Epson WorkForce Pro WF-5110DW Colour Inkjet Printer Review

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Here’s our review of the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-5110DW Colour Inkjet Printer.

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The Epson WF5110DW is an inkjet multifunction printer that offers a laser-like performance with inkjet costs. This Epson WorkForce printer is ideal for the home or small offices. Packed with all the print features you could need, the Epson WF-5110DW is cost-effective, too – with optional high-yield cartridges available.
Hello everyone it's Ben from Printerbase and
in this video we'll be going over the WF-5110DW from Epson. Right off the bat, the first thing
mentioned in the brochure for this machine is that it has low running costs. Epson are
boasting that it could cost up to 50% less to run this machine, over a comparable laser
printer. This is down to a number of factors the first being, it's an inkjet printer so
there's no fuser and no heating up, secondly there are fewer moving parts hence less energy
needed to get printing. This also increases reliability as there's less to go wrong. All
of these things make the machine environmentally friendly, it's actually claimed to use up
to 50% less energy than laser printers, this has a knock on effect reducing things like
its carbon footprint. So we know it's Green, but how is it as a printer? The answer is,
pretty good, it prints at up to 34ppm with a first page out in as little as 7 seconds
so it's pretty quick. It has a paper capacity of 330 sheets of standard office paper, with
the use of the 250 sheet main tray and the 80 multipurpose feeder. There's also an optional
250 sheet tray available so you could have up to 580 sheets. This also means you could
have up to 3 different types, sizes or weights of media, ready to print on at an given time.
There are three different sizes of ink cartridges available for this machine, the smallest yielding
800 pages for colour and 900 pages for black, the XL cartridges go up to 2,000 pages for
colour and 2,600 pages for black, and the XXL cartridges give 4,000 pages for colour
and black. We here at Printerbase always recommend the higher yield cartridges as they offer
the lowest cost per page and the lowest total cost of ownership. The operation of this machine
is very simple, as there's only a few buttons on the front of the printer. All in all, the
5110 is a cost effective good quality printer and another thorn, in the side of laser printers.
If you'd like to know anymore just click the logo at the bottom of the screen, or give
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can also visit our website at I'm Ben and thanks for watching.

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-5110DW Colour Inkjet Printer Review

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