and more than 50% of them can figure out who it is without any hints it might be okay. If less than 50% can't get it right it is IMMEDIATE FAIL! Same standard for ships and, for that matter, TV series.

  15. Basically, everything would be great if one on the left looked like the one on the right. The nose ridge did not go to the top of the skull. Everything else is good. STD  this year is a lot better than season 1.

  16. I'm all for this being the reason for the ban on traveling to Talos IV; but, the Menagerie literally has the commodore saying that the only earth ship to ever visit Talos IV was the enterprise.
    Of course, even that would leave out the ship ship that crashed. So…. 🙂
    And, yeah, I do like the Talosians in The Cage. It's definitely a 1960s alien design; but, it's really well done for 1960s scifi.

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