EK Waterblocks – Best Build of CES, Distro Plates for Cases, Valkyrie AIO

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EK Waterblocks is working on making distribution plates for the top 10 (or more) cases on the market, but is also making the Valkyrie AIO and Dominus blocks.
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EK is planning to bring its distro plates to the top 10 cases (or more) sometime starting in the next year, and will likely include the O11 Dynamic ‘XL,’ PC-O11, In Win 303, and more. The company also is continuing to iterate on its Valkyrie closed-loop liquid cooler, is reintroducing its Supremacy and Velocity Classic lines, and more.

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Host, Reporting: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman, Keegan Gallick
here on we're at the ek suite now at CES 2019 and we're gonna start with the really high-end stuff I promise there's more affordable things we talked about in this video and more practical things too but just because it's interesting we're starting at the high end with the velocity WS block for the x5 99 chipset motherboard and this is the Asus Dominus we talked about it earlier in the week there's also a completely insane vrm on this motherboard which we also talked up previously and a company in that EK is doing a vrm block before that this video is brought to you by the deep cool captain 240 pro AO cooler the captain 240 pro uses a bladder within the water tank to expand and contract based on liquid temperature as a leak prevention mechanism this works by birthing air at higher temperatures making for a unique closed-loop liquid cooler design the captain 240 pro also expands upon the existing captain series by extending tube length for more flexible positioning and updating the LEDs learn more at the link in the description below there's actually no name for the block right now this is still pretty early staging for it but these boards and the CPS are supposed to ship in the next well we'll see they should ship soon because they're here but they'll be shipping soon so the blocks come a bit after that the block here is the velocity WS and there's actually a slightly change there's a jet plate for it now as opposed to the previous 36:47 socket blocks so this socket is not new we actually talked about this we have some b-roll of the of the flow of the jet plate but we talked about this socket at Computex I think when we were doing the initial 28 core Intel coverage where we sort of surmised that yes this will be a 36 47 repurposes Eon which it is and so that's what we see here I'm it's it's fortunately a reused socket from Intel so some of the parts can be in terms of the ilm space and they're going to be the same it's a narrow ilm and then changes are really the jet plate and and like the cold plates a bit different as you can see in some of our b-roll so really high-end don't have pricing the block the cpu block will be over $200 I don't know what the vrm block will cost and I don't know exactly when they're coming out but if you're one of the I don't know 1% of people or fewer in the 3175 act I guess there are water cooling options may be more interesting to you is I'm hoping to get some of these to use for our overclocking so that we can continue to kill J and make sure he's buried in the ground so that's really why I care about these but moving on to something a bit more practical is the Valkyrie series a IO and this is something we talked about at Computex as well but it was more prototype at the time and Computex was about June last year so it is not an ASA tech design it should sort of bypass the ASA Tech patent concerns we talked about this with deep pools as well where it's it's a bit of a challenge because the ASA tech has successfully sued companies in the u.s. they forced companies out of the US for having a funky a pump in the block that's ultimate with the patented revolves around because the design of a pump itself is not inherently new but this should sidestep that so the velocity or the the Valkyrie excuse me Izzy kaise approach to trying to aggressively attack the market of CLC to close liquid cooler some of you call them a iOS ek hasn't typically really offered these they've had the Phoenix line things like that in the past but this is a proper AI o or CLC and the only thing here that's you might see out of place is there is a fill port so kind of useful there but otherwise there's no real gimmicks here it's just it's an aluminum radiator pretty standard it's a copper cold plate and then the pump is visible through that acrylic housing on the top so that you can see the impeller there and don't know exactly the details on who's making it i it's not Dyna Tron or ippolit act to my knowledge but I don't know if he's making the through the OEM is so this should be priced probably competitively with Corsair from what I understand but it's not final yet but if you've been waiting for EK to make a CLC then it looks like they're finally doing it this is a the follow-up from Computex previously and it's got RGB in it I guess if that's your thing moving on so this is something you saw in our Leon Lee coverage and one mr. dare Bauer informed us that perhaps if there's enough demand for this district play that EK makes the UK would bring it to a water market well this exact one might not be going there but ek does have plans to bring the district late similar to this to some of the top cases on the market so you should have an option in the future to buy a district plate this is really it's will have shots it from the inside where you can see it's mostly helpful for sort of detangling your tubes you can send them all to one plate and you don't have this big mess of tubes going for one component then I have to just all it goes to the plate and said plus it looks nice so yeah it's they're not cheap to make so they won't be cheap to buy but if you've been wanting something for somewhat function somewhat looks on the open-loop side of things then hopefully soon the top cases on the market should have compatible plates like this from ek but we'll follow up on that as far as we know the PCO the O 11 should get one the new O 11 coming out that XL should maybe get one and then the some of the in one cases will be getting one but we don't know the rest let's move on to the next thing so for this one revival of the supremacy series ek has been moving towards their quantum series and phasing down the the supremacy series blocks but there's a supremacy classic hopefully coming out well that's right here it should be coming out soon looking at about a 20% lower price I think it's already available at priced online in some places on the UK website so it's about 20 percent lower in price for some of them like the CPU block it's about 70 or 80 dollars instead of 100 for the quantum so price down it's the supremacy line nothing's really changed so if you like the supremacy line you don't need the Flair of the quantum line that's kind of what ek is targeting just keeping the cost down and otherwise no major changes to this one so I just wanted to point that out for people who have liked the original ek Box the classic approach that's what they're working on and one more thing I want to show off it's just cool it's a case it's somewhat modded but we're just going to show it off because it's one of the best built machines we've seen at the show so far so this last one this is just a case mod and this is done by JR 23 he's a mater works for ek these days it's an in wind case but it's been pretty heavily modified so you have this insert here along the inner lining and gives you the the nice reflective look which is accented by a light box on the top of the case so it just it looks pretty cool I'll walk through this some of the specs for you massive radiator in the front on the left and on the right so we have shots of that but huge rated here huge radio on the other side there's a distro plate on the back of the mother but the mother words mounted to it and then you have the new link here between the 20 series r-tx cards which should be coming up soon if not already from ek if you've been looking for one of those to bridge to cards they are working on them which we could have used recently for our Titan r/t X's that we did to once again kill and bury J spent a big goal of mine the past couple of months so yeah that's it's just a cool mod it looks good we want to show it off not something you're gonna be buying probably but I wanted to point out one of the better build systems at CES 2019 that will cover us for an hour for the ek suite has always subscribed for more you can go to patreon.com/scishow and exit stops out directly or stored on cameras nexus dotnet and of course let us all know what you thought of ek showings and we'll try and get some of them into review in the future I'll see you all next time

EK Waterblocks – Best Build of CES, Distro Plates for Cases, Valkyrie AIO

31 thoughts on “EK Waterblocks – Best Build of CES, Distro Plates for Cases, Valkyrie AIO”

  1. Well, that whole RIP Jay is escalating very fast… I wonder how long does it take before things go missing from CES in the name of science, overclocking science. 😀

    And yeah, I know it is just just poking fun at each other… 😀

  2. God dammit tech Jesus I told you nobody uses the abbreviation CLC fucking call it AIO, you will send to the will of the people because you're fucking CLC is confusing the shit out of people

  3. That Distro MB tray is nothing new… Well sort of. My mate Bneg from OCN has been doing it for years with InWin D body cases. Still, it's nice to see EK(who Bneg worked with) pick up the mantle for those of us who don't own a table mill.

  4. love how ek is just expanding more and more, making it a literal one stop shop for open loop builds. ive used a few of their products in the past, excited to mess with this new stuff in the future

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