Endless Sound Capabilities with the Limited Edition Korg Kronos – NAMM 2019

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Jack chats to Nick from Korg stand about the new Kronos SE range!

Korg Kronos 2 SE 61-Key Synthesizer & Workstation in Red Graduation Finish –
Korg Kronos 2 SE 73-Key Synthesizer & Workstation in Red Graduation Finish –
Korg Kronos 2 SE 88-Key Synthesizer & Workstation in Red Graduation Finish –

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Encompassing their most advanced sound engine, expansive library and cutting-edge engineering, these synthesizer workstations are truly formidable pieces of kit aimed squarely at the professional musician.

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hello welcome my name is Jack and I'm 2019 we're going full roaming reporter I'm here my main man Nick from Korg and any qataris out there always lusted after a sunburst Stratocaster that's true and maybe you wanted to buy a workstation you can now buy a sunburst workstation yeah this thing is gorgeous it's the Kronos se stands for special edition it's a Kronos with this new red front panel which is pretty gorgeous and there's new pianos inside some really really gorgeous sounding pianos as well so it's the regular Cronus comes in 88 73 and 61 but it does have that new red panel and some new pianos inside as well interesting to hear that new piano I'm gonna plug it in give you some sound on that smooth it anyway let's touch these tips we forgot you hey check it out check this man with an awesome backpack checking out the core the core chrono stats sunburst I don't have you seen pictures but doesn't really do it justice it really is if some versus your thing or you I could imagine if you're a metal band and you want it looks a bloodthirsty shredding keyboard player this is the one for you hopefully it sounded as nice as well I've always loved the Kronos pianos I just wish they turned on a bit quicker that's take or hard to turn them on if you like what we're doing here and you want to see all the new products they're coming out please consider subscribing and I appreciate your bearing with me we're trying to do our best out here we're gonna get all these products in including this one back in the storm will do full run throughs with all the posh sounds and hopefully I'll play it a little bit but anyway I'd love to give you a high five is that can I give you a high five

Endless Sound Capabilities with the Limited Edition Korg Kronos – NAMM 2019

32 thoughts on “Endless Sound Capabilities with the Limited Edition Korg Kronos – NAMM 2019”

  1. I'm not seeing anything to blow my mind off, it would been nice to have a better screen graphic like the Yamaha Genos , and not just change the color of , and add 2 or 3 pianos sounds samples. I just don't see worth it to upgrade from the old Kronos.

  2. I bet its possible to get a black,red,gold,platinum grey cover in the future so that you can remove and replace it for another. That's the only thing they can make better.for the rest Kronos stays the same.THE BEST

  3. having just played the kronos SE at the namm show, i am surprised at all the criticism in this column: this keyboard is really fantastic and really is capable of doing most anything at a very high end professional level. i have a yamaha montage which is quite good but this new kronos surpasses it with the italian grand, the various B3 organs and some great orchestral… all gigging players should take a look before believing the trolling that is all too common. the SE is a state of the art keyboard….TRUTH

  4. The acoustic pianos seems to have something missing in comparison to Roland, Clavia and Yamaha's, there's less life in them, I can't explain better. Good to have more orchestral patches. I hope they'll update the organ engine, it's so far from a good hammond clone. In other words I hope this will become an instruments suitable also for playing a slow and expressive jazz ballad. For all the other applications it's gorgeous

  5. I’ve been searching so long to buy a new synth/workstation and I just cannot justify the buying price. I feel we’re past that turning point where VST is now the way to go.

    I’ve tried the Kronos 2 for 90 minutes at the store and kept comparing the internal samples to the numerous VST instruments I have. It felt “old”. Internal drums? Against what offered by ToonTrack? Nah, not even remotely close. Internal guitars? Against, let say, Ample Sound’s offering? Just no. Orchestral sounds? Getting better with the SE (from what I am earing on SoundCloud) but only catching up to what good VSTs were a few years ago! Organs were great, so were the acoustic piano and electric pianos. Synth? They were okay but certainly had that “metallic quality” to my ears…

    Even if I buy this WS, at almost 4K$ US, I will still have to rely on VST to “override” some of the poor sounding internal sample. I can understand having to do this for some specialized sound such as drums, but it still makes no sense buying a “super synth” mainly for organs and pianos. BTW, this also true for the other workstations and this a general statement I am making at the industry. The same could be said for analog synths: I mean, are they really asking 8K $ for a Moog One?

    That being said, we’re in 2019. Still an Atom at heart? Still has a small SSD? That 8 inches screen still stuck at 1024×768? And that color… Definitive no.

    And seriously, who's using the internal sequencer? I mean, perhaps quickly to record some rough idea but a proper DAW is the way to go. Please Korg, just focus the storage space and "processing power" making the instrument sound better. (Edited to remove double CR)

  6. Hmmm…paint job for the Kronos. Kronos is a great synth and this does look cool, but it's a good thing Korg had a few other NAMM-worthy releases this month. This is about on par with Nord's "new electric piano sounds" and "piano monitor speakers" which I would say probably weren't worth the price of plane tickets from Stockholm to Annaheim nor the costs of the NAMM floor space. But hey, that's their call, eh? And to top it all off, Jack has an official Anderton's uniform…nice!

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