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so yeah I’m giving away a dj headset, watch the video for the rules and good luck! the giveaway will end at 5,000 subscribers!
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DJ Headset Giveaway | AJPW

20 thoughts on “DJ Headset Giveaway | AJPW”

  1. User: claratheunicorn
    My best friend is quitting and I’m hoping to give this to her to make her stay, if she quits before the giveaway and I win I’m going do keep it myself or do my own giveaway for it. Good luck to every jammer entering!

  2. WOW!!! YOU GIVE AWAY SO MANY BETAS!! best ajpw youtuber in my opinion! 😀
    username: w0lfstar7
    (i enter all of Ur giveaways) i enter a lot of green dj giveaways because i have this friend in ajpw that i recently did something mean accidentally to him so i
    need to make it up to him. i think its his dream item because his name is dj and his look is green themed lol. i liked subbed and turned on all notifications
    (this is my moms computer lol)

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