EDIFIER H880 High-Fidelity Stereo Headphones / Over-Ear

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EDIFIER H880 High-Fidelity Stereo Headphones / Over-Ear
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what's going on YouTube chicks a from chicks tech reviews today I bring you a new pair of high fidelity stereo headphones by Edifier these are the Edifier H 880 now these are wired headphones they support high res high fidelity audio and they're designed to give you a superior sound quality with no noise or Distortion so without further ado let's just get them out of the box and see what they look like check out the presentation people the Edifier 8 880 it's a very nice presentation let's keep them on the side for now and see what else you get in the box so this is everything you get in the box beginning with your user manual we have a fabric carrying case with a drawstring to keep your headphones safe we've got this velcro strap and I got no idea what these are for do let me know in the description if you do so we have 2 3.5 mm audio cables a long one and a shorter one and the shorter one actually comes with inline controls for volume and a built-in microphone so a quarter inch adapter is included for those who need it and last but not least the headphones themselves now these are over the ear headphones are made completely from alloy metal so all of this part the body the head all of this is made from alloy metal and you can see it's finished in Chrome and it does indeed look very nice now these are adjustable and the hinge is actually made from metal as well so they are designed to last long you've got plenty of padding on the top and the ear cups are also very well padded and these are made from a fox leather now you have dual 40 millimeter polymer drivers now you have innovative cavity control technology which is designed to enhance the bass these are also foldable they're great to travel with and there are no other buttons or ports on the actual headphones and these work with a simple or 3.5 Milkin ection so i've just connected these up to my LGV 40 for a quick test so let's see how these sound so I just wore these and they do sound absolutely incredible now these are quite large over the head these are full size headphones so they're probably more designed for office or studio use but the sound quality is absolutely insane a very good quality sound and that is from YouTube on this phone so if you want to hook this up to a better source then you can really take advantage of that high fidelity high res audio sound but anyway here is a quick taster so there you have it guys that was the Edifier H 880 and I have to say it's a very well-made product produces outstanding sound quality with no distortion even on the loudest volumes now they fit very nicely over the head and the air cups do feel very comfortable so if you're looking for a pair of high fidelity over-the-air wired headphones which are great for studio use that these full-sized Eddy fires will certainly not disappoint you and on that note I will leave the links in the description so you guys can check this product out meanwhile thank you so much for watching and I hope you all have up in your day see you in the next one guys you

EDIFIER H880 High-Fidelity Stereo Headphones / Over-Ear

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